Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain Review

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Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain

Fruit loops will always be one of the most beloved of childhood cereals. Heck, you might still be scarfing down that stuff now that you’re a full grown adult in mom’s basement. It’s fun, fruity, colorful, and sweet – all characteristics that bring back good memories of a chill breakfast at home. And these are the exact same euphoric effects that its cannabis counterpart brings to the breakfast table.

The Fruit Loops strain comes with nugs so colorful and unique, your eyes might pop out of their sockets. Richly coated with trichomes that combine the colors of the rainbow, this strain doesn’t only look great – it tastes and smells amazing too. Needless to say, this is one herb that lives up to its name, earning it a rightful place in your pantry as a daytime staple – just like your favorite cereal.


Origins of the Fruit Loops Strain

The fruity burst of flavors encased in the Fruit Loop’s leaves is a result of a four-way cross of top-shelf strains – White Widow, Blue Dream, Blueberry, and Grapefruit. These four strains have distinctly unique profiles that make the combination something of a wild ride, thus Fruit Loops’ otherworldly chemistry.

Two parents – the White Widow and Blue Dream – are both hybrids, leaning ever so slightly towards the sativa end of the pool. Blueberry is a powerful indica, and Grapefruit, equally formidable sativa. Together, these four strains blend together their main fruity floral flavors to produce the dazzling aroma and eye-popping bag appeal that comes with an order of Fruit Loops.


Fruit Loops Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Fruit Loops touts very noticeable nugs with rich colored leaves and dazzling, glittering trichomes. It has large flowers that present in a typical Indica formation. When grown in colder temperatures, blue and purple tones become more evident in its leaves thanks to its Blueberry and Blue Dream heritage. The silvery and translucent luster from its trichomes are due to its White Widow origin that gives it its stickiness as well. Its buds are a deep sage covered with orange hairs, breathing fire and dynamism to the buds’ natural look. All together, you get one heck of a colorful herb.

Crack open a jar of Fruit Loops and a box of its namesake cereal and you’re likely to get smacked with the same fruity aroma. If you’re particularly partial to blueberry and grape, you best believe Fruit Loops won’t let you down. Its rich fruity lineage contributes significantly to its dynamic fragrance, brandishing every terpene in the book to get you to dig your snout deeper into the jar.


Fruit Loops terpene profile


Experience and Effects

As expected from most strains, dry mouth and red eyes are common side effects of Fruit Loops. Nonetheless, these minor drawbacks are but a small price to pay given the herb’s intense effects. The euphoria is perfect for setting the tone for parties or gatherings with friends. Filling you up with positivity and uplifting thoughts, Fruit Loops just makes it easy and almost automatic to mingle and jive with every kind of person. And as though its name wasn’t enough to induce an episode of memory gag, the effects of the herb itself might get you ruminating about happy days of old.

Fruit loops is a great stain to enjoy alone, with close friends, or even in situations where you may feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If you take it with friends, it is certainly a conversation starter, giving a sense of liberation from things and thoughts that normally hold you back from connecting with others. That said, the strain has often been considered a party joint, thanks to its effects on social behavior and energy.

The impact is long-lasting but it takes time to manifest. It’ll take a few puffs and a few long pauses to really feel the chemical compounds getting to work. A few more drags and your mental state is finally stimulated with your jaws starting to feel a little less locked than they were moments before. If you smoke larger doses, you may inevitably get a body melt but never to the point of a couch-lock. This makes it a great strain to enjoy regardless of the time, giving you the perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation to see you through the day.


Growing and Processing

If the information you read above piqued your interest in growing your Fruit Loops plant, you will be glad to know that it is not a very complex strain to cultivate. Do note however that the Fruit Loops cultivar isn’t one you can start from the seeds, since its a clone only plant. That said, if you do manage to get your hands on a batch of clippings, the entire process shouldn’t be too tedious.

Because Fruit Loops is a hybrid, you can decide to grow it indoors or outdoors. If you truly want the colors to pop and the fragrance to flow, then you may want to consider growing the plant indoors. Cooler temperatures can bring out the glorious purple and blue hues from behind the surface leaves. But be careful to crank the temperature too low, since the plant has been known to succumb to mold and mildew.

For those that prefer an outdoor setting, just make sure that the temperature doesn’t reach freezing conditions since this will most likely damage your plant. Fruit loops have a generally average yield of 10 ounces per square foot if grown outdoors and 10 to 12 ounces per square foot if grown indoors. Give or take 7 to 10 weeks, and you’ll have yourself a full grown herb ready to harvest.


Who Is It For?

Fruit Loops is great for people who just want to relax and unwind. For those who might be challenged with negative or sad thoughts, it can uplift the mood and give the positivity you so direly need. Those that struggle with social situations may also benefit from the conversation starter effect it has and may even temporarily help in longstanding body aches and discomfort. Generally speaking, if you just want a happy high and if you love the sweet and fruity Fruit Loops flavor, this is a great strain to try. Whether you’re sitting at a party or slumped in a chair at home, this dynamic herb can easily adapt to your needs and situation as the ultimate go-to for all occasions.


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