image of candy jack cannabis strain page banner

Candy Jack Cannabis Strain Review

Like a piece of sweet candy when you’re feeling down and blue, Candy Jack can awaken your body and invigorate your senses to bring color to a dull, gray sky....

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image of bruce banner strain page banner

Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Review

Inspiring controlled energy, the Bruce Banner cannabis strain can take you and awaken the big green monster that slumbers deep within. The lively sativa strain combines invigorating flavor and strong...

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image of black mamba strain page banner

Black Mamba Cannabis Strain Review

Whether the Black Mamba strain was named after the snake, the vindictive bride from Kill Bill, or the late basketball playing superstar, there’s really no guarantee. But what we do...

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image of big smooth strain page banner

Big Smooth Cannabis Strain Review

As one verified cannabis-head put it, the Big Smooth strain is essentially a big dumb ol’ dog. She’s warm and fuzzy, slow to act, but all in all just happy...

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image of berry white cannabis strain page banner

Berry White Cannabis Strain Review

Not to be confused with Barry White, this cannabis strain is like the entitled offspring of a posh power couple. Born from the marriage of two superstar strains, the Berry...

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Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain

Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Just like a box of your favorite childhood treat, the Animal Cookies strain will have you smiling and munching for hours on end. The sweet, herbal flavors leave hints of...

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Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Review

With a name like Amnesia Haze, this strain tells pretty much already tells you what you’re in for once you take a drag. Popular in the world’s cannabis capital -...

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image of acdc cannabis strain page banner

ACDC Cannabis Strain Review

The Cannatonic strain is highly regarded for its CBD-dominant expression that maximizes the benefits of cannabis without altering cognition or overpowering the body. Throughout the years, it’s become the go-to...

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image of acapulco gold cannabis strain page banner

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain Review

Wine, dine, and recline with the Acapulco Gold strain. If you’ve ever tried to splurge and spoil yourself at a posh, world-class resort hotel, then you might have some idea...

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image of 3 kings cannabis strain page banner

3 Kings Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly called ‘3 Kings’, this one-of-a-kind cultivar touts a genetic trifecta, combining properties from three of the most popular strains presently available. The perfectly balanced 50-50 3 Kings combo brings...

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Agent Orange Cannabis Strain

Agent Orange Cannabis Strain Review

Calm down - this isn’t some Vietnam War microcosm. Agent Orange’s name might scare off the shell-shocked veteran, but this strain wants nothing more for you than an all-consuming calm....

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Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain

Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain Review

Let them eat (or smoke) cake! The Birthday Cake strain brings you the best of both worlds, offering a flavorful, aromatic encounter blended together with deeply relaxing effects. The well-rounded...

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