MedAims Vendor Review

Harnessing the power of pure, organically grown hemp grown in the rich California soil, MedAims seeks to share the benefits of hemp by helping as many people as possible experience self-care through its tinctures, softgels, and luxury body and skincare products.

MedAims prides itself on its original products and claims superiority over its competitors based on a difference at a molecular level. Its website states that hemp should be grown out in the open air and sunshine rather than in a greenhouse where it is not exposed to the environment. On top of this, MedAims grows its hemp in soil that is free of potentially harmful pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals. It tends to its plants with care to provide customers with products that contain the highest quality hemp on the market.

medaims cbd vendor review

MedAims uses a careful processing and carbon dioxide extraction method, which helps preserve the hemp plant’s purity and special qualities. This allows all the benefits of the hemp plants to be passed on to the customer in tinctures, softgels, treats, topical skin care products, and more.

Top Products from MedAims

MedAim’s commitment is to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the endless benefits of CBD. It is always working to provide its customers with exciting new products on top of its already extensive range. This range includes the popular CBD tincture, which is perfect for anyone who is just starting to experiment in the world of CBD. MedAims’ tincture helps to calm the body and mind and supports relief from stress, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation. It is also available in a variety of strengths.

MedAims also stocks a range of popular vape juices designed to use in e-liquid devices like vaporizer pens and mods. The all-natural flavors add a boost of refreshment to your vaping experience while promoting a sense of calm, tranquility, and relaxation. The vape juices are available in three fruity flavors and come in pure full-spectrum or THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp seed oil.

If, like many people, you prefer the convenience of a pill, MedAims stocks vegan CBD softgels that are filled with hemp, phytocannabinoids, and naturally occurring terpenes. Each softgel is available in pure full spectrum or non-THC broad-spectrum hemp seed oil, ensuring you only get your exact desired dose from each pill. This nutrient-rich CBD oil also offers the benefits of magnesium, essential fatty acids, and vitamins to support your overall health and wellbeing.

In terms of body lotions, MedAims offers customers a botanical-infused formula that blends skin-nurturing oils with CBD. This provides a soothing and comforting solution for anyone with stressed-out skin. MedAims has designed this lotion to work in conjunction with a CBD regimen that includes tinctures and softgels.

The company also offers a range of salves, CBD pet products, face cream, cooling rub, and night serum.

What people are saying

There is no shortage of positive reviews from customers online, all of which seem to be praising the high quality of MedAims’ products. The range is quite extensive, with people heaping positive comments on the CBD tinctures a vape juice, specifically.

One other aspect of the company that has drawn praise is the customer service. ‘Quick,’ ‘efficient,’ and ‘reliable’ are the most common words among these reviews, indicating that MedAims takes care to provide its customers with top-notch customer service as well as high-quality, premium CBD products.

MedAims Direct Coupons and Discounts

MedAims offers first-time customers 10% off their initial order if they sign up to receive emails from the company. This is a little meager compared to other CBD dispensaries on the market, but it does seem to run reasonably generous sales on occasion that make up for this. For example, at the time of writing, MedAims was running a ‘20% off plus free shipping offer, which is a pretty good deal that would convince a number of customers to make a purchase.

MedAims Legal Compliance

MedAims is a registered dispensary of CBD products, so it goes to great lengths to ensure that it maintains a thorough understanding of current THC legislation. This is how it keeps abreast of any changes to that legislation at both state and federal level, and in turn, provides its customers with up-to-date information. MedAims also ensures that any products it sells contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, as outlined by the federal Farm Bill that was passed in 2018.

Like any other CBD vendor, MedAims also offers both in-house and third-party lab testing. This service includes a full chemical breakdown of all of its products, which helps to give customers peace of mind that they are only buying pure, safe, and legal CBD.

MedAims website also features a ‘frequently asked question’ section that explains the legalities in simple terms to customers to understand exactly what they’re purchasing and whether they are breaking any laws.

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