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Primo Gardens Hemp Flower Review

The CBD industry is a thriving marketplace. Recent legislation has made the CBD industry a promising business venture ripe for nurturing. As such, the past few years have seen numerous upstart companies blossom into heavyweight corporations in the twilight of the changing landscape.

Primo Gardens Inc stands as one of these heavyweights that have made sturdy foundations in this competitive and fast-growing market. With sophisticated facilities and large scale hemp farms, this company is at the forefront of producing top-quality and innovative CBD products.

The question then, is Primo Gardens a vendor worthy of your time? With such a vast and competitive market, what makes this vendor stand apart from the rest? Does Primo Gardens have something for me?

Here we’ll break down in our honest review of the Primo Gardens Vendor. We’ll be focusing on their products and online service platform and see for ourselves how they can fulfill our CBD-craving needs.


About Primo Gardens

primo hemp flowerPrimo Gardens Inc. is a commercial hemp company established in 2018. Their main office is located in Antonito, Colorado and their farms located in New Mexico. With a hemp farm reaching up to 900 acres in size, this company produces hemp products in quantity and quality.

The company’s founding was fortunate to coincide within mere months of the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, a turning point in the CBD industry. It’s no surprise then that Primo Gardens also saw a meteoric rise in success, aggressively expanding their hemp producing capabilities.


Primo Gardens Hemp Flower Vendor Product List

Primo Gardens boasts an extensive inventory of various CBD products. From topicals to tinctures, from hemp flowers and extracts, this is a formidable shopping selection for whatever CBD fix you’re looking for. They have 22 different products overall dispersed across different categories.

Their most extensive selection is those of the hemp flowers. With over nine different choices,

This hemp flower inventory is sure to tickle the hemp lovers fancy. Of these, the premium hemp offering is the Cherry Wine. This is a CBD-rich strain grown out of the combination of the Charlotte’s Cherries and the Wife strain and is a potent strain in the market. The rest of the selection is rounded out with other notable strains such as the Berry Blossom Hemp, Hulk Hemp, and Sour Space Candy Hemp.

A standout product in their inventory however is their collection of CBD Salves. An innovation of the product, these are transdermal CBD lotion meant to provide the beneficial effects of all that CBD goodness through a fast-acting and all-natural salve. The two main salves are the Calm & Relax and the Deep Penetrating, both of which come with both full-spectrum and T-free variants.

Rounding out the rest of their offerings are tinctures and extracts. CBD tinctures are formulated for a variety of uses including focus and sleep. CBD extracts on the other hand are packaged as capsules or isolate crystals. There’s a product here for every and any of your CBD needs.


Website Layout and User Interface

primo hemp flowerPrimo Gardens has a strong online presence. It boasts a highly informative, interactive front page that allows you to scroll through the highlights of the company and its offerings. On the front page it runs you through an infographic of how it creates the top-quality CBD products followed shortly by a preview of its highlight offerings.

Next it shows you a list of advocacies and services of the company such as staying their pure organic and non-GMO products. Among the other services they offer are biomass extractions and white-labeling services for those looking for a packaging service for their CBD products. The bottom of the page ends nicely with an overview of their statistics for the year.

At the top of the front page is a ‘Shop’ tab which takes you to the page for shopping their various products. You can choose to look at the general tab or go directly to a product of your choice from a dropdown list. In the ‘Shop’ page, they have a useful side column showing the different products you can peruse.

The interface is easy enough to use that adding products to your cart is seamless. Once you’re ready to check-out, it takes you to the transaction window to finalize the purchase. You can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and JBC.

Overall, the website facilitates and streamlined shopping experience with an intuitive interface for your CBD needs. Primo Gardens Inc have made for themselves an efficient web portal to that casts a wide enough net for online shoppers to patronize their product.


Discounts and Coupons for Primo Gardens Hemp Flower

Primo Gardens incorporates a useful feature on their websites for returning customers. Willing patrons can register for a personal account on their platform. This opens you up to certain offers not readily available for new users encountering this online store.

Previously Primo Gardens have offered small discounts you can pick up from their other promotional platforms, such as on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They even offer promo coupons that you can conveniently entire in a coupon box when making a purchase.

Shipping and Refunds

Primo Gardens offers free shipping to all States within America. For international orders, they charge a fixed price of $25.

Their website also has the option for you to apply for bulk orders or wholesale applications. If you’re into the reselling of hemp, then this is a great way to streamline your efforts to procure hemp products. From the frontpage, scrolling down you’ll find the tab for a wholesale application. You will be asked to fill out a quarry form for basic shipping information. You will also need to provide a Sales Tax License and Tax ID number to complete the application.

There does not appear to be an FAQ page for refunds on the Primo Gardens Website, however. It may be difficult to quantify what constitutions an eligible refund of a product. There are no clear guidelines to be found anywhere on what to do with damaged, tampered, or lacking product deliveries.

You may need to make use of the ‘Contact Us’ function on the website to contact a service representative from their end. Their telephone number and e-mail are located at the top of the transaction page for easy reference. They also have a sign-up box at the bottom of their pages for their newsletters in case you wish to be updated about new developments. And if you have a personal account, that opens up a useful suite for you to use and engage the platform.

primo hemp flower

Should You Buy From Primo Gardens Inc?

I believe the answer is yes. Primo Garden Inc has a lot of offerings for everybody and anybody with CBD needs. Their wide selection of products is nothing to scoff at and the likelihood you’ll find something you need is very high. Their CBD salves and hemp selections are among the best in the market right now and supported by an almost cult-following of CBD enthusiasts in social media and online forums.

Its online shopping experience is also as seamless as any, providing a streamlined platform to ease you into that CBD purchase from the comfort of your home.


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