Orange Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

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Orange Cookies Cannabis Strain

Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, fresh batch of cookies, baked with all of your mother’s love and imbued with the rind of fresh oranges picked straight from heaven’s garden. Sure, it sounds like it’s too good to be true. But with hemp, there’s really no such thing as impossible. The Orange Cookies hemp strain is the perfect example of heavenly flavor packed into nugs of conglomerated hybrid effects. The delicious herb wafts with the sweet aroma of fresh-baked goodness, leaving you in a state of blissful baked nirvana.

Teetering every so slightly on the edge of sativa dominance, Orange Cookies is a beloved hybrid that combines relaxation and wakefulness for the perfect daytime pick-me-up. Lifting your mood and turning around any sleepy, dreary disposition, this herb promises to energize without intoxicating and soothe without tranquilizing.


Origins of the Orange Cookies Hemp Strain

There’s a reason why Orange Cookies touts such burly genetics. Coming from the Cookies family lineage, it should be apparent that the Orange Cookies strain exhibits properties that are inherited from one of the most prominent hemp varieties known to man. A direct descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, Orange Cookies reaps the benefit of being one of the few cultivars that are bestowed with the magic of GSC’s potent chemistry.

Girl Scout Cookies – the ever iconic GSC – is an award winning cultivar that boasts one of the most prominent reputations across the market. Known for its blended and balanced hybrid chemistry, this strain is beloved for its intense effects that grip both mind and body for exceeding relaxation and calm that adds a touch of euphoria and energy.

Tossed into the mix to create the glorious Orange Cookies combo is none other than Orange Juice or OJ Kush. Another balanced hybrid, Orange Juice brings a delightful flavor of zesty citrus and freshly squeeze puply orange juice. This blends perfectly with the pastry delight that is GSC, coming to the Orange Cookies ending.


Orange Cookies Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Splotches of orange cover the green nugs in a dazzling dance of contrasting colors. The electrifying neon green leaves can look especially alluring on a hemp store’s shelf, touting beautiful lively colors that compete with the rich forest greens of neighboring jars. But what really sets the nugs apart is their bright yellow orange strands that twist and clasp around the clusters, creating a cage of delicate protection that seems to attempt to hold the unruly, discolored bunch together.

If the Orange Cookies’ aesthetic manages to snag your attention against the thick competition on a bud dispensary’s shelf, then you may find that taking a whiff becomes an inevitable next step. And as you break open the lid to stick your snout into the container, the oozing aroma of sweet citrus rushes out to greet your eager olfactories.

The aroma of sweetened orange peels whirls through the air, and entangles with notes of pastry and cookies. All in all, it’s a truly delightful, enthralling aroma, but there’s a dark undertone that cradles the entire smell encounter. Heavy hints of gasoline and bitter spice underline the fragrance of fruit and confection, further highlighting sweetness and framing the high notes in a harsh gasoline undertone.


Experience and Effects

Orange Cookies soothes the soul with one of the most delightful hemp flavors you’re likely to ever try. The sweet, citrus taste is perfectly mirrored in the herb’s delightful flavor. Bundled together with the citrus notes is the bitter taste of jet engine fuel that tickles the taste buds with its harsh yet short-lived flavor. Needless to say, the flavor encounter can appeal to hemp users of all experience levels, making the Orange Cookies cultivar a smart choice for low tolerance users who want a variety they can easily down.

After the flavorful smoke rushes in and out of your system, the cannabinoids in the leaves get to work on your system. The mid-buzz chemistry shakes the spine and clears away the mind to give rise to heightened levels of energy. But even with the boost, the herb doesn’t overwhelm the body with more than it can handle. So the effects end up a well-tolerated increase of vigor that gives you just enough surplus to power through your day without feeling tired.

On top of the sativa-leaning effects, the hybrid also lends some relaxing benefits. Its indica chemistry promotes a sense of well-being and clarity, easing away distress and discomfort as it soothes your physical and mental aches. But more than just relieving apprehension and jitters, the strain also provides a sense of well-being, lifting you into a clearer, happier disposition that can keep you cheery and carefree for hours on end.


Growing and Processing

First time farmers, rejoice! Orange Cookies is one of those effortless starter strains that makes it immensely easy to bring your own harvest to maturity. The sweet, citrusy scent that comes from the leaves when dried pretty much wafts from the plant as early as it starts to grow, making it a wonderful choice if you’ve got the indoor facilities to accommodate the statuesque height. Growing upwards of 6 feet tall, these plants can take up quite a lot of space, but will grow just find wherever you choose to start them out.

With a yield of about 6 to 7 ounces per square foot of height, the Orange Cookies hemp strain is an abundant plant that gives maximum return on investment, letting you get your hands of great bud at the end of just 7 weeks of farming.


Who Is It For?

The Orange Cookies herb is just as much for beginners as it is for veterans. Its delectable taste and perfectly balanced effects make it a stellar choice for hemp-heads in search of a well-rounded herb that doesn’t overwhelm the system with overly aggressive effects. With just enough energy and prominent cognitive clarity, the Orange Cookies hemp strain makes the ideal selection for those long, monotonous days when you need an extra kick to see you through the work and toil.


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