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Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain

Lemon Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

There is an unspoken preference among cannabis lovers for strains with engrossing citrus scents. So much so, in fact, that these strains usually end up becoming favorites within the community...

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Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Strain

Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Strain Review

This Jamaican bred strain, also called Lamb’s Breath, is possibly one of the most underestimated cannabis strains available. Probably due to its limited distribution, this sativa is not the easiest...

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Jack Skellington Cannabis Strain

Jack Skellington Cannabis Strain Review

You read the name right - Jack Skellington as in the Pumpking King in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Unlike the famous Tim Burton animation, this herb won’t give you a...

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Hindu Kush Cannabis Strain

Hindu Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Pure as pure can be, the Hindi Kush is an ancient strain to which many a successful cannabis crossbreed owes their success. With an almost a mystical flair, the Hindi...

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Headband Cannabis Strain

Headband Cannabis Strain Review

What do great NBA players like Lebron James, Allen Iverson, and Paul Pierce have in common? They all wore headbands. And you know what? So can you. It won’t make...

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Harlequin Cannabis Strain

Harlequin Cannabis Strain Review

A harlequin is a pantomime comedian from the Italian theaters of old. What made these individuals stand out during their performances were their outfits designed with different colored patches of...

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Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain

Grape Stomper Cannabis Strain Review

From its name, you might think that the Grape Stomper strain has a distinct and strong grape flavor. But the herb throws a curve ball right off the bat, lending...

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Ghost OG Cannabis Strain

Ghost OG Cannabis Strain Review

Aptly named for its slow, inconspicuous effects, the Ghost OG strain can creep up on your system and take your body into the possession of its calm, cool stupor. Strong...

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Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain

Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain Review

Fruit loops will always be one of the most beloved of childhood cereals. Heck, you might still be scarfing down that stuff now that you’re a full grown adult in...

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Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain

Elmer’s Glue Cannabis Strain Review

No one in their right mind would take an actual taste of Elmer’s glue but if it were a cannabis strain, this is definitely how it would taste and feel....

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Clementine Cannabis Strain

Clementine Cannabis Strain Review

Oh, my darling, Clementine! Forcing you into a show-tune medley, this cannabis strain can push even the sourest of moods into a totally uplifting experience. A perfect sativa strain if...

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Cinex Cannabis Strain

Cinex Cannabis Strain Review

Caught in a slump? The Cinex strain might be able to help out with that. A cross of two champion herbs, this cultivar uses its premium pedigree to dig you...

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