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Grape Soda Cannabis Strain

Grape Soda Cannabis Strain Review

Cap the evening off with a slow, steady drag of Grape Soda. Heavy, tranquilizing, and idle, the effects of this little-known strain make it the perfect way to end a...

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Game Changer Cannabis Strain

Game Changer Cannabis Strain Review

Need a pick-me-up? How about a total Game Changer? Aptly named for its ability to turn any sour mood all the way around, the Game Changer strain is here to...

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Fruit Punch Cannabis Strain

Fruit Punch Cannabis Strain Review

Who spiked the Fruit Punch? Well, whoever it was called the right shot. Just like the liquor-laced beverage from high school dances of old, the Fruit Punch cannabis strain charges the...

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Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain

Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain Review

No self-respecting Amsterdam coffee shop would ever find itself without the Dutch Treat. Sometimes regarded as the most popular strain in the hemp capital of the world, Dutch Treat is...

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Cornbread Cannabis Strain

Cornbread Cannabis Strain Review

The Cornbread strain inspires the feeling of maximum relaxation and calm - like you just finished scarfing down a plateful of southern comfort food. That’s because this variety doesn’t just...

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Death Star Cannabis Strain

Death Star Cannabis Strain Review

The force is undeniably strong with this one. Named after the famous military battle stations from the iconic Star Wars franchise, the Death Star cannabis strain doesn’t have the power...

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Cookie Dough Cannabis Strain

Cookie Dough Cannabis Strain Review

With the blissful properties of the Girl Scout Cookies strain as its genetic backbone, the Cookie Dough herb rides on the tides of its mother’s success. Being one of the...

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Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain

Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain Review

A favorite among cannabis growers, Cinderella 99 makes a name for itself in the market with its incredible calyx-to-leaf ratio, producing epic yields. The short, stunted plant grows beautifully both...

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Chernobyl Cannabis Strain

Chernobyl Cannabis Strain Review

With the power to reset your disposition with a nuclear explosion of sativa effects, the Chernobly strain promises to take you from feeling down and powerless, to filled with the...

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Cat Piss Cannabis Strain

Cat Piss Cannabis Strain Review

You’d think that with a name like ‘Cat Piss’, a cannabis strain would hardly make it. There are tons of other choices with fragrant names like Lemon Meringue and Sunset Sherbet...

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Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Review

Rich in cannabinoids, the Cannatonic strain is the ultimate go-to for users in search of relief versus the throes of discomfort in both mind and body. With artfully engineered genetics...

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Candy Jack Cannabis Strain

Candy Jack Cannabis Strain Review

Like a piece of sweet candy when you’re feeling down and blue, Candy Jack can awaken your body and invigorate your senses to bring color to a dull, gray sky....

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