Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain Review

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Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain

The marijuana business has never been this in demand. Recent years have shown how the demand has exponentially grown and new strains are being bred to meet the younger market’s needs and wants. What makes a strain stand the test of time? If you check your favorite strains, you’ll usually remember how it made you feel and how it tastes or smells.

Tahoe OG has been around since the 80s but its fast-acting effect and flavor have made it a heavyweight in the cannabis community. This is one of the best strains to try for undisturbed sleep, in fact that’s the strain’s selling point. Find out why this old school giant is still a fan favorite until now.


Origins of the Tahoe OG Cannabis Strain

A Ganja Guru from Lake Tahoe, California created this strain back in the 1980s. The strain was originally a 50-50 hybrid but depending on the breeders, it may lean towards being more indica or sativa. These days, Tahoe OG is known to be an Indica dominant strain.

It is known for its powerful sedative and relaxing effects. Many years after it was created, it still went on to win an award. In 2011, it landed a third-place finish at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It is not a widely distributed strain but if you’re out to find a great indica and you happen to find one at your local dispensary, grab one immediately.


Tahoe OG Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Tahoe OG is a tall and slender plant that has chunky neon green calyxes. It has a very thick layer of trichomes that makes it look like a frosted, silvery blanket covers the whole plant. Its leaves are thin which matches its lanky structure. The buds are large, dense, and covered with copper pistils. They look like pine cones and adds to the beauty of the plant.

The nugs give off a pungent aroma that is a classic OG. The scent is fresh and piney. It has undertones of earthiness to it with diesel as well. The smell itself is so deliciously enticing. The primary scent is a fresh lemon-lime but the other aromatic notes combined to give a delectable aroma. The aroma is so robust you may almost cough from smelling it alone.

Its flavor is rich and identifiable, there is no mistaking it for a different strain. Tahoe OG savants will tell you that upon inhalation, you can tell that it’s dank. It tastes a lot like its scent. A citrus and earthy flavor fills the mouth and throat. When you exhale, it leaves an aftertaste that is distinctly chemical and fuel-like. It is a good departure from the newer strains that tend to be on the sweet and fruity spectrum.


Tahoe OG terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Experienced users will attest that this may be one of the most powerful OG strains. If you have used other OG strains before, you will recognize almost the same high from this strain albeit more potent. It is fast-acting and hits at once. We can’t strain how strong the Tahoe OG is. It is incredibly potent. It hits like an uppercut, it packs a hard punch with a marked body high. It gives a very strong sedative effect and body melt.

Tahoe OG gives cerebral relaxation that adds to its efficacy in inducing sleep. This is not the strain to use if you have work to do. It does not promote focus. The mental high brings you to a trance and a state of happy dreaminess. The effect of this strain is so strong and you must be cautious not to overload the dosing. It is long-lasting and potent. Don’t overdo it so you can relish its effects.

The most common side effect of this strain may be a couch-lock that is more of a glued on the couch experience. This shouldn’t be an issue especially if this is the high you’re looking for. But if you’re just in it for a calm body melt, it’s best to take a low dose instead. The usual dry eyes and dry mouth can be expected as well but we know these to be common to most marijuana strains.

This strain is a connoisseur superstar. At low doses, it gives a balanced effect of mind and body relaxation with euphoria and functionality. At higher doses, it can be argued that it is one of the best sleeping aids available. It is fast-acting, long-lasting, and gradually tapers to a graceful landing.


Tahoe OG Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Tahoe OG is not the easiest strain to grow. It requires an expertise that can only be attributed to years of actual farming coupled with the right knowledge on cannabis. It can be grown outdoors or indoors, the quality of the harvest depends more on the capability of the breeders to grow it. It thrives in climates and environments that are similar to its namesake, Lake Tahoe.

If grown properly, expect a fairly tall plant that may require regular topping. Its flowering period is around 70 days with a moderate to high yield. Again, this is going to be based on the breeder technique.


Who Is It For?

This is a night bud and it’s going to be the top choice of those looking for a classic OG. It will induce sleep with its potent high, you will be free of all the bothersome thoughts, just pure, unadulterated relaxation that leads to sedation. It is not at all sweet or fruity, so if that’s not your drift, this is perfect. Munchies may be a side effect so it is good for those that are looking to boost their appetite.

This is a great strain for those that want a truly relaxed body and high that relieves stress and tension. If you are mentally and physically tired, this strain will ease you up and take you to wonderland. Let go of burdens and completely let yourself be free as you let the strain take effect.

Tahoe OG is probably the definitive OG strain available today. No matter how many Indicas you’ve tried, this will still stand-out. Try it for yourself and marvel at the experience!


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