Harlequin Cannabis Strain Review

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Harlequin Cannabis Strain

A harlequin is a pantomime comedian from the Italian theaters of old. What made these individuals stand out during their performances were their outfits designed with different colored patches of diamonds. Back then, they were more commonly seen as fools of the theater sadly relegated as ridicule fodder for the crowds.

The Harlequin strain, in modern CBD culture, is a performer and like its namesake, also a hodgepodge of different colors. But, contrary to the laughingstock that was the harlequin of yesteryears, this Harlequin is an elevated performer that pitied the fool. This well-known strain is sure to grab the attention of any well-meaning cannabis head. Commonly touted as a high-CBD strain with effective pick-me-up power, the Harlequin is a constant power-puncher always included in the discussion as one of the best sativas of all time.


Origins of the Harlequin Strain

If there ever was a “melting pot” of a cannabis strain, the Harlequin has earned that title in spades. The innovators of the cannabis industry chose to put together a strain from the Colombian Gold, Swiss Sativa, Nepali Indica, and Thai Sativa. As can be seen, such innovation from a hodge-podge of rich parent strains has produced one of the landmark cultivars in marijuana history.

The Colombian Gold is an iconic cannabis strain originating from the mountains of Santa Marta, Columbia. A famous strains in the 1960s, this is now considered one of the rare herbs responsible for many of the newer generation strains such as the Skunk #1. Truly an iconic cultivar that exemplified the mood-boosting signature Sativa effects, the Colombian Gold imparts such relevant genes to its offspring Harlequin.

Another parent of the Harlequin, the Thai Sativa is no chump either. Famously brought into the United States during the 70s and the 80s, the Thai is also known as “Thai Sticks” and started the trend of citrus aroma. These were difficult strains to grow away from a tropical climate and only the more experience of cultivators were ready to take on the challenge.

The Swiss Sativa and Nepali Indica also add to the hybrid profile of the Harlequin. The Nepali contributes its genes to produce thick trichome production on the buds while the Swiss Sativa contributes to the effects of the strain for producing a heavy mental and physical high.


Harlequin Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The aromas of the Harlequin are as diverse as the origins. These flowers greet you with an earthy musk admixed with pleasant citrus and mango aromas. Once crushed and burned, the creamy flavors are heightened with notes of pine that carries over to when you finally get to smoke it. All together, the delightful aroma can be an experience all on its own, delivering a unique cannabis experience that can get you sniffing and smelling and sticking your snout into the jar for hours on end.

This plant appears as regular sativa fanfare. Buds are round and dense with a green color, gently painted with mild hints of purple and blue that course through just beneath the surface. The pistils around the buds are brown-orange with a thick sticky trichome coat just oozing with cannabinoid-laden resin goodness. To touch, the buds are especially sticky and tacky, cluing you into the marvelous cannabinoid chemistry it contains.


Harlequin Cannabis terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Harlequin won’t be the blockbuster strain that it is if not for its solid and reliable high. The quintessential pick-me-up strain, the Harlequin is the perfect day-time herb to get you going for the day ahead. You’d be feeling like you’re walking on sunshine once this salacious sativa hits your mind.

 The awakening effects of cannabis are in full display through this cultivar’s chemistry. This cerebral assassin will without restraint, toe kick and suplex you into the next level of attentiveness and delight. It’s exactly the kind of boost you would need to get yourself going, helping you complete a day’s work of tasks without a moment’s pause. Not only that, this strain is such a confidence booster that it can take any awkward schmuck and turn them into the life of the party.

Being a sativa-leaning hybrid, the relaxing high does not come with a body-numbing effect that can send you into a couch-lock state. You’ll be completely functional as you bask in the mood boost from this delicious drag. But what makes it especially interesting is that Harlequin doesn’t share in the common side effects of other strains. Cottonmouth may occur as a common side effect, but it’s rarely ever reported. This is only a minor effect, however, and is easily alleviated with a few sips of water. Other than that though, it’s pretty much all rainbows and butterflies with this world-class performer.


Harlequin Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Harlequin is more easily grown indoors than outdoors. The plant is very responsive to climate, and because ensuring proper temperature in an outdoor setting may be a challenge, it becomes more feasible to grow the herb indoors. High heat and low humidity are its favorite conditions, so you should be able to replicate that inside your space to achieve the ideal growth.

Patient cultivators will be happy to see how the Harlequin strain produces a good yield. When grown outdoors, they can produce a harvest of 21 ounces per plant. With a good setup, provided you’re able to recreate the perfect climate, the yield for Harlequin grown indoors may extend up to 25 ounces per square meter planted. A bountiful harvest indeed.

Flowering with the Harlequin happens at approximately 9 weeks. It is advisable to harvest this plant early to take advantage of the high-CBD output. However, experiences vary among growers as different cuts of Harlequin have been found to display varying levels of CBD. Nevertheless, you’re still likely to reap an herb that delivers a stronger CBD profile than many other strains you’re likely to find.


Who Is It For?

People looking to look for the unadulterated benefits of CBD should look no further than the Harlequin. Able to lift you up and with a mild high but a solid cerebral awakening, this strain is perfect for all your day-time cannabis needs. It’s no wonder why this herb has become a staple in many a respectable marijuana cultivators dispensary.

Harlequin belongs to a high tier of strains that are both of good caliber and at the same time, easy to get into. It may be a viable jumping on point for people wanting to get into the CBD sphere. Newcomers will be in for a treat with Harlequin as their starting point, but even the tenured veteran should find the herb to be particularly entertaining – just as its name suggests.


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