Headband Cannabis Strain Review

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Headband Cannabis Strain

What do great NBA players like Lebron James, Allen Iverson, and Paul Pierce have in common? They all wore headbands. And you know what? So can you. It won’t make you an all-star basketball player. No, sir. You’ll make one heck of a benchwarmer though, as this herb delivers a powerful relaxing punch that can have you seated and calm for hours.

The Headband in question is a hybrid Indica-dominant CBD strain made known for its potent “stone-inducing” effects. Fondly named ‘Headband’, the strain producing a strong tingling crown-figured sensation across the forehead similar to if you were wearing the iconic basketball accessory. A clever label to a very clever herb meant to cross-over and ankle-break you into a relaxing state of zen.


Origins of the Headband Strain

The Headband pedigree is home to the finest of CBD strains. The herb is a product of the famed OG Kush and the legendary Sour Diesel. Both strains are formidable in their own respects and their combination elevates the Headband to a level of its own.

One of the world’s most renowned strains, the OG Kush is the forefather of many a great CBD strains of recent decades. Tracing its origins back to Florida, the genetic make-up of the OG Kush has led to famous great strains like the Tahoe OG, Alpha OG, and not to mention numerous OG phenotypes. It is the building block of the great strains this generation has ever had the pleasure of smoking. With its sublime heady high and solid couch-lock, this hybrid strain has cemented its legacy as a top-shelf herb both for CBD users and cultivators alike.

The Sour Diesel or Sour D for short is also had its legendary run into the 1990s. A descendant of the Chemdog91 and the Super Skunk, this was a revitalizing Sativa-dominant hybrid that had a signature pungent, diesel aroma. Its strong aromatic profile may not be for everyone but that is part and parcel of its signature dreamy and energizing experience. Truly, the Sour Diesel has imparted its best portions to its offspring Headband.


Headband Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

What immediately stands out with the Headband is its odor. This plant produces an intensely pungent aroma. If you manage to get past the initial offensive affront, you will be treated to pleasant accents of lemon and citrus.

 This is a short and bushy plant that is characteristic of Indica-type strains. It has medium to large clusters of buds with yellowish-green colors. In colder climates, the color may be accentuated with traces of purple owing to the presence of anthocyanin in the buds. Orange tendrils known as pistils sprout from about the base. As mentioned, it also possesses a rich, silvery-white trichome covering oozing with cannabinoid goodness, leaving a sticky film on the lucky hands that manage to touch the rarity.


Headband terpene profile


Experience and Effects

If you’ve stayed here this long, welcome to the main event of the evening! The Headband strain came into prominence because of its signature cerebral high transitioning to a solid body melt. It is one of the quintessential indica-leaning hybrid experiences you wouldn’t want to miss .

It starts slow, first producing its iconic pressure around the crown area of your head replicating the feeling of wearing a headband. You then start to feel its profound cerebral effects which can be described as unique but thoroughly comforting. Those looking to stir up the creative juices in the brain may find exactly what they are looking for with the Headband.

But then, here’s the kicker in this very potent strain. The effect starts to move from your head and rapidly down to your spine, your whole body, and finally the appendages. It induces a level of body melt paralyzing all your tensions from any soreness you may be experiencing. Be sure to secure yourself in a comfortable spot because this thing places you on lockdown defense like Scottie Pippen locks down the perimeter. You ain’t going nowhere, son.

The effects lend itself well to relaxing and chill activities like binging on your favorite Netflix show or listening to your chill Lo-Fi playlist. Some also experience a healthy case of the munchies so be sure to prepare some easy snacks to chow down on. That’s if, however, you’ll be able to stand up at all from its potent effects. It produces a significant sedative effect inducing a couch-lock for some. As such, this strain is best consumed in the evening as it seamlessly transitions you into a good night’s rest.

Other reported effects of this herb, as is common in other strains, is the occurrence of dry eyes and cottonmouth, both of which can be easily addressed by the cannabis-head boy scout. Be sure to ready a handy supply of moisturizing eye drops and also keep some fluids ready to address any inconvenience the cottonmouth could give you.


Headband Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Headband is an easy plant to grow, so novices and veteran cultivators are welcome to apply. The plant is relatively low maintenance not requiring much in the way of special set-ups. You can even grow these in a pot.

This is a hardy bud, being resistant to diseases, pests, molds and mildews. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors but you may want to consider keeping it away from colder climates. Ample sunlight is something you have to ensure. You may want to invest in adequate ventilation for this herb owing to the inconvenience of its pungent odor.

This cultivar is readily available in most dispensaries, especially in California and across the West Coast. You won’t have a difficult time procuring the seeds for what is a consistently an abundant harvest. The flowering of this specific variety occurs between 9 and 11 weeks. The yield amounts to 18 ounces per square meter indoors and 21 ounces per square meter outdoors.


Who Is It For?

The Headband is considered by some as a reliable back-up CBD. When stocks of your favorite strains are not available in the local dispensary, the Headband is a deliciously reliable strain adequate for your cannabis-smoking needs. Take caution though, less experienced marijuana users might find her effects a little too head-centric. If you’re new to the herb species all together, manage your dosage to avoid knocking yourself out beyond comfort.


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