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Cigarette smoking kills over 480,000 Americans every year. In light of such a chilling statistic, many tobacco smokers want to quit. And many of them are turning to CBD.

It’s said that CBD works like nicotine in the brain by producing calming effects. It’s also not addictive and suppresses any nicotine cravings. Based on those promising findings, many tobacco smokers are turning to CBD as a ‘quit smoking aid. To be more specific, they’re searching for Shark Tank CBD gummies.

But what are Shark Tank CBD gummies? And can they help you quit smoking? Read on for more insight.

What Exactly Are Shark Tank CBD Gummies?

Shark Tank is a business-themed reality television series aired on ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation). It allows budding entrepreneurs to pitch their business models to a panel of investors called the Sharks and convince them to invest funds in their business ideas.

Unscrupulous CBD brands have sought to ride on the massive popularity of Shark Tank. So they market their CBD gummies while claiming they’ve appeared on Shark Tank.

In reality, no CBD gummy brand has been aired on ABC’s Shark Tank TV series. Therefore, any CBD gummy brand alleges to have been on the Shark Tank program is a con. And the tag “CBD gummies on Shark Tank” is a marketing gimmick intended to lure consumers into buying low-quality CBD gummies.

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How the CBD Gummies Scam on Shark Tank Actually Works

There’s a typical pattern in most of the rip-offs in Shark Tank CBD gummies. These include:

  • Luring headline: You encounter an ad by a CBD gummy company claiming they’ve appeared on the Shark Tank show.
  • Photoshopped images: When you click on the ad, the website lures you with photoshopped images of their Shark Tank appearance alongside their CBD gummies in the background. They may also mention how all the Sharks invested in their company, creating a unique moment in TV history.
  • Social proof: As you scroll through the page, you notice further pointers about the authenticity of their CBD gummies. For instance, you see tons of customer testimonials from ‘corroborated buyers’ as social proof.
  • Scarcity element or exclusive discount: They introduce the scarcity element or a significant discount to entice you. For example, they may offer an exclusive discount or claim limited merchandise available but only for today.

So you end up clicking the buy button, convinced you’re getting the famed Shark Tank gummies. Even better, you’re buying them at a discounted price. But in reality, you’ve been tricked of your hard-earned money. And you end up with low-quality gummies.

Are CBD Gummies on Shark Tank Worth the Hype?

Shark Tank CBD gummies are a rip-off and don’t live up to their marketing messages. Here are some reasons why:

Low CBD Concentration

Reputable CBD brands offer gummy pieces with CBD levels from 2.5 mg to 25 mg. But CBD brands that lie about their Shark Tank appearance present incorrect CBD dosages. You’ll often end up with gummies with lower CBD quantities than what’s shown on the label. And in a worst-case scenario, they won’t have CBD at all.

No THC Indicated

Hemp-derived CBD gummies contain under 0.3 percent THC as per the federal limit. This is a negligible amount that won’t get you stoned.

Many Shark Tank CD gummies lie about their THC content. So you end up unsuspectingly buying CBD gummies with higher THC levels than the 0.3 percent limit. Besides high THC levels, these gummies may also contain melatonin to induce sleep. They may also contain caffeine to make you feel re-energized. While you may think such effects are CBD-related, in reality, it’s all a hoax.

Unverified Health Claims

Vendors of these fake CBD gummies can say anything to lure you into buying their products. You’ll find CBD gummies promising larger-than-life effects. For example, they may allege to have the ability to resolve various ailments.

Steal Your Financial or Personal Information

Some Shark Tank CBD gummy websites use the disguise of selling gummies to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

The site immediately vanishes when you proceed to the cart page and key in your info or credit card details. The fraudsters now have your data and may use it or sell it on the dark web.

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How to Avoid Shark Tank CBD Gummy Scams

Be wary of CBD gummy cons, especially if the brand mentions Shark Tank as part of its marketing message. Any claim of a Shark Tank appearance is a rip-off.

Other ways to avoid such marketing gimmicks include:

  • Looking up the CBD brand on Google. A quick internet search allows you to confirm that they have not appeared on Shark Tank.
  • Do they provide a certificate of analysis or lab report? A lab report details the scientific test results on the cannabinoids present in the product and their concentration levels. And the lack of a lab report is a red flag.
  • Looking out for over-the-top claims about the gummies’ effects. Such CBD gummy brands promise everything but deliver poor results.
  • Avoid free sample offers where you only need to pay the shipping cost. These are often scams to lure you to high-priced purchases of CBD gummies later.

The Bottom Line

There is little scientific evidence to show that CBD can help users quit smoking. If you’re looking for quality gummies online, you should keep off Shark Tank CBD gummies.

That’s because the Shark Tank TV series has never aired any CBD brand since it premiered in August 2009. So you’re getting conned if you encounter a company reportedly selling CBD gummies on Shark Tank.

It shall be fantastic news for the cannabis industry when a CBD enterprise appears on Shark Tank. But until that time comes, don’t fall for this marketing gimmick when shopping for CBD gummies.

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