Orange Crush Cannabis Strain Review

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Orange Crush Cannabis Strain

There are many facets to creating a successful hemp strain. Some look for profound effects while others look for amazing aroma or flavor. It’s not often for hemp innovators o get a good combination just right.

Which is why the Orange Crush hemp is such a breath of fresh air. Boasting an amazing flavor profile that comes with a satisfying energizing effect, Orange Crush is an example of a well-balanced and perfect mix of a hybrid.

Truly an excellent strain among its peers, the Orange Crush is a solid option for any hemp enthusiast looking to brighten up their day.


Origins of the Orange Crush Hemp Strain

Many users have crushed on Orange Crush even before it came to prominence. After all, the prospect of a combination of the California Orange and Blueberry strains was as attractive as Ana de Armas.

The California Orange is a hybrid strain famous in the 1980s. Its origins were rather mysterious but that didn’t stop the strain from rising to prominence due to its signature citrus aroma and flavor. Many users came in droves to experience what this strain had to offer, chief among these was a potent mental high that was we-loved in the community for years to come.

The Blueberry strain in an indica-leaning hybrid that takes its name from its signature aroma and flavor, that of actual blueberries. This strain has gained its popularity mostly due to the fact of its simplicity. It was a strain that tasted like blueberries. That in itself is a major draw for any enthusiasts looking for a pure and unadulterated experience and Blueberry was a strain that delivered that at a consistent level.


Orange Crush Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The Orange Crush bears similar appearance with strains belonging it the same category. The buds are deep green with surrounding pistils boasting a bright orange to yellow color. The buds are also sometimes covered with a lovely array of glistening white resinous trichomes whose presence herald an amazing smoking experience.

Orange Crush, at the outset, can be a grossly misleading strain. Despite its citrus-inspired names, it does not boast a strong citrus aroma. Rather, at first greeting the Orange Crush delivers a rather underwhelming aroma of damp earthy smell akin to the scent of rich earth during the springtime. This smell is consistent even up to the point of crushing or grinding the buds with accents of moisture and nature.

Where the name lines up with the product is in its flavor. Once smoked, the Orange Crush strain overwhelms your craving taste buds with a strong and versatile orange flavor. Many users have described the orange flavor to various degrees including the taste of either a tangy quality of an orange peel to the sweetness of a tangerine. Nevertheless, the Orange Crush gives orange juice a run for its money in this regard.


Orange Crush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

The Orange Crush is an amazing experience of the senses. Bearing a great aroma and flavor, the effects of this strain perfectly round out an overall incredible experience. Being a sativa-leaning strain, the Orange Crush injects a gleeful zest to your mind and mood for an experience already bursting with citrus-filled energy.

The Orange Crush experience begins with a great uplifting buzz of intense energy and joy. The heady high open up your mind to a wealth of productivity and creativity that’s just appropriate for getting over certain tasks and creative endeavors in the middle of the day. This is the proverbial juice to the creative juices you need for that art project you’ve been meaning to finish once the inspiration hits.

Because of its effects, the Orange Crush is ideal for use early in the day or during the midday. This is especially useful for people who have trouble getting started or those getting the afternoon slump during a slow day. The Orange Crush can give you just enough of a jolt to kick you into high gear. And with all the citrus-flavored goodness, the Orange Crush just may be one of the best of the citrus experiences available.


Orange Crush Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The Orange Crush is certainly one of those strains that can be grown by even beginner cultivators. It’s parents strains, the Californian Orange and Blueberry, are relatively easy plants to grown and their offspring is no exception. It owes this in large part to its genetics, which makes Orange Crush a plant that is appropriately suited for growth in even harsh environmental conditions.

Orange Crush is versatile enough that it can be grown indoors and outdoors. Some cultivators however prefer to do this outdoors as it saves you from the higher maintenance required if doing indoors. Indoors you may have to contend with frequently pruning this plant because of how it can grow to be a tall plant. Left to its own devices outdoors, this plant will thrive and provide sufficient yield regardless.

Because of its low maintenance and low cost, Orange Crush is playfully considered sometimes as a poor man’s strain. Not in that it lacks quality, but because of the relative ease by which it is grown and with mostly little effort. Expect this plant to be ready for harvest in about eight weeks. Novice growers may develop a misconception that all hemp can be grown as easily but this is the strain’s strength.


Who Is It For?

The Orange Crush is arguably an all-around strain, perfect for veterans and newcomers alike. Its energetic effect profile may lend this strain well-suited for use among those who find themselves needing that extra boost of energy. A great pick-me-up option, the Orange Crush is a solid option for that reason.

It’s also a great strain for users who like to have flavorful experience in their hemp smoking activities. Orange Crush delivers the flavor and droves and does it so well. Many enthusiasts patronize this product on that alone as it is arguably one of the best tasting hemp available in the market. The Orange Crush is a mainstay hemp in the flavor favorites.


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