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CBD Hemp Direct Vendor Review

Boasting a wide range of edible CBD hemp products among others, CBD Hemp Direct takes pride in its collection of compliant hemp formulations. They advertise a strict quality assurance process that guarantees the efficacy and potency of their CBD hemp products, all of which promise to fall within legal THC limits.

But aside from their dedication towards providing buyers with premium CBD hemp products, CBD Hemp Direct also answers the call to advocacy. Their brand aims to educate people on the benefits of CBD as its contribution towards clearing the smoke and finally ushering in their product as a suitable solution against a range of nuances.

CBD Hemp Direct Vendor Review


Top Products from CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct has a rather extensive selection of hemp products compared to its competitors. Their edibles include gummy candies and beef jerkiest that use CBD extracts from different strains in their line-up. Their most popular CBD hemp flowers include AC Diesel and Berry Exotic which provides potent effects that ring well with most consumers.

Other than their flower and edibles, they also sell joints, blunts, and cigars using their CBD hemp flower line-up. Vape cartirdges, hash, concentrates, and kief are also available, made from their own expertly grown range of CBD hemp flowers. For the most part, majority of their products are relatively popular, frequently selling out shortly after a restock.


What People Are Saying

There’s a lot to love about CBD Hemp Direct. But what most buyers appreciate is that they offer a diverse selection of products unlike any you’ll find anywhere else. Essentially, they work with a designated number of strains which they process and manufacture into other forms. So their line-up really caters to people who want to enjoy their CBD in more ways than one.

Aside from that, people appreciate the brand’s dedication to its advocacy of spreading awareness on the usefulness and purpose of CBD. Their packages are often bundled with helpful leaflets that share lots of information on CBD. Lastly, the effort they put into customer service is nothing short of impressive, whether you’re buying or asking for after sales assistance.

CBD Hemo Direct Strains


CBD Hemp Direct Coupons and Discounts

CBD Hemp Direct regularly offers discounts and coupons through their website. Upon visiting, a notice along the top of their website should give you a coupon for an instant discount on your first purchase. The values tend to change between 5% and 10%, depending on the season.

If you want to save even more, it’s worth knowing that CBD Hemp Direct also offers their products for wholesale. Keep in mind however that they will put you through an interview process before verifying you as a wholesale buyer. But if you plan to sell their products, the wholesale option can help you save heaps.


CBD Hemp Direct Legal Compliance


CBD Hemp Direct

As part of their obligation to educate the public about CBD, CBD Hemp Direct also makes it a point to strictly follow through with all the requirements imposed by the government. That includes ensuring that all of their products are compliant with the Farm Act, containing less than 0.3% THC across the board.

For the benefit of their buyers, CBD Hemp Direct includes a regularly updated mail packet to detail their observance of the stipulations in the laws that regulate CBD manufacture and sale. They also have certified test results for their strains available on their website to prove their compliance with THC limitations.


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