Wookies Cannabis Strain Review

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Wookies Cannabis Strain

Who would have thought that Chewbacca would rise in prominence in the Cannabis scene. A beloved character, Chewbacca hails from the furry and powerful race of the Wookies from Star Wars lore. Someone thought it would be a great idea to make a strain in honor of these brave furry humanoids. And the fact is, it was a great idea. A rare but fruitful offering, the Wookies strain may just that standout Cannabis experience you’re looking for.


Origins of the Wookies Cannabis Strain

If Chewbacca had love parents, it can be fair to imagine that they would be an eclectic bunch. And for the Wookies strain, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Wookies Cannabis came about from a mix of the Girl Scout Cookies, Chemdawg 91, and The White. That’s a doozy.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a famous Cannabis that rose to prominence due to its dessert-like flavor and aroma. Having won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for an unrelenting level of quality, Girl Scout Cookies won the Cannabis-world over as one of the most fantastic weed offerings of this generation. It’s signature aroma and potent effect profile has earned this weed a place in the all-time greats.

Chemdawg 91, also known as Chemdawg, is also a hall-of-fame strain that injects its unique features well into the Wookies strain. With its iconic and potent serving of beneficial effects, the Chemdawg is a parent strain that adds to the credibility of the Wookies the same way Bobby Bonds gave much credibility to his son, Barry. Wookies are hall-of-fame material.

Lastly, The White needs no further explanation. Considered for its unique genetics of rich trichome production, this winter wonderland of a strain has garnered for itself a formidable reputation of magnifying bud potency. Used as a parent in several other strains, The White injects the much needed potency-driving genes into the Wookies for a well-rounded Cannabis experience.


Wookies Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

As an indica-leaning strain, this plant has a classic Indica appearance. The plant is relatively short with a somewhat bushy conglomeration of leaves. Leaves are also shorter but sport a more stout width. Buds are also quite fluffy with a distinct light green color. You will notice also a rich coating of trichome just oozing with all that resinous goodness brimming with cannabinoid.

The Wookies strain may have one of the more unique aromatic experiences across the different Cannabis strains. Its odor has an odd mixture of fuel, pine, and citrus. Some with more discerning olfactory senses even so much as smell something similar to licorice. It’s truly an olfactory experience you’ll won’t soon forget.

When burned and smoked, the Wookie can give you a generous experience on the palate. It boasts a lavender taste with hints of mint, fuel, and citrus. It’s an experience to behold and you’ll be thinking that maybe this is what Chewbacca would taste like if he was a Cannabis.


Wookies terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Wookie strain is a classic indica-experience. Stealthily overcoming your faculties, this Cannabis strain comes unexpectedly as you take in the drag. It begins with a numb-inducing mindwipe, stealing away your mental clarity like a thief in the night. It comes with a relaxing aura that eases you into a peaceful euphoric high perfect for that downtime hit you so desperately need.

As such, Wookies Cannabis strain is best used as a nighttime or late day option. This Star Wars favorite can give you serious sedative effects shortly after your standard bong hits. For some, the effect is very powerful to the point that it induces a couch-lock effect. This will undoubtedly disable you from performing anything else other than transitioning into a good night’s sleep.

Some users, as is common with Indica strains, will experience a healthy dose of the munchies. Those hunger pangs can be very unnerving, however, so maybe best to keep your food cupboard stocked care of your mommy. Once that’s over, you’ll soon start to feel the experience complete itself with a welcome body high oozing with relaxation. This tops off what is already a well-rounded Cannabis ride.


Wookies Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Wookies Cannabis isn’t a generous a strain when it comes to growing. After all, this plant requires you to reproduce on a clone-only basis. There’s no way to purchase seeds for your cultivation needs. You will need to find a mature plant from which you’ll get sufficient supply to re-grow it. Having said that, this level of difficulty may deter aspiring Cannabis cultivators owing to this relatively tedious requirement.

Based on its growth characteristics, this plant can grow relatively tall for an Indica strain which means you will need to tame its growth to optimize yield. Topping off the plant early in its growth can mitigate the potential lack of sunlight reaching the lower buds. A conscientious cultivator knows the value of optimizing the growth of the plant through the constant monitoring of its life cycle.

If you are truly hard-pressed to find a mature plant to re-grow this enigmatic strain, you can take your chances online. Rumor has it that there are seeds available for purchase online through it may prove a difficult and futile endeavor overall. With a general lack of information regarding the growth of the Wookies Strain, attempting to do so yourself and expecting to be successful can be akin to your chances with a toss of the dice.


Who Is It For?

Wookies are a relatively rare strain to come by, whether for purchasing or for cultivating. This is far from being a beginner strain. However, for any well-meaning Cannabis-head who considers himself a connoisseur, having the Wookies experience under your belt adds to your Cannabis cred.

For any cultivator seeking to improve his portfolio of Cannabis grows, Wookies may just be the challenge you need. With a “shot-in-the-dark” kind of experience, the Wookies is that dark horse Cannabis strain to add to your growing repertoire.

After having a taste of what this strain has to offer, you’ll be motivated to find for yourself ample stock of this strain. You might just end up saying: “I did it all, for the Wookie.”


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