Permafrost Cannabis Strain Review

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Permafrost Cannabis Strain

This beautiful plant got its name from its thick layer of trichomes that make it appear as if it is covered by a blanket of ice and snow. Permafrost is a sativa-dominant hybrid of two celebrated strains. It became popular for its strong cerebral high and body relaxation.

It is suited for day time use because it still allows you to get your tasks done and be active. It is a mood booster that is suited for daily activity or social gatherings. Get ready to be in your best mood and let it take away the negative vibes for a sunny and carefree day.


Origins of the Permafrost Cannabis Strain

Rogue Buds created Permafrost, a spawn of two very famous and powerful strains. Its mother, Trainwreck, is known to be a mind-bending sativa that hits like, well, a train. Its father, White Widow, is a balanced hybrid that has been a Dutch coffee shop staple since the 90s. The blend of these two legendary strains created a crossbreed that combined the best features of its parent strains.

Fans of the strain describe the high as a focused relaxation which is understandable from its genetic ratio of 70% sativa and 30% indica. The mellow high that is suited for many needs including mood irregularities have put the spotlight back on sativas in the current market that is dominated mainly by indicas.


Permafrost Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The trichomes covering the leaves make it look like the Permafrost plant is crystalline. Its sugar-coated leaves are actually dark green underneath with copper-toned pistils. The large buds are green and the trichomes give the whole plant a beautiful brilliance.

Permafrost’s aroma will take you to a lush pine and cedar forest. It is very herbal and earthy with undertones of spice. When you light it up, the more you’ll smell the pine scent that is both refreshing and uplifting.

Its flavor is primarily pine with a woodsy taste. When you exhale, a sweet taste lingers on the tongue and palate. It is a multidimensional taste and aroma that some people are not a fan of. But while they may not appreciate the facets of its scent and flavor, they willingly let it pass because they recognize the effect they know they’ll get from the strain.


Permafrost terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Permafrost is known for its very potent cerebral high but what may not be commonly mentioned is the effects are very dose-dependent. In lower doses, it can stimulate creativity and imagination. You will feel like your mind is energized but your body feels loose and relaxed. You can do your daily tasks with a more upbeat and positive aura.

It can keep your mind aware and sharp. In social gatherings, it can allow you to engage in thought-provoking conversations. It is a creeper strain but when it hits, it packs a punch just like its daddy, Trainwreck. You’ll feel completely focused and exhilarated.

In larger amounts, expect some positive psychedelic mind-bending. The body high will be harder and but you will still find that you can still move around and do what you need to. There’s no couch-lock for Permafrost. It makes you feel like you’re surrounded in happiness and makes stress roll off of your shoulders. You will feel physically good and mentally aware.

This can be a good morning strain, some users tend to use it midday just to get relief and focus back to what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter what time of day you take it because it doesn’t sedate. Its long-lasting uplifting effects will make you finish what you’ve set out to do in no time!

Some side effects include a ravenous hunger. It is best to be prepared with snacks if you take a hit. Other than that, hydration is key to curb the typical cottonmouth. It is a very potent strain and novice users are warned to take caution. Its slow but hard-hitting high may take newbies by surprise if they over-consume the product.


Permafrost Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

While it may look frosted because of its trichomes, Permafrost needs a warm and sunny climate to thrive. It is an easy strain to grow as long as its environment requirement is met. Otherwise, you may opt to grow it indoors or outdoors. It is resistant to molds and common marijuana plant diseases, too. Its flowering period is between 9 to 11 weeks, if grown outdoors, you may harvest by October.

If you grow it indoors, a successful yield will be around 16 ounces per meter square. A successful outdoor harvest will be approximately 14 ounces per plant. New or home growers can try growing this strain because of the relative ease in maintaining it and the plentiful yield.


Who Is It For?

Permafrost is a great balanced hybrid that you can tweak according to your needs. Artists and creatives will enjoy the inspiration they can get from the cerebral high. Again, small amounts can induce a sharp focus to finish what you need to do without feeling the heavy burden in the mind and body. It gives a very relaxed and uplifting atmosphere.

Those with inner struggles may find relief from the aura of positivity and euphoria this strain gives. There is an optimism that you can bring to any situation whether at home, with a group of friends, or even large gatherings. You may find yourself engaging in deep conversations and opening up to others better after taking a hit. Restlessness and stress are decreased and a better mood ensues.

The body relaxation allows you to be physically able to do things that you might not be able to do normally. Those with persistent aches may get relief from Permafrost and the body melt effect that it gives. Those who find that they’ve lost their appetite may also enjoy food once again from the strain’s munchies effect.

Lastly, for recreational use, it’s perfect too. If you want a daytime strain that will help you get going and give you the concentration to finish your work, Permafrost may be suited for you. It is very helpful in calming the mind and the exhilaration it gives makes you feel happy and alive. It gives an inspiring feeling that makes your daily load seem lighter and happier. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


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