Shade Tree Hemp Co. Review

Shade Tree Hemp Co. is fairly new to the hemp industry, having launched their website just in late 2019. The humble, family-owned business focuses on the healing benefits of hemp, although they do abide by the FDA’s disclaimer that hemp has yet to be proven an effective supplement in the treatment of any condition. Nonetheless, their organic, hearty formulations and unspoiled products are geared towards helping their buyers achieve optimal wellness.

With their generous offers and substantial line-up, Shade Tree Hemp Co. is ploughing through the hemp industry despite being fairly new to the ball game. But should you give the brand a try? Here’s what you need to know.


shade tree hemp co


About Shade Tree Hemp Co.

The Shade Tree Hemp Co. is owned and managed by a family of farmers, with their main farming facility owned by a Veteran. The idea of joining the hemp business came out of their initiative to help a recovering addict in their family unit, hoping to offer some healthy alternatives to controlled substances that they were weaning off of. In the process, they found a calling to join the hemp market and offer the same organic options to other recovering drug abusers. And thus, the Shade Tree Hemp Co. was born.

As of writing, the company offers homegrown products that maintain the all-natural benefits of hemp. They offer a range of options, albeit altogether modest, that can satisfy the needs of any average hemp user. Some of their selection are quite unique, which may also cater to more discriminating buyers in search of something fresh and new.


The Shade Tree Hemp Co. Product Line-Up

The main bread and butter offered by the Shade Tree Hemp Co. has to be their hemp flower. Because the brand is focused on offering the unspoiled benefits of hemp, they mostly offer the plant in its rawest possible form, and that means an extensive selection of hemp flower. Their list includes all of the usual picks that you’ll find through other vendors, but what really sets them apart is their Sweet Leaf strain.

Engineered for ample CBD, a strong terpene profile, and exceedingly low THC content, the Sweet Leaf strain is among their bestsellers. In fact, many buyers leverage the raw material for extraction, producing a heavy, sticky nectar that’s rich in flavor, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. The interesting strain touts a dense trichome jacket and distinct flavor and aroma that makes it a suitable choice for those interested in a deep sensory experience.

More than their hemp flower, Shade Tree Hemp Co. also offers a modest range of other canna-based products. These include pre-rolls and their ever unique Sweet Leaf terpsolate. In essence, a terpsolate is a CBD isolate with strain specific terpenes mixed in. The result is a fragrant, flavorful substance that can be used for dabbing or by taking it directly under the tongue.


Website Layout and User Interface

shade tree hemp coShade Tree Hemp Co. does its job at encapsulating that warm, familiar personality that it aims for. Its website is clean and neat, optimized for both mobile and desktop users. Rich with information about the brand and how it came to be, there’s a lot of personality oozing from the Shade Tree Hemp Co. website.

Navigating the place is a piece of cake. Menu options are available at the top of the homepage, and featured products are displayed in a belt just underneath the main banner. Details on the chemistry of each strain are available on its unique product page. Simply put, the entire shopping experience in terms of user interface is pretty much hitch-free.

A big fat legal disclaimer sits at the bottom of the page, just underneath the About Us section. This snippet provides all the information needed to guide your knowledge on the purpose and legality of hemp, helping to clear away any confusion that first time or newbie buyers might have regarding the Shade Tree Hemp Co. line-up.


Discounts and Coupons on Shade Tree Hemp Co.

One detail you’ll notice is that the Shade Tree Hemp Co. brand doesn’t have a dedicated newsletter. That said, if you want to get updates and information on the latest sales, promotions, and discounts, you’ll have to follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram. Nonetheless, their social media profiles are chocked full of recent posts, and they do share tons of information on upcoming sale offers.

Among their most awaited sales is the Double Stuffed sale. Initiated once since they opened their doors to buyers, the Double Stuffed sale gives you two of every item you buy. In a sense, it’s like a 50% discount sale that brings you double the amount of product for the price of one.

Presently, the Shade Tree Hemp Co. doesn’t offer an introductory discount, or any sort of coupon code that’s available all year round. That’s expected however of a fairly new brand that’s only just beginning to establish itself in the competitive market of hemp.


Shipping and Returns at Shade Tree Hemp Co.

Interestingly, there isn’t any information on their shipping procedures on their website. After some digging though, it was found that Shade Tree Hemp Co. ships their products through the USPS delivery service. Order processing can take up to 2 days, but may be shorter depending on the bulk of the orders that they process at a time.

Returns and refunds are applicable only to unopened, untampered products. Shade Tree Hemp Co. requires that buyers send over the products before granting the refund request. Once the items are cleared, then the company releases the funds back to the payment gateway used. Return requests are only valid within 30 days from the original purchase.

Do note that the brand is relatively easy to reach through their email and social media accounts. That said, it isn’t impossible to get special consideration on your order especially if you try to exercise their customer support service. Reaching out to the brand and explaining your end might get you a return, exchange, or refund if you play your cards right.


shade tree hemp co


Should You Buy from Shade Tree Hemp Co?

In terms of products, the Shade Tree Hemp Co. attempts to set itself apart with its select formulations that are hard to find. There terpsolate and Sweet Leaf products are particularly rare, so buyers who were hoping to find one-of-a-kind canna-based products might find sound reason to give the brand a try.

Then again, it isn’t without downsides. The Shade Tree Hemp Co.’s lack of discount offers and manual payment system make it tedious to work with, especially if you’re a frequent buyer. Had the brand offered a more established rewards and loyalty system, buyers seeking a long-term relationship with a brand might find reason to continue patronizing the brand.

That said, it’s really a matter of what you’re looking for. Buyers who don’t mind hopping from brand to brand to try out new wares might find the Shade Tree Hemp Co. a good choice. But buyers who want to establish stable patronage with a brand might find Shade Tree Hemp Co.’s lack of discount offers to be a major downside.



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