Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain

The Triangle Kush Strain certainly has a reputation that precedes itself. Named for the famous cannabis capital of the world, the Triangle Kush strain has gained a massive following of Cannabis-users from all over the world.

For its fragrant allure and its mind-boosting effects, the Triangle Kush stands tall as one of the shining bulwarks of this generation of the Cannabis community.


Origins of the Triangle Kush Cannabis Strain

The Triangle Kush gets its name from the world-famous Emerald Triangle in Florida. Composed of the cities of Jacksonville, Miami, and Florida, this region is largely considered the epicenter of cannabis growing culture in the Southern United States. For that reason, there can be no doubt as to the quality and profound of its product, the Triangle Kush has had on the community as a whole.

Despite this certainty in origins, the same cannot be said about its lineage. The Triangle Kush, much like the Bermuda triangle, has a lineage that’s shrouded in mystery. Many Cannabis historians have attempted to bring more clarity into this issue but to no avail. However, the mystery somehow adds to the appeal of the Triangle Kush, and many Cannabis-lovers still patronize this enigmatic strain for its lovely effects.

In terms of parentage, the Triangle Kush can be definitely traced to its only known parent the OG Kush. The OG Kush is considered by many as a classic strain, serving as the backbone for many modern Cannabis favorites. Touted as one of the top Florida favorites, OG Kush lends its best characteristics well to the Triangle Kush’s overall amazing effect. Overall, its history and place of origin set up Triangle Kush greatly.


Triangle Kush Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The Triangle Kush strain still possesses the characteristic look of indica-leaning strains. The plants can grow relatively tall but their horizontal growth is more significant. It will have leaves with a deep green color with surrounding pistils of an amber color. The buds have dense, clustered appearance, and what stands out is a thick covering of trichomes in and around the buds.

The aroma of the Triangle Kush bears some resemblance to the lemon strains that litter the market. Right of the gate, the Triangle Kush greets you with an enamoring sour fragrance meant to entangle you in its mysterious allure. For a more discerning olfactory sensibility, you may be able to appreciate a slight lemon accent with undertones of flowers and earth like smells.

The flavor is also something heavy on the tongue and is considered the 2 in the 1-2 punch combo of aroma and flavor. Triangle Kush grips your taste buds with a strong earthy and lemon flavor. Some users describe the tasting experience as being littered with spicy and woody flavors creating a sensational taste rollercoaster on your palate not quite like any strain you’ve experienced recently.


Triangle Kush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Triangle Kush certainly lives up to the standard of its solid pedigree and origin. Being a largely indica-dominant strain, Triangle Kush provides a level of calm and relaxation that can hang with all the big boys out there. It may be a slow starter but this strain is going to carry throughout the championship rounds in such tremendous fashion, you’ll be looking for your next drag the moment you wake up.

The Triangle Kush’s starting mental relaxation is perfect to rinse you of any stress you may have been carrying with you. This very welcome mental high soon resonates towards your body as well as creating a relieving and mood-boosting effect highly sought after by Cannabis-heads all over the market. It also tops the experience off nicely with a euphoric mental elevation perfect for fueling any creative efforts.

Triangle Kush also sports a strong sedative effect, capable of easing you into a restful sleep to close off your day. It produces a couch-lock in many so be sure to have a comfortable couch or bed ready for you to just sink into after you take a drag of this. Make sure your cupboard is full too as this can stimulate a strong craving for the munchies. Triangle Kush is a perfect option for a late day or nighttime use.


Triangle Kush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Growing Triangle Kush is a relatively difficult endeavor. Beginners who have yet to rack up experience in caring for a high maintenance plant such as this need to hold off before attempting to grow the Triangle Kush. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the Triangle Kush has an innate resistance to harsh weather conditions and even molds and mildew. Nevertheless, the nuances of growing this properly may escape some.

Much of the successful growth of the Triangle Kush relies on your understanding of controlling the environment. Triangle Kush requires a warm environment with plenty of carbon dioxide. Specifically, temperatures should be kept to within 88 Fahrenheit and no higher. Frequent pruning may also be required due to the fact that this plant can grow relatively tall. In an indoor setting, this can be a true nuisance if not handled.

For growing indoors, the flowering time may happen on an average of 11 weeks. It will produce a yield of about 10 ounces per square meter of a plant. When grown outdoors, Triangle Kush will start flowering during the last weeks of October. Grown this way it can produce around 10-12 ounces of bud per plant. Overall, growing the Triangle Kush may not be a worthwhile endeavor especially for starter growers.


Who Is It For?

The Triangle Kush has gained a reputation for its relaxing and mentally stimulating effects. Many artists or individuals in the creative scene tout this as a mind catalyst of sorts perfect for powering through those bouts of inspired artistry.

This is also perfect for those looking for a late day strain meant to tide you over from all the stressful happenings in your life so far. This has been a major selling point of the strain so far and has made it one of the famous favorites in the community.


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