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Alaskan Thunderfuck Cannabis Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain Review

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid known for its euphoric cerebral buzz. It is a potent strain that has a fast-acting effect on the...

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Banana Kush Cannabis Bud

Banana Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Coming from the legendary Kush family, Banana Kush has made its lineage proud. This classic, old school strain gives a strong indica body high with potent euphoria and mood regulation...

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White Buffalo Cannabis Strain

White Buffalo Cannabis Strain Review

Native to the stash jars of cannabis hunters with a penchant for rare finds, the White Buffalo strain is as hard to find as its sacred animal namesake. This invigorating...

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The White Cannabis Strain

The White Cannabis Strain Review

Dreaming for yourself a White Christmas? It might not be too far off from the reaches of your cannabis-smoking appendages because The White cannabis Strain is here to bring in...

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Tangie Cannabis Strain

Tangie Cannabis Strain Review

A dream is a wish your heart makes, or so the famous song goes. Truly, once you've experienced the Tangie, this is all your heart will ever desire. As it...

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Super Glue Cannabis Strain

Super Glue Cannabis Strain Review

There’s a reason this strain is called Super Glue. With heightened relaxing effects that can glue you to your seat for hours, this is the strain you need if you...

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Strawberry Fields Cannabis Strain

Strawberry Fields Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly named for its sweet berry taste and aroma, Strawberry Fields undeniably brings the sweet and sour flavor of real fresh strawberries. It strays away from candy sweetness and instead...

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Snow cap Cannabis Strain

Snow cap Cannabis Strain Review

Nestled in the warmth of the West Coast, the Snow cap strain is one of those herbs that looms with the ominous cloud of hard-hitting impact. And that’s exactly what...

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Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain

Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain Review

You’re probably here because you’re a Star Wars nerd and you feel attracted to anything that reminds you of the award-winning franchise. Don’t worry, you’re secrets safe with us. On...

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Romulan Cannabis Strain

Romulan Cannabis Strain Review

The Romulans were originally extra-terrestrial beings from the Star Trek series. They were known to have pointed ears with V-shaped ridges on their foreheads. And it was these ridges became...

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Platinum OG Cannabis Strain

Platinum OG Cannabis Strain Review

It’s time you get introduced to one of the heaviest strains you’ll probably ever come across - Platinum OG. The name actually comes from its unique trichomes that are covered...

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Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain

Pinkman Goo Cannabis Strain Review

An enigmatic strain veiled in mystery, the Pinkman Goo cannabis cultivar possesses a unique history that’s just as distinct as its peculiar growth. Named after the bright, glittering resin that...

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