Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain Review

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Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain

No one in their right mind would take an actual taste of Elmer’s glue but if it were a cannabis strain, this is definitely how it would taste and feel. Sporting a smooth and relaxing high, this hybrid, somewhat indica-leaning, CBD strain surpasses the predecessors in its pristine pedigree. Literally “gluing” you to your couch and flooding your mind and body with relaxation, Elmer’s glue is every bit an improvement of its hybrid parents.

The Elmer’s Glue cannabis is for serious takers only as its gripping indica effects can produce a significant couchlock on the faint-of-heart. Nevertheless, for the cannabis troupers out there, Elmer’s glue deserves a spot in your dispensary all-time favorites.


Origins of the Elmer’s Glue Strain

The Elmer’s glue cannabis strain is no slouch, boasting a prestigious family line that dwarfs the competition. This cannabis strain is a combination of two hybrids: Gorilla Glue #4 and The White. Both strains have a accrued for themselves formidable reputations in the cannabis market.

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) or Original Glue, a staple favorite among many cannabis fans for its rapturous relaxation, has garnered for itself multiple awards in the Michigan and Los Angeles Cannabis Cups in 2014. Originally developed by GG Strains, they combined the Sour Double, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister strains into what is arguably one of the most potent CBD strains ever made. Similar to Elmer’s Glue, GG4 gives you a heavy-hitting head high followed immediately by full-body relaxation making it hard for you to move.

The White or Triangle is also a hybrid cannabis strain that traces its origins from Florida. It was so named for the plentiful white trichome crystals surrounding its buds providing an experience that whisks away to a winter wonderland. It is an odorless strain that is often overlooked by cannabis users for more fragrant strains. But what the White lacks in odor, it more than makes up for with its positive effects. It is believe that The White has high trichome production leading to its potent effects. It has a balanced sativa and indica effects with an initial euphoria followed with a deeply relaxing state.


Elmer’s Glue Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Once you decide to give Elmer’s glue a try, the buds greet you with a strong nostalgic scent of pine and wood with herbal undertones. When you get past the initial strong odor and start burning this cannabis, you’ll soon discover a smooth smoke with a hint of dank incense on the inhale that lingers even when the smoke is gone.

The flowers of Elmer’s glue are relatively small compared to most cannabis flowers and are often seen clumped together as small clusters. These are surrounded by small curled leaves laden with fingery tendrils known as pistils which are believed to play a role in the pollination process between plants.

Owing to it’s lineage from The White strain, Elmer’s glue possess white dusting of trichomes covering the buds akin to a coat of confectioners sugar from top to bottom. This thick and sticky trichome jacket clues you in on the delicate cannabinoid content responsible for the potent effects of the strain.


Elmer’s Glue terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Elmer’s glue has been described by others as GG4 on steroids and rightly so. It begins with an insidious head-heavy high, grabbing your mental faculties by the horns and jolting it into high gear. The subsequent mental exhilaration creates a heightened attention to detail lending the user to be amenable to analytical tasks. It also intensifies the rush of thoughts and concepts creating a flight of ideas for you to start a conversation if you are among friends or company.

As the effects continue, the indica starts to kick it into gear, transitioning you into a state of full body relaxation. Your mind starts to wane for a more relaxing and dreamy mood. Trouper cannabis users are treated to one of the smoothest, calm-focused highs you will ever experience. The indica starts to slowly cradle your body into a state of inertness where the only recourse is to lounge to a lo-fi playlist or binge-watch on TV. It is then that the so-called “glue” of the Elmer’s Glue strain cements you on your couch for hours. This makes the product an ideal nighttime drag to relieve the tension after a long day at work.


Elmer’s Glue Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

This cannabis strain can be grown in both indoors and outdoors. The cultivator must first guarantee a good amount of sunshine and a semi-humid atmosphere to make the growing conditions favorable. Beginner cultivators are welcome to try their hand at growing these buds but it is advisable to start off with clippings as opposed to the seeds in order to be more efficient with your yield of the product. The seeds are sold online but are not frequently stocked, so once you bring the plant into growth, it might be wise to store away some clippings for later.

The product is indica-leaning which results to a short and stubby growth. Occasionally, growing these may require of you to do pruning of broad, light-blocking leaves. The flowers will usually take 9-10 weeks when grown indoors offering average amount of yield at 4 to 5 ounces per foot of height


Who Is It For?

The Elmer’s Glue cannabis strain was made with the cannabis trouper in mind. If it is not obvious already, beginners should stay away from this option as they might literally find themselves “glued” to the couch for more than they’ve bargained for. Veterans may also find the effects to be a little on the strong side and may learn from the caveat a little goes a long way.

For the GG4 fanboys, Elmer’s Glue may be the next big thing in you dispensary. With its complex hybrid formulation, Elmer’s Glue is the perfect answer if you’re not looking to be active and if you want to spend the rest of your tiring day to just relax and relieve the tension.


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