Clementine Cannabis Strain Review

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Clementine Cannabis Strain

Oh, my darling, Clementine! Forcing you into a show-tune medley, this cannabis strain can push even the sourest of moods into a totally uplifting experience. A perfect sativa strain if there ever was one, Clementine takes over your senses with its strong citrus aroma as it jump starts your body with an enlivening buzz that can leave you energized and refreshed for the hustle that lay ahead.


Origins of the Clementine Strain

The search for the origins of Clementine simply acknowledges the great cannabis strains that have solidified what a good sativa strain is. A sativa strain in the purest sense, Clementine finds itself within a family tree of formidable forefathers, the Lemon Skunk and Tangie.

Lemon Skunk was among the most popular strains in the year 2009 in which it found itself consistently in the High Times list of top strains. A hybrid heavily leaning on its sativa effects, the Lemon Skunk was a combination of two skunk phenotypes that produced strong lemon and citrus flavors. The flowers of this strain sported nice compact buds with trichomes and red hairs surrounding it. The strain brandishes a complex cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile, and is well known for giving users a happy energetic buzz engineered to shake you out of your funk.

The Tangie parent was originally from Amsterdam and is in many respects a remake of the highly coveted Tangerine Dream famous in the 1990s. The Tangie was a cross between California Organge and Skunk hybrid which resulted to a strain with a strong tangerine aroma worthy of its citrus lineage. This 70% sativa and 30% indica strain sports immense cannabinoid density. The Tangie was a consistent winner at Cannabis Cups that earned its reputation through its uplifting effects of euphoria and creativity-focused happiness. With such a formidable standing, it was reserved only for intermediate and advanced users.


Clementine Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

Clementine intends to captivate your senses with its imposing terpene profile of rich and sweet citrus aromas bursting from the flowers. For the discerning olfactory senses, you may pick up the lemon and orange notes admixed with a strong sent of pine. This thing burns with a smooth smoke and the exhale may leave you with a lemon scent that lingers. Because of its strong aroma, smoking this train discretely may prove difficult especially if you’re trying to keep your cannabis habit on the downlow.

There is no mistaking this strain as a sativa with elongated flowers and the characteristic bud structures narrowing into delicate cone-like shapes. Thin fluffy leaves area also characteristic and are seen hanging loosely to the central stems.  They are yellowish-green in color and sport brown pistils that intertwine and entangle the strains in a loose cage. Its transluscent trichome covering is delicate and subtle, giving it a hazy film that adds to its dramatic appeal.


Clementine terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Like its predecessors before it, Clementine is the darling that it is because of its overwhelmingly powerful energetic jolt meant to wake you up for the day. Arguably the purest sativa you can smoke, this thing brings you to an elevated state in record time. The quick effect comes with an increased sensory perception in relation to your surroundings which surely can be the antecedent for keeping your head in the game and getting things done. Be ready to engage your mind for some creative thinking and problem solving as you immerse yourself in the titillating citrus aromas that this strain brings to the table. In many ways, the experience is every bit an improvement over its predecessor the Tangie and reminiscent of its stirring parent Lemon skunk.

It may be argued that Clementine might actually be the quintessential wake-and-bake strain of this generation of cannabis products. Along with the stimulating effects, some smokers also report physical relaxation and decreasing tension that gives the user a sense of clarity for tackling the tasks for the day. On the other hand, the stimulating effect definitely favors its use as a morning strain and should be avoided prior to bedti me to avoid any sleep pattern disruptions.


Clementine Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Clementine is relatively easy to grow and this may very well be the gateway strain for beginners to try their hand at curing cannabis flowers. This herb may be grown indoors or outdoors but with a difference in the end-point yield. It thrives outdoors provided the environment is suitable with semi-humid air and substantial heat.

Clementine is know to grow quite tall which may require that you frequently prune its rapid heightening. Flowering period is usually observed around 8 to 10 weeks after the plant reaches maturity. Indoor yield may amount to 11 ounces per square meter and outdoor yield may be 15 ounces per square meter. Aim to harvest these flowers during mid-October as this is believed to bring out the best qualities of the herb to full expression.

An important characteristic of the Clementine strain is the citrus aromas and flavors. These characteristics are maximized during the cultivation process through what is known as curing. Fortunately, Clemetine is highly resistant to molds and mildews which lends itself readily to the curing process. To start, you would want to take the buds and have them dry out on a drying rack for seven to ten days.

Ensuring the buds stay dry is paramount to preventing molds from growing on the leaves. Once completely dry, store the buds in a dry place in an air-tight sealing container. The first week of storage is critical, during which you’d have to regularly open the container at least 3 times a day to let the moisture out. By the second or third week, the buds should be ready for your consumption, but it doesn’t really hurt to wait another three weeks before finally taking that first toke.


Who Is It For?

The Clementine is for users looking for a wake-and-bake strain that provides a solid increase in mood and energy levels at the start of the day. You are pretty much guaranteed to get a powerful, arguably perfect sativa experience with this citrusy hard-hitter.

 Novice smokers should very well try to steer clear of this herb, especially if you have a history of overestimating your own tolerance. That said, newbie smokers should try other less potent strains before they try their hand at this darling Clementine.


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