Ghost OG Cannabis Strain Review

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Ghost OG Cannabis Strain

Aptly named for its slow, inconspicuous effects, the Ghost OG strain can creep up on your system and take your body into the possession of its calm, cool stupor. Strong and palpable, yet controlled and non-intrusive, this herb shadows over the mind with its gentle, friendly effects, promising to uplift your spirit without disrupting your soul.

Beloved for its gentle impact that caresses the body with delicate, loving tenderness, this phantom of an herb silently watches over your system as it spooks away any ill thoughts and discomfort that might be keeping you from feeling your best. And as the specter takes you under its comprehensive cape, it brings you to a new dimension through its out-of-body effects.


Origins of the Ghost OG Cannabis Strain

There’s a reason why Ghost OG has become the surreptitious phantom that it is. A phenotype of the legendary OG Kush line, the Ghost OG strain shares many qualities with its iconic parent strain. Specifically hand-picked and crossed with itself to highlight and bring out its best qualities, the Ghost OG herb is a milder, smoother shadow of the aggressive poltergeist that is OG Kush.

A direct descendant of Hindu Kush, the OG Kush herb was the lovechild of the popular landrace and an undisclosed cultivar from Amsterdam. The resulting genetic masterpiece was destined to become a forerunner in the marijuana industry. Today, OG Kush is the forefather of many an award-winning cannabis cultivar, including present day icons like the Girl Scout Cookies.

Ghost OG looks, smells, and even acts almost exactly like its OG Kush parent. But what really sets it apart is that it’s a milder, slower, more cautious version of the aggressive OG. So in many ways, you might say that it’s merely a ghost of what was a hard-hitting hybrid.


Ghost OG Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

With a look that almost mirrors its OG Kush parentage, the Ghost OG herb showcases slightly more condensed leaves, held together by tightly wound bright orange tendrils. The glittering nugs are carpeted in a fuzzy white layer of tiny little trichomes, jutting out from every inch of the leaves to release the glorious resin that the herb is coveted for.

Ghost OG’s herbal citrus aroma wafts effortlessly from its leaves, demonstrating a slightly less pungent quality compared to its OG Kush parent. A pinch of pepper gives the aroma a hint of piquant spiciness, which flows through the sinuses to jab straight through to the throat. Needless to say, the entire smell experience can be a delight, lending clue as to the effects of the decadent herb.


Ghost OG terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The light airy onslaught brought about by the Ghost OG cannabis

strain can feel like an out-of-body experience. As the flavors mildly and gently caress and waltz with your taste buds, the cannabinoids ghost through to the background and get to work on your body. The powerful impact can leave your body feeling limp and lifeless, forcing you to take a load off on the nearest well-cushioned seat.

Working its way into your cognition, the complex chemical profile heightens mental activity, making you far more sensitive to your immediate environment. The result can make you feel like a disembodied soul, floating through space without rhyme or reason. The body melt can give rise to a potent feeling of carefree ease, letting you swirl through the day without a worry in sight.

As the cannabinoids in the ghoulish herb race through your bloodstream, you’re placed into a state of full submission, with the cannabis taking complete possession of your body. Of course, you should expect a sleepy stupor to creep in not too long after. So if you were hoping to get things done throughout the day, the Ghost OG hybrid might not be a well-informed pick.


Ghost OG Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Like a free roaming spirit, the Ghost OG strain is one that’s hard to control. Its delicate needs can be a challenge for farmers to match, so unless you’ve got experience, this herb might meet you with disappointment. Growing upwards of 6 feet in height, the Ghost OG strain demonstrates sativa-like stature. Constant pruning can help redirect growth and fatten up the branches with resin-producing leaves.

Although the plant is a fast finisher, it’s important to know that it might only produce around an ounce of bud for every square foot. That’s mainly because the leaves are sparse, with lots of spaces and free branches in between. Nonetheless, the plant does grow pretty tall. So what it lacks in calyx density, it makes up for with sheer height.

Resinous and rich, the Ghost OG strain does make a likely candidate for extraction and post-processing. As a cannabis-derived product, the cultivar offers strong indica effects that make it a wonderful tincture for nighttime use. And for those suffering from the common discomforts of body aches and restless thoughts, the Ghost OG concentrate can be a quick and easy solution that doesn’t take too much effort to use.


Who Is It For?

Intended for those with a little more expertise, the Ghost OG strain can easily overwhelm those who don’t have the artillery to deal with such a potent indica. Because it is a strong sedative strain, Ghost OG delivers a punch of delirium and stupor, forcing its user into submission as the cannabinoids rush through the blood. If you’re a veteran or a cannabis hot shot, then there should be no problem tolerating the herb’s overpowering effects.

Similarly, farmers interested in growing their own marijuana garden might want to consider the challenging, demanding requirements for full genetic expression. The Ghost OG strain is one of the hardest herbs to grow in the known cannabis market, easily succumbing to common cannabis plant diseases like mold and mildew. And if you were hoping to make a fat profit off of your herb, it helps to know that Ghost OG’s modest yield might prevent that from happening. Nonetheless, veteran cultivators hoping to challenge their skill might find the plant to be particularly satisfying.


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