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Alpha Pinene Terpene Isolate

Alpha Pinene Terpene Isolate

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Alpha pinene is not one of the most common terpenes in hemp, however, it is responsible for the characteristic fresh smell of pine trees! So, whether you know it or not, you’ve probably gotten a whiff of this terpene. Now you can mix this irresistible aroma to your products with our in-house a-pinene isolate!

  • Chemical composition: Alpha-pinene is classified as an alkene terpene and has the molecular structure of C10H16.
  • Info: Although wholesale a-pinene is not the most common terpene in hemp, it is amongst the most common terpenes in all plants. If you’ve ever been on a hike in the woods, then you’ve had some experience with a-pinene. Yes, this terpene is responsible for making pine trees smell so piney! Investigators looking into alpha pinene’s physiological effects are most interested in its ability to help with mental issues like brain fog, memory, and focus. More research is needed, but current evidence states that a-pinene might potentially have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and gut healing components. The official vaporizing temperature of alpha-pinene is 311°F.
  • Aroma: Obviously, the scent of fresh pine is most closely associated with a-pinene. Most users of high alpha pinene strains describe the taste as “woodsy” and “earthy.” Gardeners or chefs might also get a whiff of a few common herbs when exposed to alpha-pinene. This terpene is found in high amounts in many Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, parsley, and basil.
  • Effects: Although no conclusive evidence is yet in place, researchers are most interested in alpha pinene’s effects on memory, focus, and gastrointestinal health. Some evidence suggests this terpene seems to have such a positive impact on these three areas, but nothing has been proved beyond doubt as of yet.
  • Popular hemp strains with a-pinene: Harlequin, Remedy
  • Also found in: Royal Jack, Jack Herer, Haze Berry, Super Silver Haze


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