Cherry Wine Clones Review – Why Grow This Cultivar

Cherry Wine is a rich heirloom hemp cultivar that is meant for those who want to grow their clones outdoors. This tall-growing high CBD plant will brighten your acreage with its Farnesene-profuse green apple aroma and abundant flowers.

Selectively bred to provide a 20:0.3 CBD/THC ratio, Cherry Wine produces a vast array of small, medium and large hemp flowers that are non-psychoactive and tempered for a smooth and unwinding experience.Cherry Wine clones yield lush green nugs with pale yellow veins and a plethora of red and yellow hairs with just the right amount of crystallization. People will know these nugs by their light, malleable body.

With a parentage of indica-sativa hybrids, Cherry Wine CBD clones will have a mildly stimulating effect without any jitters. This strain offers hours of relaxation, cognitive enhancement and a general sense of well-being.

The resin-saturated pheno “The Wife” was crossbred with Charlotte’s Cherries for what can only be described as the mother of all fruit-flavored CBD hemp plants. Its flavor profile is matched only by its terpene profile.Capable of staving off appetite and improving your mood, Cherry Wine contains an abundance of B-Myrcene, the hydrocarbon that works in tandem with THC to induce moderate sedation.

The presence of B-Caryophyllene may provide a calming, Zen-like effect. The hoppy, resinous scent of Cherry Wine’s hemp flowers pairs nicely with their soft mouth-feel and wild cherry taste. Geranyl acetate gives it a floral rose finish with a hint of elderberry.

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Quality is vital to the hemp industry and there are many factors which can compromise that quality. When growing one of our Cherry Wine hemp clones, you will know that you are getting your clones from a trusted source whose harvest is tested and approved prior to that harvest going to market.

This cultivar is maintained in cutting edge facilities, using organic rooting compounds, top of the line equipment and germination soil. The results speak for themselves—an intoxicating body buzz and mild euphoria that make you feel like you’re on a magic carpet ride.

Those who have smoked Cherry Wine say that it works wonders at delivering a good body feeling. Some have even gone so far as to label Cherry Wine a “next generation” strain despite its tenure as a best-selling cultivar.

As one of the most well-known strains on the market, Cherry Wine is renowned for its intricate floral frame and Pink Skunk undertones, making for a bestseller that will result in fast and easy economic growth. Planted on five foot centers, Cherry Wine averaged approximately 2,100 pounds of dry plant material per acre. All of this points to a product that is sure to produce a robust and renewable crop. Market analysis places Cherry Wine at the vanguard of the CBD hemp strains. In short, this one is not going anywhere.

Harvesting in about 10 weeks outdoors or nine weeks indoors, Cherry Wine is ideal for those who want to expedite their turnover. Growers can expect exceptional sustainability and user satisfaction.

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