Golden Goat Cannabis Strain Review

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Golden Goat Cannabis Strain

You’d probably expect a lot from a strain called the Golden Goat. And fortunately, this one lives up to its name. Shining with the splendor of golden yellow leaves, the Golden Goat strain combines a three-way of iconic herbs to produce its supreme effects and flavor.

And whether or not it’s totally coincidence, the Golden Goat cannabis strain also provides a three-phase encounter that takes you through every corner of the known cannabis experience. Complete, potent, and utterly delightful, the Golden Goat cannabis strain might actually be the greatest of all time.


The Origins of Golden Goat

A threesome of herbs came together to create the chemistry that’s contained in the Golden Goat’s leaves. So, what three cultivars had the insane sex that led to the birth of this all-time great? None other than the Hawaiian, Romulan, and Island Sweet Skunk.

Hawaiian is a sativa-biased hyrid that gets its name from the deep feeling of happiness and euphoria that it bores through your being. Bringing you to a distant vacation paradise, the Hawaiian herb is the perfect pick-me-up for those moments when you might need a shot of giggles and happiness to turn around a sour day.

We all know Romulan as the heavy indica that imbues the mind and body with a depth of relaxation that you’ve likely never felt before. This blends together with the blissful flavor of herb and pine that refresh the senses and awakens the being with its depth of taste and sinus-clearing spice.

And of course, there’s the Island Sweet Skunk. While it has yet to achieve the same level of popularity as strains like Romulan, Island Sweet Skunk is a nectarine herb that mixes together the sweetness of fruit with the odor of skunk. Its effects are energizing and awakening, and it might just give you that extra jolt of power to see you through a hectic day.


Golden Goat Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Golden Goat’s parents are so perfectly pitted against each other, that all of them manage to shine through their off spring. Each ancestor is represented in some aspect of the Golden Goat’s taste and aroma, which makes it the dynamic, multi-faceted herb that it is. At a glance, the cultivar really actually looks like a golden nugget, with bright yellow orange hairs poking out of the nugs.

The surfaces glisten with the glitter of a dense layer of trichomes, further enhancing the glorious golden coat. And if the bag appeal is just enough to get you to take a whiff, than you can be sure that the first punch of fragrance will be just as interesting and intricate as the nug’s exterior.

Combining spice, sweetness, herb, gasoline, and tropical fruit,the Golden Goat is quite literally a conglomeration of aromas that are all inherited from its parentage. But with each ancestor posing strong genetics, the offspring is compelled to represent each note, creating a somewhat confusing yet interesting smell encounter that can keep any cannabis-head sniffing for hours to detect every part of the entire mix.


Golden Goat terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The smoke that comes from the burning nugs is thick and slightly abrasive, scratching your throat as it travels down into your lungs. For low tolerance users, it might be enough to cause a bout of aggressive coughing. But for the more experienced veteran, the itchy feel might be easy enough to control with a few suppressed throat clearing coughs.

Golden Goat delivers effects in three phases. The first – the come-up – is a sudden rise in energy. Inspiring a feeling of happiness and well-being, this first phase can increase your vigor, your motivation, and put you in a creative fever. Needless to say, you might also feel a little more expressive and sociable than usual. This should last for up to an hour before the next phase creeps in on you.

As your energy wanes and the smiles disappear, your disposition plateaus. During this second calm down phase, the initial jolt of energy all but disappears. It’s replaced by a sense of calm contentment. Sure there might still be a few smiles and giggles here and there, but all in all, it should feel much more controlled and modest.

And then finally, the come-down crashes you into the indica side of the herb’s effects. With relaxation and tranquility coursing through your mind and body, the cultivar then weighs down your limbs to force you into submission as it places you in an intermediate state of couchlock. Needless to say, this can lead to deep sleep if you should so allow it. But with the right level of conscious effort, you might be able to steer the relaxation into a state of deep meditation.


Golden Goat cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Golden Goat makes the ideal challenge for an intermediate farmer looking for a high-yield herb. Producing an abundance of bud at 6 ounces per square foot of plant, the towering 6 foot tall Golden Goat plant can hand you fat returns on your investment. Moderately prone to cannabis diseases however, the cultivar tends to thrive best in areas where you can fully control the elements surrounding it. For that reason, it makes a far better indoor plant.

Another aspect worth considering is the length of time it takes for the Golden Goat herb to flower. Taking as much as 12 weeks to mature, the cultivar requires intuitive cultivation timing. Starting your seeds closer to the summer should bring the plant to maturity right before the end of the year and before the start of the colder winter months which make growing cannabis nearly impossible.


Who Is It For?

The Golden Goat cannabis strain doesn’t choose its user. With dynamic effects that come in phases, the herb can be a good way to introduce yourself to cannabis if you’re only just starting to learn more about its intricate chemistry. With effects that dabble in indica, sativa, and hybrid waters, the Golden Goat cannabis strain brings together the best of all worlds to help you fully understand what each specific genetic predisposition feels like so you’re placed in a better position to decide what chemistry you’d enjoy the most the next time you go cannabis shopping.


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