Cherry Mom Hemp Flower Strain Review

The Cherry Mom hemp flower strain is known for being one of the “happiest strains” you can buy. Cherry Mom is an Indica leaning hybrid strain developed through crossbreeding The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, which both contain large amounts of CBD.

Cherry Mom enjoys traits of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The way this strain differs from its parents is its high CBD content. Some vendors have managed to top it out with 24% CBD while offering THC levels as low as 0.1%.

To offer some context, 24% CBD is about ten times as much CBD as you are likely to find in marijuana. Smokers of Cherry Mom will find the experience entirely different from consuming marijuana.

For top-tier relaxation and top-tier flavor, this hybrid strain offers the best of both worlds.

Cherry Mom hemp flower strain review

Cherry Mom Appearance, Smell & Taste

When it comes to its appearance, hemp experts will struggle to find a more beautiful flower. It is compact, round, and thick. Green in color and popcorn-shaped, these dense nugs are a wonder to behold.

For growers, Cherry Mom’s buds appear like snowflakes at harvest time due to the trichomes, which leaves the strain coated with a silvery sheen.

When handling Cherry Mom, be prepared to work hard to pull them apart. This is a notoriously sticky strain to work with.

As for its smell, Cherry Mom derives its name from the sweet berry odor it emits. Others claim that they can detect distinct floral smells emanating from the thick nugs. Either way, it is an outlier when it comes to the potency of its smell. Simply open a pack, and it will fill the room within a matter of seconds.

For flower smokers who prefer an alternative to the earthy, smokey flavors of other strains, Cherry Mom has a distinct taste of berries, citrus, and fuel. Some have even described it as a cross between Chardonnay and Cherrywine. The high terpene content of this strain contributes to the high-quality aftertaste.

Users of Cherry Mom should expect to experience strong bodily effects when consuming this strain. Due to the high CBD content, users report feeling incredibly happy and relaxed.


Cherry Mom has an intriguing breeding history. The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries are the two parent strains that were crossbred to produce this unique flower.

The Wife has historically been one of the most popular CBD strains due to its strong bodily effects and high CBD content. Charlotte’s Cherries also contains high levels of CBD, which is why growers have managed to create such a potent strain.

Within the breeding community, different growers are focusing on achieving greater and greater CBD outputs.

Depending on where users purchase Cherry Mom, they may find CBD percentages as high as 24%, but the majority of Cherry Mom products fall closer to the 20% mark. THC content tends to top out at 0.3%, but it can be as low as 0.1%.

Another interesting aspect of this strain’s genetics is the high terpene content. Within Cherry Mom, the two main terpenes are Myrcene and Ocimene, at 1.32% and 0.39%, respectively.

It’s these two terpenes that give this strain its unique flavors, with Myrcene offering a strong herbal taste, while Ocimene provides a memorable flavor of the sweet tropics.

Flower Yield

Growers who wish to harvest Cherry Mom for themselves will be rewarded by a strain that performs well in both indoor and outdoor growth setups. It has also become the go-to strain for growers with no patience as its extraordinarily short flowering time means Cherry Mom can be harvested in as little as 7-8 weeks.

If you are interested in producing Cherry Mom in an outdoor environment, expect to complete your harvest by the first week of October, before cooler temperatures roll in.

On the other hand, Cherry Mom is not a high-yielding strain. Growers looking for bumper harvests typically have to grow more to account for the low flower yield. Even with this relatively low yield, the short flowering time makes up for that.

The average Cherry Mom plant will be low, bushy, and squat. Its leaves are small, compact, and round. If you decide to grow this strain for yourself, canopy management is key to ensuring that you get the highest quality harvests.


Overall, Cherry Mom has become a big favorite among users of CBD. This flower strain packs a mighty CBD punch while limiting THC content to near nothing. With an incredible smell and taste, it should come as no surprise that this has become one of the most popular CBD strains in the world.

If you wish to grow your own, Cherry Mom is the ideal choice because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors while offering an extraordinarily short flowering time.

This hybrid strain delivers high marks in every area. For that reason, it must be considered a ‘must try’ premium CBD strain.

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