Chardonnay CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

This deep, dark, bitter cultivar blends together rhubarb, raspberries, and strawberries with the rich earthy taste typical to CBD hemp flower. True to its name, the Chardonnay CBD hemp flower does demonstrate a taste similar to wine, bringing together the flavors of fruit and berry with the hard-hitting bitterness of hemp.

Relaxing and uplifting, Chardonnay can take you on a stable, steady ride that lasts for just the right amount of time. The effects are similar to that of a fine, aged, white wine – subtle and relaxing, but also mildly giggly and elevating.


Chardonnay CBD hemp plants growing in field

Where Does Chardonnay Come From?

The Chardonnay strain was first released by HGH Seeds. Their combination of Black Roses and Cherry Wine gave rise to the now iconic Chardonnay that’s exceptionally popular among both day and night time users. The parent strains are both indica-dominant, but the Black Roses cultivar is what really lends the calming effects of the Chardonnay strain. The Cherry Wine strain on the other hand, is an indica-dominant hybrid that shines through with physical effects that heighten alertness without putting the mind into a state of constant activity.

The Effects of Chardonnay CBD Hemp Flower

When you first crack open the pack, you’ll notice how Chardonnay will kick off the entire experience with its pleasant fragrance. The cultivar is floraly and fruity, allowing clouds of berry, pine, and cheese to waft through the air the moment you rip open the bag. This can be impressive all on its own, making the Chardonnay strain a good choice for seasoned CBD users who enjoy a holistic experience that captures all the senses.

A single bowlful of the strain has a pretty long burning time, so you’ll be able to take more tokes out of a single serving than you would with other CBD strains. The effects aren’t exactly slow to take effect, but they are gradual. Starting off with a heady feeling, the substance clears the mind and instills a sharp sense of focus that can help you maintain your attention on unskilled tasks.

As that happens, the CBD then shifts your mood, taking you to a higher, happier, more pleasant disposition to neutralize stress and racing thoughts. A subtle sleepiness will then take over your system, just enough to make you feel relaxed and calm as you enjoy the waves of Chardonnay’s effects.

The effects of Chardonnay on the body are limited. It might impact physical tension to some degree, but most of its effects will focus on your state of mind and your mood.


closeup of Chardonnay CBD hemp bud

The Flavors of Chardonnay CBD

Sweet and bitter are the two main tastes that take center stage with the Chardonnay experience. The sweetness comes from the flavors of berries and jam that the cultivar owes to its parent strain, Cherry Wine. These flavors then mix together with the bitterness of Black Roses, making way for hints of cheese and pepper that give a mild tartness to Chardonnay’s flavor profile.

If anything, you can say that Chardonnay’s flavors are quite strong, engulfing the taste buds and lingering well after a toke. Keeping the nugs in a sealed, air-tight jar can further enhance the taste and keep the strain just as potent for your next drag.

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