Mango Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Mango Kush Cannabis Strain

The Mango Kush herb contains within its leaves the entire spectrum of hemp effects. A delicate hybrid, this cultivar boasts flawless equilibrium between the two ends of the hemp pool. And because it delivers its effects in waves, the Mango Kush strain offers a truly interesting journey that takes you through every street of known hemp chemistry.

Imbued with the sweet flavor of juicy, ripe mangoes, this is one of those strains that won’t disappoint your taste buds with what your olfactories pick up. Its lip-smacking flavor and truly balanced hybrid effects will whirl you off into a distant island paradise where all is well and calm and free.


Origins of the Mango Kush Hemp Strain

There’s a reason why the Mango Kush hemp strain has earned quite a prominent reputation across the market, aside from its flavor and effects. Brandishing a family tree that’s iconic to say the least, the herbs that came together to create the blissful melody that is Mango Kush aren’t any less prominent in their own respects.

The first parent – the ever glorious Hindu Kush – is one of the most coveted original hemp strains that surfaced during the hay days of cannabis. A pure indica, this landrace provides nothing short of the unhinged relaxation that comes straight from the source. Cultivated by Mother Nature herself, Hindu Kush is as close to organic as we can get, offering the full benefits of indica cannabis in an untouched, unspoiled form.

Although not quite as big a celebrity as the Hindu Kush landrace, the Mango strain does have its own properties to boast about. Another indica, this strain offers slightly lighter effects than its Hindu Kush co-parent, but it does deliver something completely different to the table. You guessed it – flavor. Packed with the sweet nectarine taste of fresh tropical fruit, the Mango hemp strain is often included in breeding mixes to maximize its flavor and instill its toe-curling taste in its resulting offspring.


Mango Kush Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

At a glance, the Mango Kush hemp strain looks almost like, well, a tropical fruit. The bright green nugs are painted with the glorious combination of forest, neon, and avocado green, creating a blissful exterior that’s fresh to the eyes. An unruly cage of orange pistils travel throughout the nugs, adding contrast of color and texture for a more dynamic and dramatic look. But what really adds to the drama is the extensive layer of trichomes that covers every inch of the leaves.

The white fuzz almost blurs out the colors underneath with their ultra-dense presence. And of course, as you might already know, the more trichomes a nug has, the more cannabinoid content it stands to produce. But other than that, these trichomes are also responsible for the production of terpenes. With such a rich coating of fuzzy white hairs, it becomes no surprise that the Mango Kush strain possesses such a strong aroma.

Sticking your snout into the jar, you’ll find that the herb has an impressively accurate mango aroma. This blends together with other notes of fruit like orange and pineapple, all drizzled with the sweet nectarine fragrance of sugary juice. To the more refined olfactories, the nugs give off a slight, subtle hint of bitterness that underscores the sweetness to add a little extra contrast and to highlight the delightful mango fragrance.


Mango Kush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

What’s especially delightful about the Mango Kush strain is that it tastes exactly as it smells. The mango and fruit fragrances are perfectly mirrored by the taste, and the subtlety of the gasoline finish is detectable yet not overbearing, still letting you enjoy the flavor encounter without the aftertaste of jet engine fuel boring holes through your tongue and in your throat.

The smoke itself is relatively smooth and hitch-free. Light and fast moving, it glides effortlessly through the throat and down into the lungs, taking an almost air-like quality to it. That said, the Mango Kush hemp strain makes a good choice for low tolerance users who might prefer an herb that doesn’t put up too much of a fight as it courses through your system.

For most, two tokes should be more than enough to achieve the perfect balance of effects. A happy, giggly disposition should take over not long after that last drag. The sativa-leaning effects are the first to take shape, inspiring in you a light, carefree disposition that’s perfect for casual conversation and social encounters. If you’re worried about getting too flappy with your jaws, it helps to know that the Mango Kush strain is perfectly controlled, letting you enjoy the benefits of its sativa chemistry without getting dumb.

Give it a little extra time, and these effects wash and wane into a gentle indica relaxation. As the smiles and giggles fade, you’re overcome with a sense of well-being and calm. So after all the conversation and laughs, you can be almost certain that the herb will cradle you off into a sleepy stupor that you can enjoy as is or that can serve as the gateway to uninterrupted slumber.


Mango Kush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Mango Kush is one of those strains that you can plant and just leave be. Incredibly easy to grow, the Mango Kush herb pretty much sprouts and thrives without too much of your time or attention, making it an ideal cultivar for outdoor growth. In just around 6 to 7 weeks, you should have a full-grown cannabis plant straight from the seed. These plants proudly showcase stout morphology, growing at under 3 feet in height, which may be good reason to grow them indoors as well.

Despite the rather small stature, these plants can yield up to 6 ounces per square footage of its growth. And when you factor all these things together, it’s easy to see that the Mango Kush strain seems to have been bred for the beginner farmer.


Who Is It For?

From its flavor to its effects to its incredibly effortless growing process, the Mango Kush hemp strain makes a viable selection for people who are new to the whole hemp thing. Perfectly balanced and insanely flavorful, this herb is often used as the ideal choice for individuals who are only just beginning their journey through hemp country, or for those who just naturally have a lower tolerance.


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