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Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

June 26, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Review

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

If you’re an indica lover with a sweet tooth, boy do we have the strain for you. Say hello to your new after-dinner dessert strain that is sure to melt your worries away. Purple Punch is aptly named for its color, taste, and effect-expect it to punch its way through your stresses as it hits you like an oncoming train.

Like most purple buds, this is an evening strain. Much like its name, you better bet it’s like your high school’s spiked fruit punch. With a taste so deeply enticing, you’ll find yourself toking for hours until you’re cannabinoid’ed all the way to your core.


Origins of the Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

Supernova Gardens’s masterpiece came from crossing two already established indica-dominant hybrids to bring forth Purple Punch. It uniquely features a head high that is a lot like its mother’s, Larry OG, and the delectable taste of Grand daddy Purple. The crossbreed is an outstanding example of how new generation strains are slowly making waves in the cannabis community.

In 2017, Purple Punch began making itself known in local dispensaries eventually creating a hype in 2018. The market dived into the well-deserved fanfare and the demand for the strain skyrocketed. Marijuana enthusiasts and newbies alike found the effects to be incredibly relevant to society’s current needs. A weed star was born!


Purple Punch Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Purple Punch is one good-looking strain. You may have seen it in your favorite dispensary and picked it up solely for its bag appeal. We can’t blame you. It’s a colorful treat to the eyes in a sea of typical green we’re used to. Its flowers have thick, round buds covered with layers of frosty trichomes that make them glisten under the sun. Its calyxes are a mix of purple and bright green with red pistils.

The aroma and flavor are very similar. The scent is so potent, the moment you smell it, it will hit you hard! It smells and tastes a lot like grape-flavored Kool-aid with notes of berry and vanilla. Some also taste tinges of grassy, herbal, and earthy notes of Kush.

When you inhale, the smoke is dank and will still taste like grape but it features a tart citrusy and berry flavor. When you exhale, the aftertaste of grape candy settles deliciously on your tongue and throat. Purple Punch’s sweet scent and taste make for a great dessert strain. If this isn’t your drift, you better avoid it as it may be too strong and candied for your liking.


Purple Punch terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Purple Punch does not kid around when it comes to its buzz. One puff and you’ll feel it right in between your eyes. The effect will slowly move towards the rest of your body. It’s a relaxation and uplifting feeling that makes you feel at ease and calm. Your mind is peaceful but functional. It’s not an immediate couch-lock but more of a smooth descent into heavy drowsiness and sleep.

Purple Punch known for making you feel stress-free and aids in providing relief for longstanding physical discomfort. In proper dosing and dependent on your tolerance, it can provide mild sedation and boost your mood whilst allowing you to still perform and finish tasks. After a long day, take a full dose and get a full-body high that will send you to dreamland.

This is an indica dominant strain so sedation and couch-lock is expected especially if you’re smoking this for the first time. It’s always best to ease yourself before going all in despite its tempting taste and aroma. Too much of something is not always a good idea. Taking a very high dose of this strain may induce slight panic so best to tread on the side of caution.

All in all, it is a very pleasant high that packs a punch and then mellows down to a soothing relaxation. It may be one of the tastiest strains around and provides a strong body high that takes you on a cloud of joy. Get ready for an adventure that will get you floating in a magic bubble of euphoric bliss.


Purple Punch Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Getting Purple Punch goodness is not a simple walk in the park. The plant requires a sunny, humid, climate to grow properly. If this is you live in a location with a Mediterranean like temperature, you may opt for outdoor cultivation. If you don’t, you need an indoor set up with a good heating system and high powered lights to achieve its requirements.

Growers must need some experience before purchasing seeds because constant trimming and pruning is necessary for its leaves and branches. Topping must also be done to assure proper sunlight or light reaches the whole plant. It is resistant to mildew and mites but caterpillars are its greatest foe. These critters can make the buds swell and bring mold.

This girl is ready for harvest by October if cultivated outdoors, an indoor set up will have a flowering time of 7-9 weeks. It generates a moderate to high yield which makes the challenges worth it.


Who Is It For?

It’s a pleasure to find strains that truly express the best traits of their parentage. Purple Punch is a balanced strain that is potent and effective in providing a mellow state of mind. It calms you down and allows you to snooze. It removes the overthinking and replaces it with a body numbing experience that is relaxing and a mind melt that is happy with a lifting of your spirits.

Those that are on edge because of work or those consistently under pressure will love the calm and happiness this strain brings. If you are distressed and haggard, this may be the hit that gives you a well-deserved rest, both physically and mentally.

Even those that experience physical aches here and there may find that Purple Punch can suit their needs too. It promotes well-being and euphoria for a happy state of mind before you drowse off to bed. It’s a comfort and joy that is exquisitely blended in one delectable strain! The whole experience is simply a delight, especially after a long day.


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