Cinex Cannabis Strain Review

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Cinex Cannabis Strain

Caught in a slump? The Cinex strain might be able to help out with that. A cross of two champion herbs, this cultivar uses its premium pedigree to dig you out of your creative nosedive. The strong-headed sativa showcases a delightful flavor combination that stirs the senses and clears the sinuses to pave the way for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unless of course you manage to get your hands on the same strain somewhere down the line.

Consuming you in its powerful energy, the Cinex strain is designed to wake you up from the very first sniff. Its intricate chemical composition – combining terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to name a few – can jump start your disposition, turn around your sour mood, and get you into a creative fever for maximum output.


Origins of the Cinex Strain

A combination of two A-class cultivars, Cinex gets a large chunk of its popularity from its interesting lineage. With parent strains that are both prominent in their own respects, the Cinex strain enjoys the trickle of its heritage’s victorious stature.

The first parent is the Cinderella 99 – a hybrid that centers on the sativa effects of cannabis. The herb is mostly known for her lip smacking flavor that combines high notes of citrus with low bitter herbal tones, blending together to create a cocktail of tea-like taste. Her impact is mostly dominated by energy, zapping your system with supreme levels of heightened vigor for those moments when you might be feeling a little less than optimal.

The Cindy 99 strain was crossed with Vortex to produce the distinct genetics of the Cinex strain. Vortex is a pure sativa that touts tropical fruit flavors encased in a delicate shield of bitterness. The cultivar is known for its potent euphoria, reconstructing your disposition to help lift you to a clearer, easier, and lighter mood free from the bitterness of negative thoughts and emotions.


Cinex Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Round, clump nugs make up the Cinex strain. Its oversized clusters are tightly wound together, but are relatively circular unlike other herbs that tend to come in that quintessential conical shape. The color is unremarkable, showcasing a basic green colorway that doesn’t really beg for attention. But for what it lacks in color and saturation, it makes up for with its trichome coat.

Layered in a carpet of fuzzy white hairs, the Cinex strain possesses the groundwork required to lay down the thick resin that cannabis is coveted for. The peach fuzz covers every inch of the cannabis surface, and delivers a delightful cannabinoid-rich nectar that oozes copiously from the cultivar’s exterior.

If you do decide to take the jar down and take a whiff of the stuff inside, the Cinex strain releases a strong citrus aroma that mimics its Cinderella 99 ancestor’s. The sweet lemon scent is tailed by lavender and berry, creating a blissful swirl of delectable flavors that are gently underlined by the strong scent of burnt fuel.


Cinex terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The smoke is mildly abrasive, coursing through the throat with a hint of itchiness. For less experienced users, the texture can be more than enough to induce a coughing fit. But for those with a little more knowledge on the nature of cannabis smoke, then the coarse plumes can be a welcome introduction to the encounter that lies ahead.

As you continue down the smoking road, the strain’s cannabinoids infuse with the blood and rush through your body. Their first target – your mind. There the chemicals work with your consciousness to recalibrate your mood. As they creep into the recesses of your mind, the compounds speed up the production of happy hormones, elevating you to a sense of euphoria that can turn around the bitterness and stretch a smile across your face.

With this brand new outlook seeping through your soul, the next change comes in the form of physical vigor. Cinex works to migrate the cognitive effects all throughout your body, helping you rise through the negativity and lack of motivation so you can enjoy heightened energy levels. The buzz is sharp, strong, and rapid, and may feel a little directionless for those who have yet to encounter a strong sativa. Make sure you’ve got your list of things-to-do at the ready to make use of that sudden power surge.


Cinex Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Relatively easy to grow, the Cinex cannabis strain is a fast finisher, averaging about 6 weeks before reaching full maturity. The herb’s moderate stature – reaching a maximum of around 4 to 5 feet – makes it viable for both indoor and outdoor growth. To maximize your yield, consider pruning the tops by cutting off branches as the plant nears its harvest time. This way, you can encourage more leaves to sprout and you provide the under and inner spaces access to more air and sun.

With a fat harvest of about 6 ounces per square foot of plant, the Cinex is a high yield selection that can be perfect for those seeking to make a buck off of their cultivation effort. Keep in mind though that because it doesn’t do so well against humidity, it might be ideal to keep the growth somewhere where you can manage every variable to prevent the common cannabis diseases from eating away at its roots.


Who Is It For?

Strong and fast-acting, the Cinex herb might rush at you with its overwhelming sativa effects if you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into. For novices and rookies, managed doses can help bring the herb’s best features to light without flooding the sensibilities with more energy and vigor than they can handle. Hot shot cannabis users on the other hand mind find that the cultivar makes just the right choice for those moments when a little extra jolt of energy and creativity might be necessary.

As a fast finisher and a fat harvest provider, there’s no question that the Cinex strain makes a good farming investment. Do note however that mold and mildew might not be too far behind if your set-up is too humid than the plant can handle. Watch out for high moisture to bring this baby to full maturity.


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