Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

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Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain

It’s very rare that sequels become better or at least rank at the same level as their predecessors. Godfather II or The Dark Knight are two films that were able to get the magic formula and got it right. The increasing demand for quality cannabis has pressured breeders to create strains that can address the current needs of society.

Now, we present to you, Platinum Cookies. A strain “better” than its predecessor and one that answers the need of modern society. Also known as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, this baby is a phenotype of the cannabis celebrity, Girl Scout Cookies. It has found immense success and a wide following for its effects as a mental and physical calmative. If you ask us, that’s exactly what the world needs right now.


Origins of the Platinum Cookies Cannabis Strain

If you smoke weed and you don’t live under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Because of its immense popularity, several ‘cuts’ or phenotypes were developed from the original GSC. It’s basically an evolution of the strain to make it better and more potent. Regardless of the many cuts created, the most renowned phenotype remains to be Platinum Cookies.

OG Kush was crossed with Durban Poison and a secret South African landrace strain. The great hybrid, OG Kush, as we all know, is an icon in its own right that has fathered many impressive strains. Its mother, Durban Poison is 100% sativa. Platinum Cookies is the amalgamation of the best qualities of its parent strains.


Platinum Cookies Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

If it’s not enough to boast of its sick lineage, Platinum Cookies is a looker too. It has incredibly dense buds that are not the ordinary green. They come in different shades of green and purple with a crystal-like sheen because of the plant’s gorgeous coating of trichomes. The stunner doesn’t stop there, there’s more bag appeal from its bright-colored orange pistils scattered around the buds, too.

Platinum Cookies has a pungent and dankness to its aroma. It is a complex auditory experience of earth and pine but also has sweet berry notes to it. The flavor enters your mouth with a sweet fruity and earthy taste that adds to the overall experience.


Platinum Cookies terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Many hybrid strains claim to be well-balanced because that’s what every crossbreed aims to be. But to truly find one that is so well crafted with characteristics so complimentary of each other, is like looking for a jewel in a haystack. Thankfully, Platinum Cookies has answered our requests for a long-lasting, smooth high, that is both relaxing and energizing.

What? How can you be energized and relaxed at the same time? It gives a nice body stone and may relieve physical discomfort you may have. It energizes the mind with a cerebral high that gives just the right uplifted feeling that can help get you through the day. It won’t make your mind race or get you fidgety. That’s where the touch of indica comes in.

The experience gives you a clean and smooth smoke that helps your mood and relaxes your whole body. In larger doses, of course, it may have sedative effects especially for novice smokers. Not your typical day or night time strain, Platinum Cookies can be used whenever you want to in the proper doses. A higher dose may get you sleepy thus driving and high energy activities are not suggested.

For the average dosing, it can get you through the day or help you unwind at night. What Platinum Cookies is known for, however, is its effect on stress and people who are constantly under pressure. This strain has truly helped aid with their tensions and help them loosen up.


Platinum Cookies Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

In terms of growing Platinum Cookies, it has ranked in the strains that are moderately difficult to breed. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and are resistant to molds, mildew, and pests. This strain is not high yielding which may be seen as a drawback if you are considering growing it for yourself. It needs a warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate to thrive so this is another consideration.

An indoor hydroponics setup will have a flowering time of around 8 to 10 weeks with a yield of 12 ounces per square meter. If you grow outdoors, expect a harvest of 16 ounces per plant. Its breeders say that the high potency of the strain makes up for the average yield. High quality beats mediocrity any time.


Who Is It For?

Platinum Cookies is a strain for everyone but it will always have a special place for people that deal with constant daily stresses which have affected their general well-being. It is a strain that uplifts and gives a positive outlook that diminishes bad thoughts and discouragement. It gives a peaceful relaxation that your mind and body will be thankful for.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast that simply wants a great hybrid strain, Platinum Cookies will still give you the stone you’re looking for. Everyone needs a great mellow strain that will lighten the load and lets you chill out. In the current climate with everything being fast-paced and on the go, there’s a need to slow down and take it easy.

Let Platinum cookies help de-stress your mind and body. Cool off and let your hair down as you take in its effects. A fantastic strain especially if you’ve experimented with the right dose for you. It’s very potent and can calm your mind and fill you with good energy. Give it a try for a good kick and a topnotch high.

It’s parent, OG Kush has been a parent for many strains. Its predecessor, Girl Scout Cookies was so successful that phenotypes were created. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, now, is also used as a parent for many crossbreeds. Excellent strains are bred to hopefully create better ones. Platinum Cookies is not your average biscuit, it’s a treat you can trust.


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