Diamond OG Cannabis Strain

Diamond OG Cannabis Strain Review

Glistening in the crystallized glory of a dense trichome sheath, Diamond OG is an invaluable gem of a cannabis strain that many cannabis-heads the world over have tucked away in...

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Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

Critical Mass Cannabis Strain Review

Often dubbed a farmer’s best friend, Critical Mass isn’t called that way for nothing. This ultra-abundant strain bears a bounty of bud in a short period of time. With its...

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Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain

Cookies and Cream Cannabis Strain Review

Sweet and doughy with hints of chocolate peeking through, the Cookies and Cream strain packs a delightful mouthful of flavor that’s thick, rich, and impeccably accurate. The tongue tingling strain...

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Chocolope Cannabis Strain

Chocolope Cannabis Strain Review

You know those slow afternoons, when your heightened morning energy starts to wane and the sleepiness starts to overpower your system? Yeah, Chocolope was pretty much made for those moments....

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Candy land Cannabis Strain

Candy land Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly named Candy land, this ultra-potent sativa can jolt your system with a heightened dose of energy. But it’s more than just your average, everyday awakening strain. Candy land delivers...

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Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain

Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

The result of a blissful union, Blue Cookies is basically cannabis royalty, brandishing indica-leaning properties that make her nothing short of a showstopper. The beautiful, aromatic nugs are densely packed,...

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Black Widow Cannabis Strain

Black Widow Cannabis Strain Review

Just like the notorious black widow spider which is known to be the most venomous species of spider in North America, the Black Widow cannabis strain delivers a killer strike...

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Alien OG Cannabis Strain

Alien OG Cannabis Strain Review

Ready for a cannabis experience that’s out of this world? c brings an otherworldly experience that can zap you straight into a brand-new universe of cerebral whimsy. The hybrid strain...

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AK47 Cannabis Strain

AK47 Cannabis Strain Review

The child of two landraces, the AK47 cannabis strain is close to nature as it gets. This potent herb delivers the strong genetics of its wild parentage, showcasing the relentless...

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Afghani Cannabis Strain

Afghani Cannabis Strain Review

One of several landraces, the Afghani cannabis strain is the genetic backbone of literally thousands of cultivars after it. In fact, it’s suggested that more than a third of the...

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Watermelon Cannabis Strain

Watermelon Cannabis Strain Review

There’s no need to guess why or how the Watermelon strain gets its name. Almost like sinking your teeth into a big fat wedge of watermelon, this cultivar brings with...

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Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain

Sweet Tooth Cannabis Strain Review

Like face planting in a bed of fresh flowers, berries, and fruit, the Sweet Tooth cannabis strain astounds with its dynamic flavor. As though fusing together all of the sweetest...

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