Charlotte’s Cherries CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

The bright, neon green nugs of the Charlotte’s Cherries cultivar make it particularly alluring to those who are keen on the aesthetic of their CBD. But more than its appearances, Charlotte’s Cherries offers a subtle, manageable, and sustained impact that makes it especially helpful to those who want a stable CBD experience.

Bred by combining Charlotte’s Web and the iconic Colorado Cherry, Charlotte’s Cherries brings a pleasantly sweet and skunky flavor profile that gives users a unique experience that captures not only the mind and body, but all of the senses as well.


Charlotte’s Cherries CBD hemp plants growing in green house

Where Does Charlotte’s Cherries Come From?

This cultivar is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from the union of the Colorado Cherry and Charlotte’s Web. Its Colorado Cherry parent strain is what gives Charlotte’s Cherries its sweet, cherry-like fragrance that imparts a subtle sweetness for maximum enjoyment. The Charlotte’s Web parent strain on the other hand, lends the effects which impact both mind and body for an uplifting experience that heightens energy and clears the mind.

The Charlotte’s Cherries strain is yet to be considered an industrial hemp flower strain. With continued breeding, the cultivar can be stabilized and might soon enter the ranks of other industrial hemp flower strains.

The Charlotte’s Cherries’ Effects

Fast acting and subtle, Charlotte’s Cherries can manifest its effects within mere minutes after the first toke. The hemp strain starts off with a heady impact, imparting clarity and quiet that help to keep the user calm and collected. This can be especially helpful to those who experience nuances involving cognition, and who want to feel more relaxed and carefree during certain times of the day.

After its calming cognitive effects, Charlotte’s Cherries then starts to change a person’s mood and motivation. The strain works to uplift the mood, paving the way for a more pleasant demeanor and a greater sense of productivity. This clarity of mind plus the heightened desire to work can support a range of different daily activities.

As the substance creeps its way over the body, it then subdues physical nuances as well. The light and airy feeling that the strain provides can help to lift away physical tension and stress, making way for greater comfort to support better rest or productivity. Using Charlotte’s Cherries can take you both ways depending on what you choose.

closeup of Charlotte’s Cherries CBD hemp bud


The Charlotte’s Cherries’ Flavor Profile

Just as its name suggests, the Charlotte’s Cherries CBD strain lends a distinct sweetness that replicates the flavor of its parent strain, Colorado Cherry. Breaking the nugs apart makes way for the sweet, fruity fragrance that jabs at the taste buds during a toke. These subtle yet pleasant hints of cherry are enveloped in an earthy taste with a mild skunky quality to it. All together, the flavor can be described as your quintessential CBD – mildly sweet and powerfully earthy with a strong gasoline-finish.

While many would find the Charlotte’s Cherries’ flavor profile to be particularly pleasant, there are others who might not be as impressed. If you like your CBD to be more fruity, floraly, or piney, then the subtle cherry notes in this strain might not satisfy. Consider trying other strains that are better known for their fruity flavors like Berry Blossom or Cherry Sweet.


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