Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review


You probably know tons of different hemp flower strains. While some may prefer a strain for its taste, others (like me) are drawn to a specific strain due to its effects. Well, Cherry Wine strain seems to be a good mix of both smell, taste, appearance and effects.

The first thing you notice about the Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower strain is its unique and beautiful appearance. The buds are moderately dense (a clear indication that the plant has been grown under the right conditions and with care). They are also fluffy with a good balance of orange hairs and green color.

The flower is made up of small to medium-sized buds. Crystals sparkle on its surface, exhibiting green and gold shades which are inter-twined with dark peach-colored pistils.

The buds also contain little to no seeds—a perfect choice if you are one of the people who feel that seeds “steal” the overall fulfillment of the buds.

Tiny, sticky, and shiny crystals cover the buds. These blankets of frost give the flower a balanced cannabinoid profile, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits associated with the hemp plant.


Genetics: The Wife x Charlotte’s Cherries

Type: Hybrid


Cherry Wine Hemp Flower Smell & Terpene Profile

Whoever named this strain Cherry Wine must have been guided by its smell. Because just like the name, the aroma is enticing. As soon as you start breaking up the syrupy buds, you are hit with the sweet cherry smell that carries hints of black pepper and cheese.

Contains high concentrations of farsenene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene. This rich-terpene profile gives the flower her relaxing therapeutic effect and subtle smell with hints of fresh matter.

The Cherry Wine Hemp Strain in Colorado

Cherry CBD hemp flower has been grown using rich alkaline soil in IHF-owned facilities in Colorado. No chemicals or pesticides have been used as I realized that the company relies on purely organic compost to provide the plants with the right mix of minerals and sweetness.

Apart from being alkaline, Colorado soils also contain high magnesium concentration. This leads to the growth of strong and healthy plants whose quality is unrivaled. Because alkaline soils are less soluble than others, IHF infuses their beds with additional nutrition to fortify or sustain them throughout the growth period.

By containing zero chemicals or pesticides, Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower promotes healthy living since you are not at risk of developing the various health complications associated with too much chemical consumption.


Cherry Wine CBD & THC Content

Once more, luck is on your side since this CBD-rich powerhouse contains less than 0.3% THC. Apart from being on the right side of the law, this also means that you can enjoy all the benefits of this strain without experiencing mind-altering effects.

Cherry Wine CBD hemp nugs contain at least 15.4% CBD, so you’re getting more than adequate levels for just the right amount of efficacy.


Cherry Wine Flower COA’s

All the products from IHF come with the necessary shipping documents, including the certificates of analysis. These certificates allow you to see all the ingredients that are in the product, together with their proportions.

Being registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, IHF is free to ship all their products in the 50 U.S. states. Besides the company relies on highly equipped and credited 3rd party independent labs to test all their products on a weekly basis.


Closing Thoughts

IHF Cherry Wine CBD Hemp Flower is one of the best flowers I have interacted with so far. Do you always have a “ritual” of reading a book or taking a fine glass of wine in the evening? You might want to consider adding a draw or a puff from this potent hemp flower to the list!

The rich terpene and cannabinoid profile, coupled with the natural, cherry smell make Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower my to go-to strain every time I need to calm my nerves and relax my body. View our inventory of all bulk flower strains here.


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