Upstate Hemp Co. Review

Upstate Hemp Co. is new on the scene, offering their range of hemp flower and canna-based products to the eager hemp consumer base. But other than their own brand-name products, Upstate Hemp Co. also carries a few other brands that are sold through its shop. For the most part, its other hemp-derived products come from Mary’s nutritionals – a well-established name in the hemp market.

With a focus on both the retail and wholesale fronts, Upstate Hemp Co. is attempting to pierce through the competitive hemp industry with their reasonably priced products and substantial variety. But has the brand done enough to be worthy of your patronage? Find out with this Upstate Hemp Co. review.


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About Upstate Hemp Co.

Unlike other brands that go the extra mile to establish their identity in the ever growing hemp industry, the Upstate Hemp Co. brand doesn’t seem to try too hard. Their website is essentially void of any information of the brand except for the little snippet that states their hemp is sourced from New York farms. As to the principles that guide their selection of hemp cultivation partners, the brand doesn’t really offer up much more. But check out their Care Program, and they do shed some light on who they are and why they started out in the hemp industry.

Upstate Hemp Co.’s ultimate goal is to provide buyers with competitively priced hemp products that maximize the alleged therapeutic benefits of the herb. Their objective is to offer their wares at the most attainable cost so that anyone and everyone can afford their products and experience their benefits. To this end, the Upstate Hemp Co. brand constantly audits their prices to follow market trends but still fall within the lower end of the cost spectrum.


The Upstate Hemp Co. Product Line-Up

The bread and butter of the Upstate Hemp Co. brand is none other than their hemp flower. Their selection includes a modest number of just 7 different strains, but remains to be of particular interest to hemp heads nonetheless. That’s because their available cultivars aren’t those that you’d often find. These include choices like CBDawg, Auto Pilot, Umpqua, and Deschutes which are relatively rare strains that you’re not likely to see through the average hemp retailer.

Their hemp flower choices range in denomination from 1 gram to 28 grams and start off at $9. Certainly, they’re not the cheapest you’re going to find. But they are reasonably priced compared to some other upscale brands that can charge up to double the cost per unit weight of hemp flower.

Aside from their hemp flower choices. Upstate Hemp Co. also brings its buyers a wide spread of products from Mary’s Nutritionals. These are mostly topicals, like transdermal patches which are ideal for low-tolerance users who don’t want to deal with the taste of consumable hemp products. They also offer picks like bath bombs, burn out spray, and muscle freeze which can all be pretty interesting even for the hardened hemp veteran.


Website Layout and User Interface

upstate hemp coTo be perfectly honest, the Upstate Hemp Co. website isn’t what you would call top-tier. The cluttered website is without rhyme or reason, with tons of blown up images scattered across the homepage with reckless abandon. It can be tough to figure out what you’re looking at, especially because the colors aren’t exactly well thought-out either.

The products page however can be pretty easy to navigate, albeit the explosion of pictures here and there. All things considered, the website can be a chore to move through regardless of the gadget you’re using. It’s also worth noting that there are lots of missing pages, especially those that detail the background of the brand, FAQs, and shipping information.

Some improvement to the website’s overall design and layout should attract more consumers. From the perspective of older hemp users who aren’t too tech savvy, the website may deter their patronage especially because it can be particularly confusing and difficult to read through.


Discounts and Coupons for Upstate Hemp Co.

Saving up on your next hemp purchase can be kicked off with the Upstate Hemp Co. introductory promo offer. First time buyers can sign up for their newsletter which automatically earns them a discount voucher applicable on their first order. And although the website doesn’t have a dedicated sale page, they do label all sale items to help you pick them out of a line up.

For those who are struggling to afford hemp flower, the Upstate Hemp Co. brand has a compassionate Care Program. This offer is open to buyers who might not be in the best financial situation as of present. The brand works to give discounts in the form of store credit to applicants who are eligible for the program. The promo is open to just a select number of people every month, and the reduced rate is credited to their individual Upstate Hemp Co. account.

Other than that, the brand maintains a strong online presence through their social media pages. Anyone hoping to get the latest updates on their upcoming sales and discount deals would do well to follow their pages and accounts on both Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on related news straight from the source.


Shipping and Refunds at Upstate Hemp Co.

Upstate Hemp Co. ships all orders through USPS standard deliver services. They do accept priority shipping requests, but they charge an extra fee. The brand requires up to two working days to completely process, prepare, package, and send out orders. In cases when the bulk of orders aren’t as overwhelming, they might be able to complete all the steps to send off in a shorter period of time.

For those hoping to find out whether their purchases are protected by any sort of guarantee, the brand does offer a 30 day protection for unopened, uptampered, unused purchases. Sending back the products within the time frame can grant you a refund, as long as the items you send back pass the company’s inspection.

The company willingly replaces damaged, defective, or wrong orders with no added fee. If you wish to contact them directly for similar concerns, they are fairly responsive through any of the contact channels that they provide on their website.


upstate hemp co


Should You Buy from Upstate Hemp Co?

The answer is never set in stone, but it pays to consider your unique needs and preferences. For the most part, Upstate Hemp Co. does offer quite a smart range of products that focuses on the rarer hemp strains on the market. With a selection you’re not likely to find anywhere else, the Upstate Hemp Co. brand gives buyers a reason to continue to patronize their brand.

Beware though – their website is a cluttered nightmare. For those buyers who want a seamless, intuitive, online shopping experience, their poorly executed website might make you think twice about going in for the purchase. Nonetheless, for those who don’t really give two shakes about appearance and only really care about getting their hands on a brand new strain of hemp, then Upstate Hemp Co. might be right up your alley.


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