5 Best High THCA Hemp Strains

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THCA is an inactive compound produced alongside CBDA in live or raw hemp flower strains. It’s unheated delta-9 THC and therefore has no intoxicating effects. That’s because it has an additional molecular carboxyl ring that prohibits it from binding to the receptors in the brain responsible for getting you high.

It can, however, be converted into psychoactive THC through the decarboxylation process. Decarboxylation involves the removal of the carboxylic acid group from THCA. This process requires heat exposure in the form of smoking, dabbing, vaping, or cooking.

Shopping for high THCA hemp strains? Here’s a list of the best high THCA strains on the market that you can try out.

High THCA Hemp Flower Strains

Bordeaux Hemp Strain

Originally bred by the renowned Dr. Freak, Bordeaux is an Indica-leaning hybrid with high TCHA concentrations. Those who grow Bordeaux cultivate it indoors in controlled settings. Doing so gives them greater control over various aspects that affect the results.

  • Appearance: The nugs are feathery, thick, and amazingly sticky.
  • THCA Levels: According to most vendors, the strain’s THCA levels average between nine to ten percent.
  • Aroma: The aroma is fruity with notes of citrus and berry.
  • Flavor: Its wine-like flavor tickles your taste buds as the smoke slithers down your throat with no scratches. It, however, leaves a hint of sourness in its wake.

image of bordeaux hemp strain

Some of the strain’s effects include:

  • Social stimulation
  • Relaxed mood
  • Creativity
  • Mental clarity
  • Mood boost
  • Increased productivity

Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle is a Sativa-dominant strain crossbreed of Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush.

  • Appearance: The strain stands out with its oversized flowers that take up a cylindrical shape. Its buds are dense and bright green, covered with orange pistils and thick resin.
  • THCA levels: It boasts over 20 percent THCA concentration. Because of its high THCA content, users allude to a long-lasting, ecstatic cerebral buzz.
  • Flavor & aroma: This strain has an amazingly sweet and tropical aroma resembling ripened mangoes and oranges. It is famous for its delicious creamy, vanilla, citrus flavor, which lingers on the tongue for a while.

Here’s what to expect from consuming Orange Creamsicle:

  • Uplifted mood
  • Energy boost
  • Increased creativity

image of banana mac hybrid hemp strain

Banana MAC

Banana MAC is a hybrid hemp strain from crossing Miracle Alien Cookies and Banana Kush. This indoor hemp strain is as frosty as it gets and is loaded with up to 3.58 percent THCA concentration.

  • Appearance: The strain’s appearance gives off tropical vibes with its resinous, thick, and sticky buds that take up the shape of hail-sized golf balls.
  • Flavor and aroma: Its flavor profile is nutty, with a tinge of earth. Many users compare its taste to a banana cookie, which transforms into minty earth on the exhale. The primary terpenes in this strain are alpha-pinene and limonene, which is why it gives off hints of citrus and pine.

Some of its effects include:

  • Mood uplift
  • Relaxation
  • General feelings of well-being

image of cannatonic hemp flower

Cannatonic Hemp Strain

The Cannatonic hemp strain is popularly referred to as the CBD Queen because of its rich content. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid and a crossbreed of MK ultra and G13 haze.

  • Appearance: This hemp strain has green-yellowish buds that look like popcorn. The buds are thick and packed snugly.
  • THCA content: One problem with CBD-rich strains is that they lack enough THCA to trigger the CBD effectively. But Cannatonic doesn’t have such a problem. That’s because it has high levels of THCA, sufficient to arouse a mild buzz.
  • Aroma: Users say it gives off an earthy scent. A hint of citrus is also noticeable for those with keen noses. Its terpene profile includes linalool and myrcene, which are responsible for the orange scent.
  • Flavor: Users describe a scintillating taste of fresh pine and citrus that tickles the taste buds. The tangy sweetness lingers on your tongue even though it isn’t overwhelming.
  • Effects: Users mention feeling relaxed and cheerful without increased energy. It is the sort of mellow feeling you need after a long day at work. Thanks to its high CBD content, users can also expect feelings of well-being.

image of gelato hemp strain


This cultivar is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. It’s popular for its distinct flavor and creamy finish. It also comes in several varietals, including Gelato #3, Gelato #33 (also known as Larry Bird), and Gelato #45.

  • Appearance: Its buds take up different shades of light and deep greens, with a tinge of purple and blue with bright orange pistils.
  • THCA levels: Its THCA levels averages between 9 to 14 percent.
  • Flavor & aroma: Gelato’s taste and aroma are sweet and fruity with citrus, berries, and lavender notes. Some users also note hints of cinnamon. The primary terpenes found in this hemp strain are alpha pinene, beta myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene. And that explains its delicious taste and aroma.
  • Effects: Users report increased energy levels, focus, and optimism after consuming Gelato. They also mention complete body and mind relaxation, making this strain perfect for the evening after a long day.

The Bottom Line

If you’re not a fan of THC’s intoxicating effects, you’ll love some THCA. High THCA hemp strains have a wide range of effects, including energy boosts, mood uplift, relaxation, focus, feelings of well-being, and more.

That being said, more research needs to be done to unearth more information about THCA.

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