Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain Review

From its name, you might think that the Grape Stomper strain has a distinct and strong grape flavor. But the herb throws a curve ball right off the bat, lending...

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Ghost OG Cannabis Strain

Ghost OG Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly named for its slow, inconspicuous effects, the Ghost OG strain can creep up on your system and take your body into the possession of its calm, cool stupor. Strong...

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Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain

Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain Review

Fruit loops will always be one of the most beloved of childhood cereals. Heck, you might still be scarfing down that stuff now that you’re a full grown adult in...

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Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain

Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain Review

No one in their right mind would take an actual taste of Elmer’s glue but if it were a cannabis strain, this is definitely how it would taste and feel....

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Clementine Cannabis Strain

Clementine Cannabis Strain Review

Oh, my darling, Clementine! Forcing you into a show-tune medley, this cannabis strain can push even the sourest of moods into a totally uplifting experience. A perfect sativa strain if...

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Cinex Cannabis Strain

Cinex Cannabis Strain Review

Caught in a slump? The Cinex strain might be able to help out with that. A cross of two champion herbs, this cultivar uses its premium pedigree to dig you...

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Canna-Tsu Cannabis Strain Review

Canna-Tsu Cannabis Strain Review

Canna-Tsu is an especially popular strain throughout the United States, but it’s often of particular interest to those in the West Coast. It is well-loved for good reason, mainly because...

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Vanilla Kush Cannabis Strain

Vanilla Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Birthed from the magical union of two landraces, Vanilla Kush is a fragrant, decadent cultivar that touts a glorious aroma and flavor profile guaranteed to draw you in with each...

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Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Multi-awarded, the Super Silver Haze strain is among the most formidable herbs on the market. Synonymous with ‘sativa’, Super Silver Haze has helped in shaping what we thing of energizing...

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Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain

Sunshine Daydream Cannabis Strain Review

With relatively unpopular ancestors, Sunshine Daydream is a strain that has had to fight for its 15 minutes of fame. Unlike other herbs that rely on the prominence of their...

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Red Dragon Cannabis Strain

Red Dragon Cannabis Strain Review

With a name like Red Dragon, it’s hard not to catch the attention of an eager cannabis market - and that’s exactly what this strain has done. Possessing the quintessential...

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Rainbow Cannabis Strain

Rainbow Cannabis Strain Review

There are better was to taste the rainbow, and one of them is with Rainbow. A perfect balance between sativa and indica genetics, the Rainbow strain wades carelessly in the...

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