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CBD Terpsolate Dabs

CBD Terpsolate Dabs

(17 customer reviews)


  • 99% + Cannabinoids

Certificate of Analysis
CBD Terpsolate


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  • 99% + Cannabinoids

Certificate of Analysis
CBD Terpsolate


What is Terpsolate?

We’ll admit, “terpsolate” is a made-up term—but it is “made up” of two real words: terpene and isolate. If you’re a savvy CBD shopper, then you probably could guess what this new product’s top selling point is. That’s right, terpsolate is a form of CBD isolate that also contains natural hemp terpenes.

Although terpsolate is nowhere near as popular as tinctures or oils, it’s not unheard of in dedicated CBD circles. Anyone interested in the latest CBD trends must take a peek at this intro to terpsolate.

17 reviews for CBD Terpsolate Dabs

  1. Nchilds74 (verified owner)

    Best new product

  2. Mymuaddib (verified owner)

    Best out there!!
    Skywalker flavor is outstanding

  3. Michael Hipps (verified owner)

    This is top of the line strawberry grape og was fire I’m not keen on the girl scout cookies lol I just dont like baked sweets flavor lol but the fruity flavors r to die for lol for me strawberry grape og taste like a grape cigarillo with a hint of strawberry love it

  4. MBMJUGG93 (verified owner)

    The Glookies is 💪💪💪💪

  5. Jordan Kalb (verified owner)

    Found these guys on accident! Great to have the products to be priced so fairly so that we can try lots!! Haha

    My favorites are:
    Sour diesel- IHF
    Grape limeade- IHF
    SKUNK #1- NDH
    Sunset Sherbet- NDH
    **Favorite combo- Blue Dream NDH mixed with watermelon IHF!!!

    Products arrived quick! Last time ordered a bunch and got a free CBD gift! Thanks guys! Customer service was very helpful as well!

  6. Taylor Kokot (verified owner)

    Loving the flavor & quality of the Skittles! Made just right.

  7. Derek Boone (verified owner)

    I bought pretty much all of the flavors but a handful of them. They taste great! Good cbd kick and amazing price! Hopefully they dont raise it! haha! I do suggest going with more of the fruit flavors since they taste the best IMO.
    They are very much a crystal form and I add them to my Vape coil pen set up. Very easy to use and a lil can go a long way 🙂

  8. Mike S

    Great product!

  9. Kevinweekley94 (verified owner)

    Very good product taste amazing even made me cough a little smell is great also

  10. Taylor Kokot (verified owner)

    Loving the Skittles flavor. It’s so sweet & tastes like candy. I might try another flavor you guys are out of stock

  11. Albert Fuster (verified owner)

    just got my order very happy very fast delivery bought 5 different grams great taste good effects very happy👍

  12. Albert Fuster (verified owner)

    AK 47 👍Blue Dream👍 Skywalker OG 👍White widow 👍Purple Punch 👍 Thank You IHF. and fast delivery👍 will buy more. don’t miss out People.

  13. Jenni Kelley (verified owner)

    Great effects and smooth hitting! Skywalker OG had a great taste but the Gorilla Glue had an overpowering gas taste. Overall, happy with this product.

  14. Kevinweekley94 (verified owner)

    Got another order and it’s awesome wish they would make some that’s not as crystal like live resin And more like wax or crumble but overall it’s awesome flavor thanks ihf

  15. Chronic k (verified owner)

    Another load in from ihf thanks guys smell is 💪 and taste phenomenal I mix with my other meds A1 thnx try to make bho bet it would sell

  16. Chronic k (verified owner)

    Great. Products A1 top of the line !

  17. Tobias Lind (verified owner)

    Just tried Mojito and AK-47, the lab tests for all the strains are on the right of the website.

    All these strains are 80%+ cbd with many being 95% +

    The flavor is great, shipping takes about 4 days to Midwest from Colorado. Worked super well, thank you!

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