L.A. Confidential Cannabis Strain Review

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L.A. Confidential Cannabis Strain

If marijuana strains had resumès, L.A Confidential’s would be top rated talent. California has been at the forefront of legalizing cannabis. Medical marijuana was legalized in the state since 1996 and recreational weed since 2016. To be regarded as one of the favorite strains in L.A says a lot about an herb. In a plethora of strains available in the Golden State, L.A. Confidential is still regarded as one of its stars.

You might think that the party scene of its namesake would warrant a lively, upbeat high. It is the polar opposite. This evening strain is famed for its powerful relaxing stone and its psychedelic effect. This award-winning strain is esteemed for its ability to calm and regulate many conditions as well as the great overall experience by those who use it simply for recreational purposes.


Origins of the L.A. Confidential Cannabis Strain

DNA Genetics Seeds of Amsterdam, known for breeding strains from all over the world, and especially from California, spawned L.A Confidential from crossing OG LA Affie and Afghani Landrace. The strain gained massive popularity in the Los Angeles music scene and is cited as the favorite among famous rappers like Cypress Hill. It is now known as one of the most sought after strains in L.A.

Its extremely potent sedative effect is owed from its 90-10, indica-dominant makeup. Its 10% Sativa is regarded for the mind-bending and highly imaginative experience that many get when using this strain. Released in the early 2000s it was quick to garner multiple awards including the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year and 2nd place for Best indica at the 2005 Cannabis Cup to name a few.


L.A. Confidential Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The plant has hefty dark green leaves interspersed with small dark violet ones. The buds are a striking vibrant lime with rust-colored pistils. The small clustered flowers look like popcorn and are covered with a layer of trichomes.

The unique aroma and flavor pairing of L.A. Confidential is one of its hallmark qualities. It has the distinct OG skunk aroma from its OG LA Affie mother and also carries its signature a spicy, petrol scent. But once the smoke enters your mouth, you’ll immediately get a sweet pine flavor with hints of earthy goodness. The contrast adds to the whole experience of the L.A.C stone.


L.A. Confidential terpene profile


Experience and Effects

There is no denying that L.A. Confidential is a straight indica. A full dose will take your limbs straight to the couch (or bed) and get you to sleep. This is actually what it’s famous for and if this is what you want, you’ll get it. It gives quality deep sleep that is restful and refreshing. This is perfect as an after-work treat for, especially long and tiring days. The body relaxation is topnotch, keeping you comfortable and at ease.

Before the sedation kicks in, many users feel a calm euphoria and psychoactive cerebral effects. It an arouse your thoughts and stimulate an all-around happy feeling. You can lie down and relish in the pleasure of comfort. One of the greatest attributes of the strain is its ability to relieve you of stress. Physical stress relieved by relaxation and mental stress relieved by euphoria.

Potential side effects of this strain are managed if you think ahead. Having water ready will help with dry mouth and possible dizziness. Also keeping yourself hydrated through the high will help avoid the next-day headache.


L.A. Confidential Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

L.A. Confidential grows short as you would expect from an indica cannabis plant. It is known to be resistant to most marijuana diseases, mold, and rot. Its short stature makes it ideal both for indoor and outdoor breeding as long as it is trimmed regularly. It does have one requirement, a warm, dry, and sunny climate similar to So Cal. So regardless of what arrangement you choose, make sure it mimics that environment.

Other than that, growing it is straightforward and upkeep is low which makes it an ideal choice for even the most novice growers. The flowering period is relatively short at 7 to 8 weeks. Expect a harvest of 14 ounces per square meter if you grow it indoors and a 16 once yield per square meter for an outdoor setup.


Who Is It For?

For anyone having trouble sleeping, L.A. Confidential will help in easing your concerns and drift you to sleep. It’s body high is essentially a body melt which assists in longstanding aches you might have that affect your ability to get true rest. A sleeping aid and a partner in relief, this strain can take you from zero to hero the next day.

Stress is part of life and it takes a toll on the mind and body. This strain can regulate your mood and ultimately lead you to a stress-free state which results in better slumber. Anyone who is experiencing sadness can benefit from the effects L.A confidential. It is a boost in mood and positivity for those that use it.

There is a munchies effect so those that have appetite issues can get their cravings back as well with this strain. These days, all of these conditions seem to be more common than you think. They frequently occur together. This leads to tired individuals who carry a lot of mental strain. Rest is fleeting. The hype behind L.A.C is not simply for recreation. The hype is real because people need true rest.

Those that love a true blue indica will adore L.A. Confidential. If this is you, you better try this strain, now! You will greatly enjoy the couch-lock and relaxation it gives. It didn’t win the Strain of the Year and Best indica awards for nothing! It is a quality stone that will make you feel like you’re in a magic carpet ride looking over the LA skyline!

Get a mood-lift, sit back, and reflect on your thoughts, allow the high to relieve you of any negative vibes. Just let it take effect as it will slowly take you to dreamland.


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