The Wife CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

She’s not called The Wife for no reason. With an obscure strain lineage, The Wife CBD hemp flower cultivar is known today as one of the most potent CBD-dominant strains. With as much as 20% CBD in some phenotypes, The Wife boasts an impressive CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. With that, users can expect an immersive experience that really maximizes the benefits of CBD flower with absolutely no psychoactive effects. So during use, the strain feels controlled and stable, leaving no room for floaty, giggly, and involuntary behavior.

The Wife whips her user in shape, just as a wife should. Imparting supreme relaxation, this strain will simply keep you calm and collected minus all of the complexities that other CBD strains tend to bring to the table.

The Wife CBD hemp plants growing in green house


Where Does The Wife Come From?

There is no literature that states exactly where The Wife comes from or how it came to be. All that’s known is that it boasts one of the most rugged CBD concentrations currently known, reaching up to 20% for certain specimens. For that reason, The Wife has been used in combination with a range of other strains to birth lots of other potent cultivars with its intense CBD content.



The Effects of The Wife

The gradual effects of this CBD-dominant strain take the reins gradually over a short period of time. The first thing that you’ll notice is a heightened sense of calm. This relaxation takes over the whole body – from mind to muscle – letting you sit back and worry not about the daily stresses that you might deal with.

Relaxation is The Wife’s most potent effect, taking up to 90% of its impact. The rest of her effects are subtle at best, even going completely unnoticed to some of the users. If you’re sensitive enough and able to detect the changes, you might notice increased energy levels, a mild sense of happiness, and slightly elevated focus.

While The Wife might not be the most motivating strain, it does give rise to a strong sense of relaxation and control. So although it might not help you get all your work done, it will be able to keep you sitting happy and content for extended periods of time. In that sense, The Wife makes a good choice for users who might find themselves struggling with restlessness at the inopportune times.



The Wife’s Flavor Profile

closeup of The Wife CBD hemp bud

Just like your typical wife, The Wife boasts a pleasant fragrance that’s laced with a little skunk. Up front, she’ll taste sweet and floral, blending together the flavor of berries, tropical fruit, and sugary sweets to bring you a pleasant aromatic experience that captivates the senses. But as you acquaint yourself to her taste, she’ll let off a subtle skunkiness that might overwhelm towards the tail end of your drag.

Definitely a pleasurable experience at the beginning, The Wife can become a rugged, hard-hitting smoke as you near the finish. But all in all, the different flavors blend excellently, creating a stark contrast of taste that should engage all of your senses before the big effects take control.


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