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Mimosa Cannabis Strain Review

June 19, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Mimosa Cannabis Strain Review

Mimosa Cannabis Strain

A beloved brunch cocktail, the Mimosa is a refreshing citrus concoction that blends together half a part champagne with a half part of orange juice. The result? A tangy, zesty, awakening alcoholic beverage that’s gives anyone an excuse to enjoy a little bubbly in the morning light. And just like its namesake, the Mimosa cannabis strain brings that same zap of energy and flavor through its lively, electrifying nugs that bring a pow of piquant goodness.

The Mimosa cannabis strain is the perfect pick-me-up for those long, dreary mornings when you just can’t drag yourself out of bed. Its perfectly balanced buzz rushes through the system to spark your mood and ignite your energy to get you dancing through the day. But just like any mimosa, taking the strain in moderation is key to enjoying the jolt of power. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a little more energy than you’re ready to handle.


Origins of the Mimosa Strain

As you would expect, the Mimosa cannabis strain comes from the union of two equally formidable parent strains. Joining together the chemistry of Clementine and the ever popular Purple Punch, Mimosa’s parentage should be reason enough to give the strain a try.

Clementine is an aggressive sativa strain that shines with the purity of zesty orange rind flavor. Its ultra-fruity flavor is mixed with a sublte minty herb taste and a jab of pepper that really wakes up the senses just as well as its interesting effects. In the bloodstream, Clementine activates every nerve in your system for a solid sativa trip that will keep you singing and swinging for hours on end.

Purple Punch on the other hand is a heavy indica. Imbued with the flavors of pepper and pine, this strain can be described as a heavy-hitter, punching you in the kisser with its tranquilizing effects that weigh down on the body and induce a solid state of unrelenting couch-lock. Ideal for apprehensive, jittery minds, Purple Punch contributes its mood-shifting benefits into the Mimosa mix.


Mimosa Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The bright green leaves that cluster together to form the Mimosa nugs are especially dense and packed. These oversized samples glare with the electrifying hue of neon green that leaves a little room for some deeper forest green to peek through from inside. Entangled in an unruly mop of red orange hairs, the Mimosa strain brandishes beautiful contrast that perfectly showcases the diversity of color and texture that the cannabis plant can manifest.

A dusty white sheen covers the surfaces of the leaves, making the nugs look like they were left of a dust-blanketed shelf in a forgotten abandoned home. To the touch, these sticky hairs leave a film of tacky residue on the fingers, evidencing the glorious cannabinoid content that the strain possesses.

If your interest is piqued by the strain’s delicate exterior, then a whiff shouldn’t be too far behind. The nose of the Mimosa strain smells exactly like faceplanting in a bowlful of orange peels. Like a mildly bitter grapefruit rind, these nugs give off the aroma of sweet citrus with minor gasoline undertones for added depth and contrast.


Experience and Effects

Often considered the ideal mid-buzz morning strain, the Mimosa cannabis cultivar makes the ideal choice for those slow mornings when you just need that extra push. Similar to its namesake, these nugs offer a perfectly leveled range of effects that can get you into a happy, hummy mood.

The first drag brings an enthralling symphony of sweet citrus flavor nosediving straight into your throat. The taste lingers close to the uvula where it clings and leaves a mild texture that should make you want to clear your throat. The smoke itself is soothing and smooth, crawling slowly like a dense nectar that leaves a trail of cold calm in its wake. At the exhale, Mimosa ends the encounter with a mild bitterness as you would expect from a perspiring tall flute of orange juice-laced champagne.

Once absorbed into your bloodstream, the Mimosa cannabis strain lends a wonderfully awakening effect that recharges your tired system. The mid-buzz rushes through your mind and body, imbuing your entire being with just enough energy to get you charging through your day. Lifting away cognitive distress, the Mimosa herb also makes the ideal mood-changer, shifting you from a relatively sour mood into a perfectly bubbly disposition that can shrug off any inconvenience and discomfort.


Mimosa Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

There are more than a few Mimosa phenotypes, and you’ll notice that they certain kinds might grow differently from others. Some Mimosa phenotypes will take after the Clementine parent strain which grows relative fast in outdoor conditions. Then there are others that are more like the Purple Punch ancestor that prefers to take its time with calibrated indoor growing conditions.

Whatever the case, you can expect your Mimosa to flower and yield a fat harvest at the end of its growth. On average, you should be able to collect around 5 to 6 ounces of cannabis per square foot of plant. And because the variety can grow anywhere between 4 and 5 feet in height, you can expect a relatively fat yield.

As a raw material for canna-based products, the Mimosa cannabis strain offers interesting benefits. Easy to extract, the cannabinoid content in these delicious nugs can produce an awakening oil or essence that can be the perfect easy dose of energy that you need on the go.


Who Is It For?

Even in excessive doses, the Mimosa cannabis strain delivers just the right amount of energy to see you through a busy day. The mood boost can be a definite plus, putting a song in your head and a smile on your face for those days when it’s just a little too dreary all around. On the other hand, there will always be limits. While it might be hard to go overboard with the Mimosa strain’s leveled mid-buzz, it’s important to know that its flavor can make it possible. Watch out for the allure of taste – too much of this stuff, and you might find yourself in a state of apprehensive and jittery energy that’s difficult to direct.


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