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3 Kings Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly called ‘3 Kings’, this one-of-a-kind cultivar touts a genetic trifecta, combining properties from three of the most popular strains presently available. The perfectly balanced 50-50 3 Kings combo brings...

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Agent Orange Cannabis Strain

Agent Orange Cannabis Strain Review

Calm down - this isn’t some Vietnam War microcosm. Agent Orange’s name might scare off the shell-shocked veteran, but this strain wants nothing more for you than an all-consuming calm....

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Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain

Birthday Cake Cannabis Strain Review

Let them eat (or smoke) cake! The Birthday Cake strain brings you the best of both worlds, offering a flavorful, aromatic encounter blended together with deeply relaxing effects. The well-rounded...

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Purple Paralysis Cannabis Strain

Purple Paralysis Cannabis Strain Review

Also called the Jellyfish Bud, Purple Paralysis is a plum-hued strain that does exactly what its name suggests. Relatively unknown, the strain has yet to reach superstar popularity on the...

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Trainwreck Cannabis Strain

Trainwreck Cannabis Strain Review

Choo, choo - here comes the train! Hurtling at rapid speeds, the Trainwreck strain is one that doesn’t play around. Overpowering and compelling, this cultivar takes you on a journey...

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page banner of the wife cannabis strain review

The Wife Cannabis Strain Review

What could be more comforting than coming home to the warm embrace of your loving wife? As though releasing you from the stress and pressure of the day’s load of...

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page banner of merlot cannabis strain review

Merlot Cannabis Strain Review

Just like her namesake, the Merlot strain packs distinct flavor and an easy smoke experience for those who want to unwind at the end of a long day. As Merlot...

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page banner of stormy 2 cannabis strain

Stormy 2.0 Cannabis Strain Review

A select phenotype of one of the sexiest strains around, Stormy 2.0 is a seductress that captivates the mind and body with its sensual appeal. With full-bodied flavor, an alluring...

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page banner of tokyo cannabis strain

Tokyo Cannabis Strain Review

The fast-paced city of Tokyo is a bustling prefecture that blends together the modern and the traditional - with opulent shrines and neon-lit skyscrapers all clumped together in the densely...

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page banner of alien dream cannabis strain

Alien Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Boasting the properties of premium, top-shelf cannabis at a more affordable mid-range price, the Alien Dream cultivar is out-of-this-world fantastic. The strain’s otherworldly flavor is topped only by its intense effects,...

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image of sour space cannabis strain page banner

Sour Space Candy Cannabis Strain Review

With its complex terpene profile, Sour Space Candy is often hailed the cannabis of all cannabis - especially if you’re interested in some well-deserved release. The delectable strain boasts an...

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image of suver hage cannabis strain page banner

Suver Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Finishing quick and yielding a bountiful harvest, Suver Haze has earned its rightful place as a favorite strain among farmers. Almost effortless to grow, the cultivar provides a high rewards...

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