Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Strain Review

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Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Strain

This Jamaican bred strain, also called Lamb’s Breath, is possibly one of the most underestimated cannabis strains available. Probably due to its limited distribution, this sativa is not the easiest to come by. Nonetheless, the relatively unknown herb has found substantial support in the late Bob Marley. So much so that the iconic reggae artist was quoted saying, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

Known to many as the famous musical legend’s favorite strain, Lamb’s Bread has earned quite a large following through the icon’s advocacy. Known to give a cerebral awakening and an uplifting high, it produces just the right buzz to make you ready for anything life throws at you. If you need to up your focus and boost your morale, this is the one to try. It’s a smooth and enjoyable smoke for those that want to address some of life’s typical issues or even for those who simply like the recreational benefits of cannabis.


Origins Of The Lamb’s Bread Strain

Created from the hotbed of cannabis itself, Lamb’s Bread was bred by Yardie Seeds from the island of Jamaica. The name came from the common Jamaican slang which means ‘great ganja.’ It is a sativa that was blended with a very slight dash of indica creating a precious mixture that brings joy, clarity, and positivity with each smoke.

A funny story on how it became widely known as Lamb’s Breath came about when Dutch growers started calling it ‘breath’ because they thought the Jamaican pronunciation of breath was bread. Regardless of what you like to call it, the thought remains the same, this cannabis gem has proven time and again that its genetics rein supreme.


Lamb’s Bread Cannabis bud


Aroma And Appearance

Lamb’s Bread is not particularly appealing to look at, in fact, it looks quite like your typical cannabis plant. It has large, compact nugs that are bright green and covered in orange hair. During harvest time, frosted crystalline trichomes that give a certain sheen are evident.

What makes this strain easily unforgettable is its characteristic pungent cheesy aroma. It is a skunky, sour smell with pine undertones. The scent can be so strong in fact, that the strain might very well reveal itself through its pungent odor when carried around in a pocket. So if you were hoping to keep your CBD on the downlow, then Lamb’s Bread is best kept at home.


Lamb’s Bread terpene profile


Experience And Effects

Its smoke however, offers a different scent, it gives a smooth, creamy and sweet odor that makes it incredibly delectable. The smoke gives its taste justice as its smooth and pleasing plumes passe through your tongue, palate, and throat. It tastes clean, sweet, and earthy, with an even sweeter aftertaste.

A great morning strain, Lamb’s Bread will give you an arousal of the mind. Contrary to other sativas, the impact that the strain delivers won’t come at you like a train. It is an easy lifting of your thoughts and spirit. Like gentle dandelion fuzz blowing in the midday breeze, the effects of this delicate strain work slowly and cautiously to cradle you to tranquility.

A few puffs in and even your focus improves. You might find yourself finishing tasks with a wide smile streched across your face. Such euphoric thoughts and cerebral stimulation will make you feel out of this world. It’s like a breath of fresh air that clears the cobwebs in your mind and gives you the clarity you need to forge on through life, all while you sing that happy little tune that’s stuck in your head.


Lamb’s Bread Cannabis flower close up


Growing And Processing

Lamb’s Bread is resistant to most of the common diseases but is still considered to be a bit challenging to grow. Novice growers might find the task too demanding so it is best to leave the job to the more experienced farmers.

As expected of a true sativa, this plant needs a large space to flourish because it grows both tall and wide. Another requirement of this strain is temperature. Lamb’s Bread was originally cultivated from Jamaica and for it to thrive, it needs an environment that can mimic the island’s – hot and tropical all year round.

If you have a spacious enough area outside and you are blessed with a climate close to the paradise of Jamaica, you can choose to cultivate your seeds outdoors. But if you live in an environment that is nothing close to tropical, a controlled indoor setup is the way to go. Just make sure you give it has enough area to grow.

Lamb’s Breath cultivated indoors has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks and a yield of 14 ounces per square meter. If you plant this outdoors, you should be ready for harvest by the middle of October to November with a yield that reaches around 14 ounces per plant on the average.


Who Is It For?

Lamb’s Breath is a great strain for improving and boosting the mood of anyone who might need the lift. If you have any issues with recurring sadness or if you are frequently restless, this is a good strain to try. For those who find themselves in low spirits or in a cycle of bleakness, a pick me up from Lamb’s Breath can alleviate these tides.

Although less common, some users have expressed that the strain may help with aches and loss of appetite. Whatever the case, Lamb’s Breath just comes out as a great pick-me-up whether or not you’re going through the throes of daily discomfort.

As with any cannabis strain, it is recommended to start slow and steady as you develop the dosage that best suits you. A masterpiece strain that stimulates creativity, productivity, and positivity, this herb will take you to the island of Jamaica as you power through your responsibilities with a smile plastered across your face and a sunny disposition reining over your thoughts.


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