Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain Review

The namesake of the 2008 stoner film Pineapple Express, this strain reached stardom of epic proportions when James Franco and Seth Rogen starred opposite each other in the comedy-action film...

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Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis Strain

Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis Strain Review

Also called Mr. Nice, the Mr. Nice Guy strain is that laid-back all-around strain that just does wonders for those down-in-the-dumps moments. Named after the most notorious cannabis smuggler of...

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Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain

Monster Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Just can’t get a good night’s rest? Monster Cookies should offer you some well-deserved relief. Touted as one of the best strains for night time use, this cultivar leans heavily...

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Moby Dick Cannabis Strain

Moby Dick Cannabis Strain Review

There she blows! It’s not entirely clear where the Moby Dick strain gets her name, but what we do know is that she’s a whale of a sativa. With her...

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Mob Boss Cannabis strain scaled

Mob Boss Cannabis Strain Review

Developed and introduced in 2009, the Mob Boss cannabis strain is a sativa-biased herb that surges through the system with a clarifying energy. The fast-acting herb shoots through the mind and...

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Kryptonite Cannabis Strain

Kryptonite Cannabis Strain Review

As though having fallen straight from heaven, the Kryptonite strain is one that soothes, calms, and places the body in a sense of unprecedented tranquillity. The strain touts a genetic...

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Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain

Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain Review

Three, two, one - blast off! The Jet Fuel hybrid is a chiefly sativa strain that lets off the pungent odor of gasoline fumes. Its parents are hard-liners of the...

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Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain

Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain Review

Just like its notorious namesake, the Jack the Ripper strain can slay you and take full control of your system in the blink of an eye. This high-CBD strain is...

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Grease Monkey Cannabis Strain scaled

Grease Monkey Cannabis Strain Review

Whether it was the whirling stench let out by the strain or the slippery descent into supreme relaxation that it lends, it’s not entirely clear how Grease Monkey gets its...

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Glass Slipper Cannabis Strain

Glass Slipper Cannabis Strain Review

Just like Cinderella, carelessly leaving behind a glass slipper in her excitement, so too will the Glass Slipper strain make it effortless for you to leave behind the worries of...

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Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Strain

Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Here’s one of those buildable strains that change effects the more you take. The Ghost Train Haze strain starts off as a creative fever in lower doses, but works its...

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G13 Cannabis Strain

G13 Cannabis Strain Review

The controversial G13 cannabis strain is one that remains surrounded by conspiracy, even to this day. The focal point of gossip and intrigue, the G13 cannabis cultivar owes most of its...

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