Jillybean Cannabis Strain Review

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Jillybean Cannabis Strain

Named for its fun and fruity flavor, the Jillybean cannabis strain brings together the taste of citrus and mango for an explosive combination of zest and refreshing tropical fruit flavor. A staple in the stashes of creative cannabis-heads looking for an herb that can support their happy, high-energy disposition, the Jillybean strain delivers a powerful jolt of positive power that surges through the system for a jumpy, smiley, and giggly good time.

Despite being a hybrid, the Jillybean herb is predominated by sativa leaning effects. Completely free of the slow and easy impact that’s typically attributed to indica herbs, the Jillybean offers a fully awakening experience that inspires feelings of happiness, well-being, and uplifted euphoria.


Origins of the Jillybean Cannabis Strain

Jillybean’s popularity is only starting to pick up, moving on an upward progression through to full-blown celebrity status. But while its genetics definitely deserve superstardom, the Jillybean’s lowly parents have yet to achieve what its offpsring has already attained. Yes, while Jillybean enjoys a trajectory to certain cannabis market success, its parents aren’t exactly the prominent herbs you might think them to be.

The daughter of Orange Velvet and Space Queen, Jillybean’s unassuming parents aren’t what you would call cannabis industry superstars. Nonetheless, their daring combination has resulted to what is perhaps one of the most formidable up-and-comers on the known cannabis market.

Orange Velvet contributes to the mix with its sweet and sour pastry flavor – the perfect representation of the ever popular orange and cream cheese velvet cupcake. The sweet tangy flavor combination shines through with the Jillybean flavor profile, making it a wonderful choice for cannabis-heads in search of something with lively taste.

Then of course, Space Queen contributes her severe sativa effects. Strong and aggressive, Space Queen’s chemistry is the characteristic of quintessential energizing chemistry which is perfectly mirrored in the Jillybean profile.


Jillybean Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

The fruity fragrance of Jillybean is a delicate symphony of notes that swirl together in a blissful harmony of sweet and sour. The gentle sour notes of pineapple and green mango waltz and tango with mango and orange. There are all drenched in a sweet nectarine aroma that wafts from the leaves with full power and might, racing through your nostrils with exceeding saturation.

At a glance, the Jillybean strain definitely does its part to look the role. Bright green nugs laced with hints of orange, yellow, and gold, give the herb some stellar bag appeal. Look a little closer, and the cultivar draws you in even deeper, showcasing bright orange fingery tendrils and unruly carpets of fuzzy white trichomes that chaotically add color, contrast, and drama to overall look of the average sized nugs.

To the more discerning snout, the Jillybean strain might present a bit of a diesel end note during a deep and careful whiff. Certainly, it won’t be enough to deter a discriminating veteran. But a newbie who manages to pick up on the scent might find that it slightly dampens the overall delight of the sweetness in the foreground.


Jillybean terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Sweet and citrusy, the flavor of the strain almost perfectly encapsulates its aroma. Save for the fact that the tinge of gasoline is slightly more pronounced during the smoke, the herb does provide a pleasant mix of tastes that can be well-tolerated even by newbies and novices.

Jillybean is what some might call a talkative strain. With the power to unhinge your jaw, this herb can get you flapping your lips for hours, especially when surrounded by good company. Fortunately, the whole control thing doesn’t become an issue, since the lack of tranquilizing effects keeps you fully awake and aware of what’s happening around you.

The herb’s effects are mostly focused on mood and disposition. As the chemistry rages through your system, they awaken all sorts of tendencies from socializing to creativity to imagination and more. Needless to say, it can be a great solution if you’re looking for creative fuel or if you want to power up for an upcoming party.

Towards the tail end, a slight tinge of indica does shine through as the effects of the sativa finally wane and wash away. The moderate sleepiness can slow you down, but it also makes a great ending to what might have been one of the best parties you’ve ever been to.


Jillybean Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Jillybean showcases stunted morphology that basically means they’ll grow no more than 30 inches in height. Some phenotypes can reach a maximum of just 2 feet, which makes them ideal for growth in spaces with limited vertical clearance. But because they can be hardy, they should be just fine to grow outdoors. To maximize height, frequent topping might be necessary. Fortunately, the dumpy height also means that there shouldn’t be any trouble reaching higher leaves.

Finishing in just about 6 to 7 weeks, the Jillybean strain is a fast finisher and abundant yielder. Producing about 6 ounces of bud for every square footage of its growth, the Jillybean strain is often treated like a cash cow for most farmers who want to earn a quick buck without having to exert too much time or effort.


Who Is It For?

Lively and energetic, the Jillybean cannabis strain makes the ideal choice if you’re looking to boost your vigor for an upcoming event. For wallflowers who tend to fade into the background, the herb can also help ease away the shyness to bring out the social butterfly in you. A word of caution however – since the cultivar is known to awaken a more lively and energetic disposition, people who are prone to feelings of apprehension and worry might feel excessively and uncomfortably jittery when riding this stuff. If you’re dealing with any conditions that might make nervousness a problem, then it might be best to steer clear or to manage your dosage.

For farmers, the Jillybean herb makes a fun investment. Stout, dumpy, and fast to finish, this herb can be an effortless selection if you’re hoping to grow a fat harvest for your personal needs or for a small business venture.


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