Carolina CBD Hemp Flower Co Review

Now that it’s legal to cultivate hemp in the USA, the competition between CBD companies is fierce. With so many different CBD businesses opening up every year, it’s sometimes difficult for experts in the field to keep tabs on what’s going on. Since there currently aren’t FDA-approved inspections on hemp flower-related goods, it’s critical for customers to do thorough research on their chosen hemp flower brand.

One company that has gained a significant reputation in the CBD world over the years is Carolina Hemp. In this piece, we’ll review everything you should know before working with this North Carolina-based company.

Carolina Hemp Flower Company Review


General Info on Carolina Hemp Company

Founded in 2014, the Carolina Hemp Company is an Asheville-based business with a heavy focus on education and community engagement. Although they offer CBD products online, Carolina Hemp has invested heavily in building brick-and-mortar stores throughout the American South and Southwest. Company executives believe these physical stores help build stronger ties between local hemp producers and consumers. Plus, Carolina Hemp holds many fun events like hemp painting and “flower yoga” at its stores.


A Quick Rundown Of Carolina Hemp’s Products

Carolina Hemp offers a very wide range of CBD goods, so it’s a good idea to take one group at a time. Below, we’ll detail Carolina Hemp’s products in the following categories: hemp flower, hemp flower extract, hemp seed & fiber, and vaping goods.

Hemp Flower

Carolina Hemp’s “hemp flower” list contains both premium hemp flowers and preroll packets. Customers interested in whole flowers could choose from 3.5 gram or 7-gram packages. For those who want preroll joints, Carolina Hemp offers both 0.5-gram singles and 6-packs.

Currently, Carolina Hemp offers about eight different strains of hemp flower, including Sour Sauce, Elektra, Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze. The company claims all of its hemp is 100 percent organic and only grown on American farms.

For more information about wholesale hemp, you must contact the company directly via email or phone.

Hemp Flower Extract

The most extensive category in Carolina Hemp’s catalog is hemp flower extracts. Besides standard CBD tinctures and gummies, this category includes many interesting CBD-infused edibles like CBD chocolates, honey sticks, coffee, tea, and pet-friendly treats.

Carolina smoke able hemp

Customers interested in topicals will find a few CBD salves in this category. There are also CBD waxes under the “hemp flower extract” tab for those interested in dabbing. Just for kicks, here are a few off-the-wall products in Carolina Hemp’s edible department: hemp pasta, hemp hot sauce, and CBD mustard.

Hemp Seed & Fiber

One category that’s somewhat unique to Carolina Hemp is listed as “hemp seed & fiber.” Basically, this refers to clothing products and accessories made out of industrial-grade hemp.

In addition to hats, belts, and socks, there are also hemp-derived bags and organizers under this tab. People who want hemp-derived textiles can even find hemp/alpaca wool on Carolina Hemp’s webpage.

It’s important to note, however, that just because this category is listed with the word “seed” doesn’t mean this company offers hemp seeds. Farmers will need to look into other companies if they want high-quality feminized seeds for cultivating.


Although Carolina Hemp has a few CBD juices and vaping cartridges, it has a more extensive list of waxes. Specifically, Carolina Hemp offers crumble and shatter extracts from about six different strains. Classic names you’ll see in these waxes include Pineapple Express, Granddaddy Purp, and ACDC.

Besides the relatively sparse CBD products for sale, the rest of Carolina Hemp’s vaping line consists of pens and vaporizing equipment.
Carolina Hemp Products


Smokable Hemp North Carolina Laws

It’s important to keep in mind North Carolina has some of the most stringent laws on hemp consumption in the USA. While the state government has allowed a few farmers to begin growing hemp, it’s quite difficult for people living in the Tar Heel State to consume their product. Indeed, North Carolina legislators recently passed a bill that will soon make it illegal for citizens to smoke hemp.


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