Grape Ape Cannabis Strain Review

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Grape Ape Cannabis Strain

The strain that made Apothecary Genetics what it is right now, is no other than Grape Ape. It is one of the biggest strains in the United States and has taken the world by storm. A favorite in the Hip-Hop industry, it is said that rapper Snoop Dogg only smokes this stain.

The earlier generation of marijuana classically gives off a skunky or traditional Kush scent and flavor. In more recent years, more users are drawn to fruity and sweet strains. Effect, taste, experience, and aroma made Grape Ape one of the biggest commercial hit strains. Its strong indica core in addition to its flavorful taste has made it a favorite among many connoisseurs.

It offers an ultra-relaxing physical and mental high without giving brain fog. You are still mentally present regardless of the potent effect. A remarkable evening strain to help you loosen up and take it easy. Enjoy with your favorite mug of tea, book, or TV show and bask in the mellow, calming buzz Grape Ape is guaranteed to deliver.


Origins of the Grape Ape Cannabis Strain

A hybrid of contrasting parent strains has resulted in a striking plant that is both delicious and robust in its effects. A crossbreed between award-winning Mendocino Purps from North California, the classic Skunk strain, and the acclaimed Afghani Landrace, Grape Ape is a top-shelf A+ strain that any indica enthusiast will love.

Apothecary Genetics founder and marijuana legend, Bret Bogue created Grape Ape. He is already known for creating different award-winning strains and this is not an exception. Grape Ape has won several awards since it was released in the mid-2000s. Among them include the Green Cup which they won in 2 consecutive years, 2005 and 2006. It also won the award for Best Concentrate in the 2011 High Times Medical Colorado Cup.


Grape Ape Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Most marijuana plants have a conventional look to them. And then we have those that have serious “bag appeal” and your homie Grape Ape is a top contender! It has large, dense buds with a combination of dark green and deep purple leaves. It is a multicolored gem in the sea of cannabis strains. Its pistils are a dark rust color and its trichomes give it an added layer of uniqueness.

It smells sweet, like grape taffy mixed with a fruity berry. The scent has undertones of Skunk and hash from its parents, too. When smoked and inhaled, the flavor of grapes and berries become more pronounced. Sweet tooth junkies unite as even its aftertaste is the same fruity flavor.


Grape Ape terpene profile


Experience and Effects

There is probably nothing more appealing than going home and leaving all that troubles you outside the door. Imagine entering a space that is pure euphoria and peace, that’s essentially a bag of Grape Ape for you. It’s a high for the whole body but there is no mind melt here. You will feel surprisingly present but the uplifted feeling makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

The high does not hit you all at once. It’s a slow creep that will first make your head and limbs feel weighted and then the relaxed feeling sneaks in. It is indica so it will give you a couch lock and will help to get the z’s in. It’s great for Netflix and chill vibe before going to bed.

More novice users may find the smoke harsh and the strain too strong. This usually happens when they consume more than usual because of the slow onset of the high. It’s best to remember that a little goes a long way. More experienced smokers experience a smooth smoke and a spacey relaxation that gives a full-body melt and deep restful sleep.

Possible side effects are dry and red eyes which are eased by being properly hydrated. As mentioned, large heavy doses may lead to disorientation, especially for new users. Always tread with caution regardless of the strain and take in suggested dosing to avoid these issues. Grape Ape is a delight, an absolute icon. Enjoy every bit of the tranquility it gives by making sure you consume it in proper dosing.


Grape Ape Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

When grown indoors, breeders can harvest Grape Ape after 7 to 8 weeks. An outdoor plantation can expect flowers by late September to mid-October. Its large flowers yield around 74 grams per square foot regardless of where it’s grown. It is generally resistant to most cannabis plant diseases and bugs.

It is your typical indica as it is short and bushy and grows wide laterally. The challenge in growing the plant lies in maintenance to make sure that it produces quality buds. Grape Ape must be topped to make sure light reaches the whole plant. It must also be regularly trimmed on the sides to avoid overgrowth. In this regard, it is a challenging breed for novice growers.


Who Is It For?

The whole body effect of Grape Ape can be thoroughly enjoyed for recreation or those dealing with physical discomfort. It is a great soother for tired muscles after a strenuous work day or exercise. Its effect mentally eases common troubling thoughts and allows pure rest to come.

Those that have trouble sleeping can benefit greatly from the sedative effects of this strain. Not only will it help you go to bed, it will make sure you get restful sleep. It is a strain for those that want downtime and decompression from the stress. The calming effect is perfect for a night in and some contemplation coupled with euphoria and mood regulation.

Grape Ape is a pleasant couch lock. These days, we digress that more people need it. A relaxation of both mind and body. A clarity in thoughts and a happy high that will lead you to sleep, this strain is a prize winner for a reason. It addresses what society needs, true rest. A beautiful strain, we hope you enjoy Grape Ape as much as we do, just remember to start slow and enjoy the ride.


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