Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain Review

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Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

From its name, you might think that the Grape Stomper strain has a distinct and strong grape flavor. But the herb throws a curve ball right off the bat, lending a deep earthy aroma and mild hints of fruit throughout the smoking experience. This strain can be used any time of the day, but is particularly preferred during the morning for its energetic and uplifting effects.

It is known as a potent strain that has two distinct flavors and two distinct effects as well. The impact is usually a head rush, like a cerebral high followed by a mellow and slightly tingling body wave. The Grape Stomper’s body-centric effect won’t make you feel lethargic, but instead, gives a light and bubbly feeling that can get you moving and grooving ever so gently to the beat of your own drum. Lending alertness and wakefulness, the herb might even help with creativity and productivity.


Origins of the Grape Stomper Strain

The Grape Stomper is a sativa and indica hybrid mix standing at 60-40. It touts formidable genetics that demonstrate a cross between three popular strainsChemdawg, Sour Diesel, and Purple Elephant. It is known as a craft breed that started from independent growers which was then adopted by smaller breeders.

As a hybrid strain, it is a great combination of sativa and indica. Its interesting combination of parent strains give it a highly distinct chemistry that balances out bitter flavors with sweet fruit, and the sleepy haze of indicia genetics with the bouncy, energetic hit of a sativa herb.


Grape Stomper Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

A Grape Stomper will not give off the usual smell you would anticipate from grape juice or candy. When you smell it initially, the aroma it gives is definitely more refined like that of actual grapes – more organic and earthy, with mild hints of tang. But as dig your snout into the buds, the more you’re likely to take note of the diesel aroma from its Sour Diesel parentage. This unique combination is a specific quality of the Grape Stomper that has earned it popularity as its own, self-made strain.

Once you start to smoke, a more subtle fruity aroma will fill the air. Followed by a strong diesel finish, some veterans and purists claim to pick up hints of sweet fruit towards the tail end of the smoking experience.  When you inhale the smoke, the flavor is much like its initial aroma of earthy grapes. But on the exhale, the flavor shifts to a more tangy and sour taste tinged with bitter jet engine fuel. Interestingly, you’re not going to experience the taste together at once. The flavor comes one after another, making for a truly dynamic taste experience that can send any cannabis head reeling during the encounter.


Grape Stomper terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Like most hybrids, a head rush or cerebral high is expected from the herb, followed by a tingling effect that embraces the body. Most users have described a spike in energy and lightness of feeling. This makes it a great strain to take during the daytime because users become alert and even more social after the smoke.

Grape Stomper can make you feel an exhilarated happy energy that results in physical activity or sometimes even creative energy. While some might say it works any time of the day, some veterans recommend taking the herb once you’ve laid down the day’s work in front of yourself. Things like non-cerebral chores or even light conversation and socialization are great ways to expend your Grape Stomper energy.

Some side effects to consider, however, are or dry mouth and light-headedness. You may need to have a water bottle handy when you take the Grape Stomper for the constant thirsty feeling that may accompany the high. It’s also worth noting that light-headedness isn’t something everyone experiences. But in case you do, it helps to know that it only really sticks around for a few minutes after that initial drag.


Grape Stomper Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Grape Stomper is a generally easy strain to grow with a high yield. It is not temperature sensitive but needs to be planted in proper soil for it to get its nitrogen supply requirements. The Grape Stomper is sativa leaning and because of this, it only grows to a maximum height of four feet. While this is a plus, the plant does come with very elaborate branching. Clearing these lower branches with pruning scissors often is key to suitably growing the herb.

Some growers prefer tying the top of the Grape Stomper plant to a canopy screen for a more proficient production of cola. If you decide to grow this strain, do take note that it is known to be pretty sensitive to moisture and mechanical damage. Taking utmost care when handling the plant, especially since it does let off quite a few shakes during the process.


Who Is It For?

It helps to remember that the Grape Stomper has a complex chemistry that can completely turn any sour mood into a totally blissful experience. And while that might be something we all want to take advantage of, there are low tolerance users out there who might not be able to maximize the benefits of the plant. Managing your dosage and controlling your immediate environment should help you navigate the encounter for the duration of its effects.

Another point worth considering is that Grape Stomper is notorious for its ability to inspire a deep feeling of munchies. Awakening the stomach kraken, this cultivar commands constant nibbling and chomping. So unless you’re ready with a pantry-full of food, or if you’re trying to watch your diet, then it might be wise to steer clear of the herb for the time being.

All of that said, Grape Stomper reins supreme as a sativa leaning strain. Perfectly balanced with just the right amount of relaxation with an awakening buzz, this strain can help you stomp through loads of work, and may even give you that extra push to help you loosen up during social gatherings.


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