What is Terpsolate and How Do You Use It?

buy cbd terpsolate (99%+)We’ll admit, “terpsolate” is a made-up term—but it is “made up” of two real words: terpene and isolate. If you’re a savvy CBD shopper, then you probably could guess what this new product’s top selling point is. That’s right, terpsolate is a form of CBD isolate that also contains natural hemp terpenes.

Although terpsolate is nowhere near as popular as tinctures or oils, it’s not unheard of in dedicated CBD circles. Anyone interested in the latest CBD trends must take a peek at this intro to terpsolate.

CBD Terpsolate vs. CBD Isolate: What’s The Big Difference?

Basically, CBD terpsolate is a more flavorful version of CBD isolate. So, to be sure we’re all on the same page, let’s briefly review what CBD isolate is.

Currently, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD you could buy. Unlike full-spectrum oils and tinctures, CBD isolate must contain between 98 – 99 percent CBD content. Because there are no aromatic terpenes, CBD isolate is both odorless and tasteless.

To reach such a high concentration of CBD, manufacturers have to put hemp flowers through multiple rounds of filtration. Often, this filtration process involves both supercritical CO2 extraction and winterization. The result of this long process is usually a white powdery substance, but CBD isolate could also be molded into slabs or crystals.

How does terpsolate fit into the picture, you ask? Well, the only difference between terpsolate and CBD isolate is that terpsolate has a few additional hemp terpenes. In all other respects, terpsolate is the same as CBD isolate (i.e., there are no secondary cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other non-terpene hemp compounds).

Why Would People Want To Use Terpsolate?

While compounds like CBD might be useful on their own, they seem to exert a more substantial effect when combined with natural terpenes, flavonoids, and secondary cannabinoids. This phenomenon—known as the “entourage effect”—is the main reason people are interested in using terpsolate.

True, terpsolate isn’t a full-spectrum product, but it does have more compounds than isolate powder. The addition of beneficial terpenes might bolster the effects CBD has on the user. Plus, since different terpenes cause unique reactions, users could easily tailor their smoking experience to suit their preferences.

But it’s not just this powder’s potency that’s attracting attention. Indeed, flavor-chasers love the fact that they could enjoy a complex blend of terpenes without worrying about THC.

Even though hemp products are required to have below 0.3 percent THC, some people are more sensitive to this compound than others. Customers who want to have a flavorful smoke without inhaling any THC will breathe easy using a purified terpsolate product.

Lastly, many employees use CBD terpsolate because they can enjoy the “entourage effect” without THC appearing on a drug screening. Although THC is in small concentrations in all legal hemp oils, there’s always a chance it could appear on a urine test. The only way to eliminate this risk is to use purified products like CBD terpsolate.

How Do You Use Terpsolate?

Terpsolate for sale onlineprobably not a huge surprise. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a vaper to enjoy a bottle of terpsolate.

Customers who are interested in CBD edibles could also mix a bit of terpsolate into their favorite snacks. Although terpsolate isn’t flavor-neutral, many people say it’s not difficult to hide. Plus, depending on what terpenes are in your product, you might even enhance the flavor of your edibles (e.g., add a touch of citrusy limonene in your olive oil).

How Could Different Terpenes Alter Your Terpsolate Experience?

Most people already know terpenes play a crucial role in determining a hemp strain’s flavor, but did you know these compounds are already found in many everyday use herbs and spices?

Considering how crucial terpenes are in terpsolate powder, it’s worthwhile examining the effects of a few of the most prominent terpenes. Knowing a bit about these well-studied terpenes will help you pick the perfect terpsolate formula.

The Pros & Cons Of CBD Isolate And CBD Terpsolate

Since CBD isolate and terpsolate are incredibly similar, first-time customers might be wondering what product is best for them. To help you with your CBD shopping, here’s a quick list explaining the pros & cons associated with these two products.

CBD Isolate



CBD Terpsolate



Why Not Give Terpsolate A Try?

As one of the hemp industry’s latest products, terpsolate is causing quite a stir in the international CBD community. People who want to enjoy CBD and terpenes without worrying about THC are ideal candidates for this ultra-purified product. Although it might not be the most accessible item right now, terpsolate production will probably ramp up as more people discover its unique benefits.

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