Wilted Flowers – Complete Brand Review

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Wilted Flowers brand review

Wilted Flowers is a farm whose owner has worked with hemp farmers for the last couple of years. The owner’s relationships have allowed them to find the best hemp flowers for effectiveness and cost. Although the site looks like it sells marijuana, the plant you see is an industrial-grade, high-quality hemp. Every flower on the website is federally legal hemp that contains less than 0.03% THC. So, all the flower offered is permitted under the 2018 Farm bill. The owner takes pride in their product. They strive to provide the best service and ensure that the packages they send out are deliverable and odor-free.

Top Products from Wilted Flowers

The wide range of flowers from Wilted Flowers is beautiful. Sour space candy is an excellent choice because the nuggets are big and full. On the flower, you will see beautiful colors of green and amber. It is full of trichomes that glisten in the light. It has an incredible smell, just like a freshly sliced lemon. It offers high levels of terpenes, so you can use this product for anxiety and get a great night’s sleep.

The bubba kush has an incredible terpene profile if you need a strong nighttime vibe to help you with insomnia. The beautiful flower was grown in a greenhouse, and the owner hand trims the product. The hand-trimmed care and treatment mean that you are receiving a quality cut free from seeds and stems. The flower is mostly green and infused with beautiful purples. The smoke will draw easily, and you will sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Do you need a great deal on a quality flower? The Ceiba trim offered by wilted flowers has .03% Delta9 THC and provides a unique, focusing head buzz that will keep you focused without paranoia. The best part about buying the trim is the healthy mix of flowers you can use for smoking and the trim for extractions to make edibles. Buying the trim also saves you money, so it’s a great value for you.

What People Are Saying

Customers on Reddit are buzzing about Wilted Flowers Bubba Kush. The flower offers a healthy dose of THCa (6%), much higher than the flower offered by other dispensaries. The customers have mentioned that it has a peppery taste and delicious smokey wood flavor. The smoke is smooth, and the flavors are noticeable and leave you with a great flavor in the mouth. Customers love the smell and look of the buds and highlight that they are big and full.

The delivery of the buds is quick, and you get frosty and dense nuggets. With Wilted Flowers, you get the nicest nugs delivered straight to your door privately and quickly.

Wilted Flowers cbd vendor

Wilted Flowers Loyalty Points and Discounts

Wilted Flowers does not seem to have a loyalty program, but the flower looks good, and customers have mentioned that the flower is worth the price. Their Cannabis is legal and has a distinctive sight and smell, so customers love the value of their products. The price is worth the flower since you get up to 16.73% CBG and 23.9% total cannabinoids with their products.

There are two ways to buy your cbd flower from the dispensary, and your choice will depend on the discounts you can get. If you purchase untrimmed flowers, you can get an oz of their high-quality bud for about $45.00. However, they also offer the option to buy a hand-trimmed flower ready for grinding, which will cost you about $35.00 per ¼ oz.

The quantities that you can purchase from Wilted Flowers seem like there are already discounts applied to their potent, sticky, and easy to smoke flower. You can get the T1 strain which boasts a nice, sweet smell of maple syrup for $55 per pound. The express shipping makes this an excellent deal because the company values your right to privacy. Everything they ship is private and confidential, and they offer express shipping for those who need to get their product quickly.

You can receive your flower in as soon as two days, but make sure to reach out to the owner if you do this. The owner is very welcoming to you and encourages you to reach out to them via email at if you want to buy larger quantities for an excellent deal. Customers are repeat buyers because of the delicious tastes, fast delivery, and exceptional value of the flower they receive.

Wilted Flowers Legal Compliance

Wilted flowers have extensively detailed the THC content of each flower. Every product on their site is within the legal THC limit of 0.03%. You can also see the total cannabinoids of their hemp, the growing method, and the distribution of CBD and CBG. The best benefit of purchasing is that you get legal, high-quality flowers, and every order is guaranteed to weigh over the amount you pay!

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