419 Hemp Vendor Review

Offering premium hemp-derived products straight from their own farms, 419 Hemp features an extensive array of items for every need and preference. Their diverse selection includes their iconic hemp smokes, oils, personal care products, candles, and raw CBD hemp flowers in weighed and sealed bags.

With a dedicated brick-and-mortar they call the Growth Store located in Minnesota, 419 Hemp claims to house the greatest variation of hemp flowers and hemp-derived products under a single roof. So if you were looking for the next destination for your all-in-one hemp haul, then 419 Hemp’s Growth Store might be the place to go.


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Top Products from the 419 Hemp Brand

With products ranging from personal care to cigarettes, 419 Hemp provides you a wide array of choices to help you find everything you need at the ultimate one-stop hemp shop. Among their best-sellers is their CBD oil which is a versatile hemp-derivative that can be used for a range of different applications. The product’s high CBD concentration means you can use the smallest amount and still get potent benefits, so you can get more use out of a single purchase.

Some close contenders to their CBD oil include their lip balm, face mask, and hand wash which have all found a steady place in the daily routines of their buyers. When it comes to hemp cultivars, their Purple Wine and Sour Haze are runaway champs, promising stellar results that uplift, energize, and relax for a truly immersive experience.


What People Are Saying

Needless to say, the 419 Hemp brand has amassed quite a large base of followers and patrons who regularly visit their shop to purchase their products. Their potent hemp flowers which are sold as is and used as the raw ingredients for their hemp-derived products deliver satisfying results for all types of users and standards.

But what really sets them apart is their unmatched inventory. With products for every need and purpose, there’s no way you won’t find something to suit your specific preferences. Skin care products, edibles, supplements, tinctures, raw flowers, cigarettes, and yes, even scented candles infused with CBD can help you find the ideal product for that specific area of your life that you want to improve.


419 Hemp Discounts and Coupons

To boost their reputation and reach, 419 Hemp hosts and joins community events regularly, offering their products for sale at pop-up booths. These events open up the opportunity for eye-popping discounts and promotional offers that can help you spend less on your purchase.

While they don’t have a mailing list or a free shipping offer, visiting their Growth Store can earn you a freebie or two. Make sure you pop by when you can to snag a deal on some clearance sale items that are only available at their physical store.


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419 Hemp Legal Compliance

The brand stands by its obligation to provide buyers with safe, legal hemp products that maximize their money’s value. All of their harvests are first brought to independent testing facilities where they’re checked for THC and CBD content.

Only those batches that meet their set parameters are allowed into the next step of their manufacturing process. Needless to say, all of their products fall below the government mandated THC limit of 0.3% THC and are thus available for legal purchase and use throughout all 50 states.


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