Lemon Cake Cannabis Strain Review

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Lemon Cake Cannabis Strain

With a sweet, zesty lemon flavor, the Lemon Poundcake Strain – also called Lemon Cheesecake, or simple Lemon Cake – delivers a mouthful of sumptuous pastry flavor. The delectable, delicious strain is loved most for its intensely accurate taste, but also delivers a hodge-podge of effects that can easily entice any eager cannabis head. Touting dedicated sativa chemistry, the Lemon Cake strain acts on your system the same way a sugar-imbued cake would.

Sending your mind into a spiraling state of what would best be described as a sugar-high, Lemon Cake vibrates the system with an unrelenting supply of extra vigor to see you through an entire day – and maybe even longer. So if you’ve got the tolerance and you’re looking for your next favorite, true-blue sativa, it might be high time for a slice of Lemon Cake.


The Origins of the Lemon Cake Cannabis Strain

Lemon Cake gets its distinct flavor profile from two intense parent strains that are both significantly prominent throughout the known cannabis market. These two ancestors combine cut-throat chemistry with unblemished flavor that results to the blissful cannabis masterpiece that is the Lemon Cake strain.

Lemon Skunk is one of the more popular members of the Skunk family lineage. It owes its popularity to its interesting flavor profile that combines the pungent odor of skunk and the zesty taste of tangy lemon. In terms of effects, this herb is heavily dominated by sativa effects, but leaves room for some calming clarity due to its hybrid nature.

The other parent involved in the Lemon Cake conception is Cheese. According to the original breeders, the phenotype of Cheese use for this specific herb was significantly more intense than the usual thoroughfare, making the Lemon Cake offspring particularly more flavorful than the average cake strain. Aside from flavor, the Cheese strain also lends its impact on mood, working to turn any sour disposition into a sunny, happy outlook.


Lemon Cake Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

On the surface, Lemon Cake looks like a crusted cake morsel that fell off onto the ground and was sort of left unnoticed for a few days. Like a rancid piece of cheesecake, these nugs showcase dense green leaves that cluster together with the delicate dusting of moldy-looking trichomes. And dancing all over the nugs, bright orange and yellow colored hairs add to the crusty cakes overall aesthetic, as though it rolled on the ground and picked up whatever dirt and dust it could cling to.

Racing out of its jar the moment you crack open the lid is the unstoppable scent of pungent cheese. This strong aromatic component is inherited from its Cheese parent strain, and really shines through with overwhelming potency. In fact, you might say that the cheese scent is a little strong with this one, deterring the eager nostrils of a rookie smoker.

But if you’re a little more attuned to your cannabis sniffing senses, then you’re more likely to detect the underlying aroma of sweet lemon and pastry. Swirling together in a cloud of blissful olfactory symphony, these scents create what is quite literally lemon cheesecake. And of course, any snout that’s fine-tuned to pick up the delicate blend will likely want to give the nugs a taste as well.


Experience and Effects

Lemon Cake is a pure sativa with mild indica effects, presenting a roster of effects that can delight any eager veteran. Its potent chemistry is made obvious by its unruly trichome layer that oozes with the sweet, lemony nectar of cannabinoids. As a smoke, the Lemon Cake strain has some abrasion to it. Scraping down your throat, the gritty smoke can induce a severe coughing bout, further exacerbated by the strain’s odd flavor.

The taste of cheese and lemon mix together, but not quite. This makes each taste distinct in the experience as they fight for center stage. Fortunately, a slight hint of sweetness does make the overall flavor encounter a little more bearable, but it’s still mostly an acquired taste. That said, beginners might find the Lemon Cake flavor to be a little on the hair-raising end, especially if you’ve yet to develop your tolerance for strains saturated with flavor.

The chemistry works to shift your mood and take you from zero to 60 in seconds. The fast-acting herb imbues the body with lofty levels of energy, giving you more power and vigor to see through your day with exceeding levels of vitality. A word of caution however – the sudden surge of power might be a little overwhelming for a novice or rookie. Make sure you’ve at least got a line-up of things to do before you take that first toke, or the directionless energy might leave you feeling apprehensive and jittery.


Lemon Cake Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Lemon Cheesecake mostly takes after its Lemon Skunk parent strain when it comes to growing habits. Moderately difficult to grow, this strain requires lots of sun and space as it towers over 6 feet in height. Under the right circumstances, yield can be pretty impressive at 6 ounces per square footage. And because the plant takes no more than 7 weeks to reach maturity, it’s easy to see why Lemon Cake has become such a popular commodity among farmers looking to make a quick buck.

During extraction, the Lemon Cake produces a fine, pure concentrate that can be used for all sorts of canna-based products. These can include anything from oils to edibles, and they all offer the same high energy benefits that the mother herb demonstrates when taken raw. In fact, Lemon Cake can be a smart ingredient choice if you’re looking to produce a formulation that provides a dose of fast energy on the go.


Who Is It For?

To make a long story short, the Lemon Cake cannabis strain might be better reserved for players with a little more experience. From its strong flavor to its hypnotizing effects, the strength of the strain can be the perfect challenge for a sativa-searing cannabis-head. But for a beginner? You’d be lucky to take two puffs of this stuff.



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